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Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Scrap Heap of History

 Late last week, I watched the documentary movie, "2000 Mules."

The movie's arrival was greeted with very little fanfare. Here was substantial proof, video and electronic tracking that at a very minimum identified 2000 people stuffing unmanned ballot boxes. There are electronic ID's on the phones, the owners of the phones can be identified and tracked from stash houses, the stash houses can be identified, people should be investigated and prosecuted.

The election of 2020 was completely stolen. All we had to do was see what happened before and after we went to bed on election night. The evidence is clear. All that remains is whether or not any of the felons who participated in this fraud will be prosecuted. 

I doubt it. 

We've already seen the ethical and moral decadence. Religious decay. Family decay. Governmental decay.

I watched President Obama give thousands of fraud committing bankers a free pass. Then he turned right around and came up with the ACA, a clever bailout for the health insurance industry. Obama ushered in the end phase. The phase where the chief executive simply ignores the rule of law and proves it doesn't matter.

That phase begins when you subvert the rule of law, ignoring it, while imposing the rule of man. The rule of man is subjective. Those in power will pick and choose who and what they will do. They will justify whatever means achieves their ends. We have already seen this. We have seen intrusions into our rights, seizures without due process, investigative bodies ignoring bribery and corruption easily discoverable on a laptop, and criminals like Hillary Clinton with her whole manufactured fraud v Donald Trump go unprosecuted. The civil rights violations alone are horrendous.

The unbelievable, undeniable, apathy that pervades our culture enabled this. We deserve this.

You don't have to wait to see how this ends. Our republic is imploding right in front of your eyes. They have destroyed the law, they have destroyed our currency, they have destroyed American jobs, ignored borders, ignored the law in favor of a bunch of purple haired, gender confused, culture canceling idiots.

What level of pain must we endure? It's hard to say. Shortages, outages, denial of health care now in the government's hands, a weaponized IRS seizing your assets, it's hard to say.

Think of our Republic in decline, a process which cannot be saved. There is no unifying intervention, no way of stopping what is about to come. The Republic was a grand experiment that is coming to an end. It's a shame we are here, literally watching it, powerless to stop it. 

It's a sad ending. Many of us are realizing how the Romans must have felt in those final days. Relegated to the scrap heap of history.  

Friday, April 22, 2022

The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost- You Are Witnessing It in Real Time

 This morning, as I do most mornings, I brew coffee and then I read the daily nonsense on sites like ZeroHedge. Then I check the markets. Today, every indicator was red. Indices, oil, gold. Everything was down.

Then I see some ridiculous mainstream article stating that the FED was responsible for the freefall and the end of the stock market business cycle. Like that is something new.

You see I forget. I forget that most people under the age of 45 have never seen a real inflation driven, stock market crash. Oh they saw that 2008 shitshow wherein our bought off leadership rescued crooked banks and bankers, then health insurance companies. Where the Bernank and the FED printed money hand over fist. Where cash holders bought mortgages for pennies on the dollar and have since become greedy slumlords renting shacks for a couple thousand a month.

So those 40 somethings might have seen that. They might even remember what happened.

But what they've never seen is an inflation driven crash. They've never seen 16% mortgages and the DOW Jones below 1000. Zero jobs. 

But I have.

Jimmy Carter might have been a nice man but he was a horrible President. He simply didn't have the leadership skills and bold decision making it took to navigate this country off the rocks of the Vietnam War and the impeachment of President Nixon. 

Biden is an absolute trainwreck of a man.

We have been sold out. Our country's manufacturing was sold out to China by terrible political governance and American corporations that seek cheap labor with few restrictions. We produce bupkis.

Our currency is being destroyed in front of our eyes. 

The FED has little recourse. When you are 31 trillion in debt- raising interest means you have to refinance at least half that 31 trillion debt into higher and higher rates. That of course will mean printing even more money to pay debt holders their interest while an army of IRS agents tries to squeeze every last cent out of the public.

I've been talking about this since 2009. That was 13 years ago. I had no idea that they would continue this insane spending, money printing, and inflation denial episode for so long. But they did.

So how bad can this get? I think it can go from bad to awful. I am worried about supply chain disruptions. So I keep adding to my food and water storage. Also storing fuel and getting a second generator. It's too late to buy ammunition. The stuff is insanely expensive and there are only two manufacturers left in the US.

The other day, I saw a pickup advertised at 95,000. It is the same truck I own which cost 34,000 in 2004. A 200% increase in 18 years- that's about 12% per year annualized on that one item. That's not because the truck is so much more valuable- that's because the dollar is becoming worthless. They've destroyed the dollar supply be diluting it with 13 years of QE and spending. 

It's here. The chickens are coming home to roost. Getting a real sense of how the Romans must have felt as their empire crumbled.

Israel, our big ally, is dumping the dollar.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Prepping for the Long Emergency

 I would like to start here:

The Normalcy Bias. The assumption that since a disaster has never occurred- that it never will occur. It can result in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs.

People are creatures of habit and denial. We haven't had a real, bona fide, disaster since 1929. We haven't had a theft of elections and an idiot as corrupt or as bad as Joe Biden, either.

This week I read an article by a writer I have a lot of respect for. He is smart and credible. He writes "The Burning Platform." He thinks our country could see serious supply chain disruption and a currency devaluation the likes of which we have never seen. And soon.

I have written many pieces on preparing for the inevitable disaster. I have struggled with even bothering to prepare because it takes a financial commitment for an event which most likely will not occur in my lifetime. I thought that- until I saw how people reacted when covid struck. Man, after seeing the pandemonium and wiped out store shelves- you don't need to convince me any further.

When Russia collapsed, it did so without warning. People woke up with a worthless currency that banks would not even allow them to withdraw. It was seized and vastly devalued. In fact, we have similar laws that allow banks to seize your deposits. Your money is not your money. It is theirs.

So what should you do? Should you ignore the possibilities? 

I wanted to tell you what I have done. If disaster never comes to pass, and I surely hope it does not, we will have the preparations to pass down to our kids and grandkids.

So everything I am telling you today is something I have done, accomplished, or will finish this week.

Money. I have withdrawn almost all of my cash except for an IRS payment next week. At least the bank can't seize my money- it's not like I was making any interest anyway.

I am upping my allotment of precious metals. I am taking a 20% stake. Gold, platinum and silver. I own 30 pounds of nickel. Another 80 pounds of copper. You will only see precious metals fall once, badly, as people liquidate in a crash. Getting them after that point- is not guaranteed. You will have to barter with something else if you don't prepare.

I have plenty of guns and ammo. I may add another heavy rifle soon. Probably .30.06 or 7mm. Savage rifles are accurate and reasonably priced.

Consider a large gun safe bolted to the floor for guns, ammo, valuables.

Generator. I bought a dual fuel generator that supplies 6000 watts. I have another smaller generator which generates 2000 watts. I bought storage for 100 pounds of propane in 30 lb bottles, 3 of those and I have four small 4.6 pound bottles. Fifty gallons of gas in 6 containers with a pump and siphon hose. I can use a transfer switch or run separate lines for the generators. I've looked at solar generators for the long haul but those things are expensive given the wattage they produce.

I am confident in a power emergency, I can supply power for 2 weeks with what I have on hand. The big generator is something I hope I never need. I also have a 7500 watt power cord with (4) 3 prong plugins at the end to handle freezers, fridges, routers, lights. I've been trying to find an electrician to install a transfer switch or a Generlink.

I saw a fascinating little piece the other night about the exploding costs of electricity in California. The author alluded to the fact that at current rates- charging your electric vehicle would soon approximate the cost at a gas pump. It dawned on me that I would not want to live in a state with electrical grid problems and a hostage population needing their car charged with exploding rates. It might make my 60k car unusable.

Cameras. Motion detectors. My property will be under surveillance. Batteries. The cameras are web activated which means I need a router w power, phones, and a means to store energy.

Oil. Filters. Batteries. A years prescription of drugs. Detergent. Soap. Toothpaste. Toilet paper.

Food and water. You simply cannot have enough of either. I think 50 cases or 400 gallons of water is a minimum. I keep buying food in cases. Shelf stable almond milk will last a year. Anytime I see chili for a buck a can or soup for 1.50, I buy it- several cases worth. Everything I have can be rotated and used as it expires.

I have wanted to buy a defensible piece of ground in the middle of nowhere with some topsoil where I could grow food or raise small livestock. I haven't been able to find what I want.

I don't have any armored vehicles or mustard gas masks with dual filtration systems nor have I built any gun turrets at casa de Frankenstein.  

This is what I have done. I feel confident that I can survive awhile without too much help.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

It Starts Slowly and Ends Suddenly

I joined Clusterfuck Nation this week, James Kunstler's blog. Every once in a while, you stumble across someone who thinks and writes just like you do. 

This week the NY Times authenticated the Hunter Biden laptop story which had been buried by the liberal press prior to the presidential election and subsequently declared Russian disinformation by friendly liberal stooges desperate to get rid of Trump.

So in addition to smoking crack, screwing your dead brother's wife, having children with strippers, soliciting bribes, receiving over 1 million dollars for sitting on the Burisma board in the Ukraine, getting 3.5 million from a female Russian oligarch, and tax evasion- Hunter Biden abandoned a laptop that corroborates much of this shit.

The FBI has had the fucking thing since 2019 and I suppose we are all left wondering how it takes the FBI three years to investigate a body of crimes that any competent cop could do in a month or two.

The short answer is that they are political hacks and if they sit on this laptop long enough- they will hope it all goes away so this numbskull can remain out of jail. Maybe the statute of limitations will run out. But you know damn well that the "big guy" has sent the message. Corruption rolls down hill and the only way to stop corruption is to engage in career suicide. 

I don't know what level of corruption you must rise to or achieve to eventually get the attention of law enforcement. Apparently if you are one of these Biden crooks, on par with the Clinton crooks, you can get away with anything from pedophilia to million dollar bribes. 

We all know that the cowardly prosecutors in this country will do anything to keep out of harm's way. 

We are a top down executive branch. If the president is corrupt- then everything below him becomes corrupt. Forget ethics and morality, we've lost all that. Forget the rule of law. We don't enforce law anymore unless it's some defenseless guy in a trailer park. The FBI is shit. Now we are finding out that the CIA have sponsored bio-labs all over the world, not just the 30 in the Ukraine.

Our currency is debauched, we owe 31 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Our tax code is such a fucking complex disaster that only the aristocracy (who are quite happy with it) can sort it out with teams of accountants and lawyers. Inflation is close to 15% a year, fuel prices have doubled, and the rest of the world knows we are in trouble. Supply chains are breaking and who knows the collateral damage the drooler in chief can accomplish in the Ukraine. Look what he's done in a year. The leaderless group exercise continues.

Slowly is turning into quickly. It's time to prepare. I will tell you what I have been doing in the coming days.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Man Who Stared Down Corn Pop

 Remember our President telling the story of confronting the bad ass, "Corn Pop" at the swimming pool?

I do. Whenever I hear stories like this, I know two things. The guy telling the story is full of shit and very likely, a pussy.

Unfortunately, the idiots always out themselves and also unfortunately, this key piece of wisdom is known by a lot of people including former KGB heads now running giant countries.

I'll tell you this much. Not only has Biden never accomplished one useful thing in his life but now we have a complete moron trying to stop Putin's incursions into a friendly country.

I am in complete awe that Americans heisted an election and instead of installing someone decent and useful- they landed on Biden.

I am sure the people of the Ukraine will not be hoping for help from Joe. They probably heard the Corn Pop story too.

So sit back, grab your beer and pretzels, and watch this idiot make statements and decisions. Before it's over, we'll be praying for the return of Jimmy Carter.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Great Super Bowl Sunday Post and Additional Bullshit

 I grew up playing virtually every sport. We didn't have soccer in the 70's and I thank God for that.

What we did have was flag football and then tackle football. We had baseball and basketball. And track. And golf.

I loved playing sports and despite the fact I was virtually talent free, I continued to engage in sports. When I could no longer freely engage in sports while maintaining an ever-increasing interest in sports, the next best thing was to bet sports.

I had a wonderful week of sports wagering this week. I went 5-2 last night even after the Memphis Grizzlies squandered a 35 point lead. Which brings me to Super Bowl Sunday. Second only to Christmas to my way of holiday thinking.

In the old days, I gave up the Christmas party in lieu of the Super Bowl party. Much alcohol was consumed at these events which included our own version of halftime. We played Kiss at extraordinary volume and included "Detroit Rock City" and "Lick It Up" until people in the neighboring town began to complain. 

So much fun. So little time. My ex hated that day even more than she hated me.

Which brings me to Superbowl Sunday. (Full disclosure, I have 100 each bet on Cincinnati +4 and the total game score above 48.5.)

I take a scientific approach to sports betting. I compare every position. And then injuries. And then the "what have you done for me lately" methodology. Followed by my secret Super Bowl test question.

Is Chase a better receiver than Kupp? The Rams certainly have a better defense. I give the nod in quarterbacks to Joe Burrow. Running backs? Even. Home field advantage? Rams. But it's "the what have you done for me recently?" methodology that had me siding with the Bengals.

The Bengals knocked off the AFC champion Titans at home. Then they went in and beat the Kansas City Chiefs at home after KC had miraculously beat the Bills. I wanted to see the Bills in the Super Bowl in the worst way.

The Rams beat Tampa Bay badly. Brady looked horrible all day long for the Bucs and then retired. The Rams went home to face a San Francisco team who had beaten them 6 times in a row. They managed to squeak by a 3 point win.

Who had it tougher in the playoffs? Advantage, Cincinnati. 

Who had quality wins and losses in the regular season? The Rams. In fact, all of their losses were top tier opponents. Cinncinati lost to the Bears and Jets. Horrible teams.

So the Rams should prevail in a playoff season full of close calls but I see the Bengals covering the points in a close game. I'd be shocked to see either team run away with this. I am also bothered by the fact that all of the gambling steam is on the Bengals right now.

I view the Superbowl differently than my day-to-day wagering. For me this is simply cast-off money on a game where there is no material advantage anywhere. I wouldn't even bet this game in a free contest where today- I took the over in the Minnesota-Pacers game.

So enjoy the national spectacle today. It will be back to the bad news grind tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Young MSN Writer Thinks Many of the Unvaccinated Don't Trust Government

 All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. -Arthur Schopenhauer

Today, I was reading some writer's account of how Americans no longer trust their government. According to her, this has led to our high covid death rate and our low vaccination rates. She cited a Lancet piece.

To this I say two words. No shit.

You see, I don't know how old the author is. Perhaps she has not lived long enough to see the cumulative effect of being told lie after lie after lie for 60 years. 

Hundreds of huge lies. Like the Federal Reserve Bank, the assassination and cover up "investigation" (complete with sealed records) of a US President, the Gulf of Tonkin, the alleged gold in Fort Knox nobody has seen for 50 years, oil shortages, free trade agreements which ruined our economy, and hijacked elections. Thousands of small lies whispered in our ears about US banking fraud, healthcare, inflation and ending with Friday's unbelievable and completely government manufactured, jobs report with the highest revisions in the history of data reporting.

You would have to be a complete idiot to ignore all the lies and the moral decay of the past 6 decades. 

All that shit has a cumulative effect on anyone with half a brain that's been paying attention. You begin to realize just how corrupt we've become as a nation but the very worst part of that is the realization that there is no coming back. There is no saving our Republic. You are witnessing the death of a nation in real time. 

You know what else angers me? These idiots who say we get the "government we deserve." 

Just what the fuck does that mean? Oh, I know what some people think it means. You know what I think we deserve? A truthful government with a very limited job description. Adherence to the Constitution. The rule of law with punishment to those who violate the law. Rich or otherwise. 

Trying to install any sort of change would land us in prison. Or dead. Yet somehow, we deserve this government? I don't think so.

I have lived Schopenhauer's quote on truth. I have seen it firsthand. I have also seen the results of truths which were once ridiculed and then violently opposed. 

That's going to be the fate of our covid response. People failing to mask up and take drugs from our drug dealing government have been ridiculed and opposed. In the coming years, what is happening today, will be seen for what it was. A ridiculous government response which helped kill a million or so Americans because of suppressed information and feeding a fear driven mob of dumbasses into ridiculing those of us that no longer trust anything the government does. 

Be patient. It won't take long to become self evident. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tremendous Surge in 18-49 Year Old Fatalities Puzzling Authorities- Yet No Mystery Here

I've been reading about the huge surge in deaths as reported by a midwest life insurance group late last week.

About 20 months ago when this covid madness was in full bloom, I had a molar crack and become infected. This nasty toothache had me calling about 5 dentists until I found one that was actually open. The butcher of La Verkin not only charged me 650 bucks for the extraction but he drilled a nice gouge in the side of my tongue- a significant pain which persisted for nearly a month. It was a gouge which was easily visible on my tongue right next to the now missing molar. When I informed the dentist that I suspected he had nicked my tongue- he told me that I must have bit down on it instead.

It wasn't until a week or so later that it dawned on me- you can't bite your tongue when the tooth next to it has been extracted. Getting gouged twice by this dentist certainly meant there would not be a third time.

This incident kicked off a series of medical events, hernia operations, ICU style covid, retina surgery, and trying to schedule a colonoscopy.

It has been a giant pain in the ass- particularly scheduling the colonoscopy. I'm not here to whine about my medical maladies but rather to offer a premise for the outstanding number of deaths the USA has been experiencing in that 18-49 age group. Not only do I believe in this 4-sigma event, but I am also witnessing it firsthand. 

1. Cost. The vast majority of Americans in the 18-49 group have high deductible insurance. This means they might have to come up with as much as 15,000 dollars out of pocket before any financial help kicks in from these wonderful ACA health insurance policies. I think people in this age group will put off procedures, particularly if they think the procedure can wait. Disease processes do not wait.

2. Availability. The absolute hysteria created by the media surrounding covid has caused a complete back up in scheduling elective procedures. Not only are covid patients consuming bed and appointment space, but health providers are eliminating unvaccinated staff and creating staffing shortages. Trying to work full time and getting in to see a provider is a slow, cumbersome process. Today I tried to get through a health portal, I drove in person to my doctor's office for a referral, and for approximately the 6th time (including unreturned phone calls and emails)- in a couple months filled with holidays- I will try to schedule a 1700-dollar procedure I am paying for myself.

3. Vaccine deaths. I am a conspiracy theorist. I absolutely believe the government in its vaccination frenzy, is most certainly under reporting adverse reactions caused by vaccines- including death. The instance of heart problems including pericarditis and heart attack are being reported all over the globe- yet here in the U.S. we hear crickets in the legacy media about adverse effects. However, you will hear daily about some unvaccinated person who dies. This has been standard fare for months. Who benefitted the most from covid? Big pharma, hospital systems, and the US Congress/President/and government bureaucrats all of whom are bought and paid for by the big pharma/hospital lobby.

4. Poor treatment options. Doctors and hospitals have absolutely refused to treat people in the US- BEFORE they get sick. Ivermectin is most effective when used preventatively, hydroxychloroquine can also be used preventatively. Yet this government doesn't say shit about prevention other than push these vaccines which don't even slow the transmissibility of covid.

This also includes the ability to shop around in markets that have vacant beds- yet patients are prevented by their health insurers from seeking health care outside of their designated market. This is a luxury of cash payers like myself- I can literally go where I need to get a procedure done.

5. Collateral damage exists throughout the system. Disease processes are going untreated. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health are falling through the cracks. The murder rates- generally caused by those three things- are creating homicide rates we have never seen in urban areas. Even the covid masks cause breathing issues. 

6. Deteriorating US healthcare. Our healthcare system is held hostage by the ACA and hospitals who would rather focus on profit margins rather than great outcomes. We see this in virtually every ranking system worldwide and in fact- our mortality rate actually went down significantly last year.

How many deaths are accounted for here? I bet I captured 90% of our surplus, 18-49 death rate. I cannot think of anything I missed. Our national healthcare system has become kind of a dog-eat-dog system with several different pieces all contributing. 

The soaring death rates are tragic but amidst this leaderless group exercise we are enduring- I don't see any chance of improvement until the winter of '22-23 and some additional reforms thereafter. Until then we are stuck with this ailing system. One wonders just how bad this will get. 


Monday, January 10, 2022

Washington State Wants to Give You Free Housing In a Covid Camp

 My sister lives in the only conservative county in Washington State.

You can't imagine my shock when I read yesterday that Washington State is attempting to pass legislation to put unvaccinated people in covid camps. Not only are they seeking support for this legislation- some news sources are already reporting that they have constructed the camps.

I thought this was bullshit and part of the never ending hysteria. Then I saw this.

Now if you know anything about me at all you should know this. I am a law and order guy. I believe in freedom, due process, and I do not believe in denying anyone their constitutional rights as given to us by GOD.

That means no false imprisonment. No lynch mob. Due process. It means I am not going to submit to a vaccination and I sure as shit won't submit to a false arrest to take me to a relocation camp based on a liberal mindset that showcases mass hysteria. 

I almost want to move to Washington State to see how this plays out when they come knocking on the door asking for my vaccine status.

But liberal thinking is exactly why I don't live amongst the purple haired, gender confused, abortion seeking, atheist left coast. I can't even stand traveling through those areas anymore.

The truth is, I always thought there was a limit on how fucked up you could get. But on the left coast, apparently the sky's the limit. Maybe they have contests or talent shows.

Here's the deal. China gave us this disease with help from America. It is clear to me that big pharma has complete regulatory capture of Congress and that drooling idiot now occupying the White House. We have 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices who either don't have a clue about the founding fathers' intent or they simply choose to ignore that intent because it doesn't appeal to their political goals. Either way, we are very close to having the Constitution and the Bill of Rights completely marginalized and ignored. 

I called this blog Frankenstein Government because back in 2008- I saw how our government was going- after they hijacked our tax coffers to bail out their pals on Wall Street. Thousands of bankers engaged in all types of fraud were given a pass by newly elected President Barack Obama. That's when I knew we were fucked. They stole our money, they stole our healthcare, and they bailed out their rich buddies and the rule of law was completely ignored.

First slowly, through apathy. Then quickly because they know nobody cares. We have arrived at quickly.

Our rights are given to us by God. In the 1700's that was a shared belief. We were all on the same sheet of music, more or less. 

Fast forward 250 years and we find ourselves in a dystopian world. A world where history is ignored and forgotten. Where killing the unborn is legal. Where God has become nonsense. Where our shared beliefs are so fractured that we can no longer discern what they are. Where stripping people of their constitutional rights is acceptable if those people refuse to submit to some half ass vaccines. 

I don't think the left realizes how close they are to a flash point. There are a lot of people like me that have had enough. Sooner or later this will get settled, perhaps over a rope or a gun barrel.

They are sadly mistaken if they think the conservatives in this country are going to roll over like the Japanese Americans did in 1942.

Keep an eye on Washington. If they manage to pull this off- things could escalate quickly.