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Friday, June 17, 2022

No More Mr. Nice Guy

 I found this comment on a blog that I read daily and thought I would steal it. It addresses the government's response to covid 19. Here it is:

Never forget what "they" did to us in 2020 and what they still want to do to us. Businesses were forced to close, some of them permanently. Children missed milestones. Weddings were delayed. Funerals were limited. My dear dad wasn't allowed to hug his grandchildren before he died. All based on the pretense of stopping the spread of an airborne virus, which was always impossible.

The problem with that comment is the rampant apathy displayed by most people. You may not forget. Yea, so what? Words without deeds.

The problem with conservatives is that when we don't like something, we simply don't do it. We keep to ourselves.

When liberals don't like something, they ridicule, ostracize, try to censor and exclude, try to form a likeminded majority and force you into cowering. When you won't submit to their belief system, they will eventually try to pass laws to make you comply.

That is the glaring difference between liberals and conservatives.

So the problem then becomes, when are conservtaives and the good people of this country going to grow a backbone? When are you going to take a stand? Or have all become people like Mitch McConnell or Mitt Romney?

Do we just let the liberal left destroy every value system we have? 

There is no bigger proponent of the Four Agreements and agreement two, "take nothing personal" than me. That works great most of the time. But not in this case. The enemy is overrunning the fence.

It is time for civil disobedience. I cannot distinguish the left from our government. I am no longer going to take this abuse from the cancel culture left and our complicit government. I am not going to let them or their numbers intimidate me. I am tired of drag queens reading to kids in taxpayer paid for venues, I am tired of them trampling our history and our rights. Tired of the left intimidating justices and forcing their unproven masks and vaccines on me. I am tired of stolen elections with no investigation. I am tired of this idiot President and his criminal son. I am tired of executive orders which are simply edicts designed to circumvent Congress. Where ever I find the radical left who dumped this burning bag of dogshit on our doorstep, we're going to have a confrontation. I am sick of their shit.

Washington Commanders. Cleveland Guardians. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

What would Jesus do? Turn the other cheek? I don't think I'm going to reach that level of enlightenment. Not in this life anyway.

It's time to call for "broken arrow." The leftists are inside the wire.


MMinWA said...

I ran into a couple sitting in their car on the side of a side street that leads to paths where I can walk my dog through the woods. I ambled over to them and it was an older couple. Said hi, how ya doing? He asked did I come over because I had seen his Biden/Harris bumper sticker plastered on the roof above the driver side window. I said no, I hadn't even noticed it, just came over to say hi, but now that you mention it, are you happy with what Biden has been doing?

He said as a matter of fact he was disappointed that Biden hadn't done a number of things. Like what I asked. Well he was tired of Russian interference in our country and wanted troops sent to Ukraine to fight. whoa Also Biden needed to regulate the obscene profits the oil companies were making. I asked if he believed Russia and the oil companies were responsible for $6 gas?

Of course they were he says. I guess he sniffed out where I stood so then he asks if I wanted Trump. I said well gas was under $2, inflation was under 2% and we weren't in any new wars...

I couldn't get anything else out as he had been rolling up his window. Once up he started his car drove off. Now Brian I could have gone nuclear on him the second I saw that bumper sticker, what good would it have done?

I ran into a lady at Home Depot who insisted prices would be coming down real soon including gas prices. I asked why would they and she had nothing. Should I have pointed out to her that she was an idiot?

It doesn't do any good dude. No more minds are going to change. The lines have been drawn. Biden didn't get 81 million votes but there are millions of people that refuse to listen to reason. I say save your breath. When push comes to shove, you'll know it. I believe only a river of blood will set things straight. I don't know what will spark it but there are a lot(millions) of really pissed off men out here that have just about have had it.

I believe REgressives having blatantly stolen the 2020 election, will turn to the same kinds of fraud and keep the House and increase their margin in the senate. That should make undeniably clear that voting our way back to sanity is off the table.

Brian said...

You raise valid points.

I watched the leftists over run the fence the last two years. Ridiculing, lawless behavior, manipulating behavior. I watched as an out of control government forced people to lose jobs, cancel church and funerals, people died in hospitals alone, forced to take drugs that killed them, we have a complete idiot running the US, a supply chain just partially destroyed, fighting a proxy war in the Ukraine for a government that bribed his son.

Not to mention this worthless, destroyed currency where half a million doesn't even buy a decent place to live. Half a million MM.

I'm not ok with that level of lawlessness. You shouldn't be either. I simply cannot condone this via apathy any longer. People been saying it doesn't do any good for the last 50 years and look where we are.

You suppose that apathy helped cause this train wreck?

Thanks for swing by MM as always. Brian

MMinWA said...

Funny you should mention 1/2 mil because that's about what the house my gal and I live in is worth. And it's the crappiest house in this sub division. I've tried to get her to move, $150K in s MO or N AR gets you 3-5 acres, a 2/2 home and outbuildings. She can't do it, oh well. Now that nuclear war is coming, if they target Seattle correctly, we're up wind from the radioactive fallout. Just call me Mr Silver Lining.

Yes, it's apathy. I've told myself that the Good Lord is not going to let me slide for sitting on my hands for all these years while millions of innocents were murdered. I don't know what I could have done. What can I do in this shithole state? My Congressman won't respond to my questions, but really what can he say when I question his rationale for spending trillions in fairy dust money? The Republican Party in Clallam County hasn't returned my calls or emails about who is running against Kilmer or how can I be a poll watcher.

It's frustrating. I'm resigned to continue making us as self reliant as possible. Our garden and chicken are coming along nicely. A rabbitry is in the works. You can never have enough ammo or silver but I've got a lot believe me. Our AO is populated by assholes and our home is poorly sited but what can I do?

That's my sad state of affairs. If I was in my 20s...but I'm in my 70s, still healthy as hell but...what...?