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The Boise Bum Barometer, Everyone Is Getting Into the Act

Over the past two years, I have noticed bums in parts of Boise that heretofore had no bums. They carry signs that say clever things designed to instill some guilt and elicit charity from motorists. Some bums hold entire scripts. Like a blog and always on cardboard. Boise has made some efforts to crack down on the bums. They tell motorists to give to organized charities rather than the bums. Maybe there is a little old lady that still believes that cardboard propaganda- but I think most of us know that our money is going for booze and smokes. Food they can get for free. Yesterday, I was driving down Chinden Boulevard which is primarily in Garden City. This is where most people go to get their drugs. All of the sudden, near one of the biggest intersections in town, I see traffic cones everywhere. Lo and behold, there were city bums (firefighters) holding rubber firefighting boots walking in and around cars, in some annual "fill the boot" campaign. People were giving them mo

U.S. Banks Double Down, Insuring Insolvent Countries, Where Will They Get the Dough?

Answer- It's all just a giant Ponzi scheme. There really is no dough. Here's why European debt and defaults matter. Your U.S. banks will have to pay off on defaulting countries. Greece is first.

You Have To See This To Believe It

Absolutely unreal. And they want to run health care. From the Wolf excellent site...comes this taste of government efficiency. Try not to laugh out loud.

One Of America's Finest Fraudulent Banks, J.P. Morgan, Now Getting Targeted For 19 Billion More

It's tough being a TooBigToFail bank these days. You've got to orchestrate lobbyists and devise laws that allow you to pillage and legally steal from people. When you get caught, you have to donate millions to people like Barack Obama to avoid prosecution and stay out of jail. Then the same government hits you up for a 160 million in fines to settle fraud charges. But you understand. It's all about appearances and window dressing. You gladly pay. You are J.P. Morgan. You take market manipulation and fraud and make an art form out of it. So... While you are front running the FED on treasuries and manipulating precious metals prices, some financial hit man comes calling. A guy asking for 19 billion dollars on behalf of all of the people ripped off by Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme. Madoff used your bank. All of those billions. Of course you claim you know nothing. That's what every guilty bastard I ever arrested said. Hardly a new tactic. The same tactic used by

Why Politics And Budget Talks Are Going To Be Brutal...

or a subtitle... It's Time To Quit Fucking Around I grew up a Democrat primarily for two reasons. I came from a union town where the history of the mine owners had been slave wages, horrible working conditions, and death. That was Butte. I also loved the environment and wanted to protect the countryside which was being destroyed by mining claims among other things. The Democrats were environmentally friendly. That was 1971. We abandoned the gold standard and turned our sovereign rights over to international bankers. Our country was stoned. Third item in the left column. The world changed dramatically in the intervening period of 1971 to 2001. From a legal standpoint, the United States became the best place to work. Legal precedent and enforcement did a lot to clean up the abuses of shop owners. The EPA and outfits like the Sierra Club worked tirelessly to support the environment. By the late 90's, environmental

Forty Two Percent of People Polled, View the FED Favorably??

I clicked on this link because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is apparently not doing so hot in the popularity contest that is all things important nowadays. Substance has little meaning. I was not surprised to see Bernanke's numbers fall. Using the American economy as your own little personal experiment and petri dish has not been good for most of us. (non-bankers) The part of this article that absolutely stunned me was that 42% of people polled view the FED favorably!! Go ahead and steal our money. Distribute it among your member banks. Enable our thieving government to borrow and sell the future work product of our children and grandchildren. And oh yes, charge interest on money that doesn't exist anyway... And for this, nearly half the country is grateful? Wow. That is how out of touch Americans really are. Clueless. But not afraid to utter opinions about things they know nothing about

President Screw Off Now Selling Strategic Oil Reserves...

I cannot count the number of vacations he has taken. He has played golf 75 times, held beer summits, traveled to nearly every country, got his mouth bashed in on the basketball court. With that kind of work ethic, why would we expect him to do anything of substance like stimulate job growth or substantially reduce the deficit and stay home until that issue was resolved? Actual work would cut into his screw off time. His answer to the worst economy in my 50 years? Let's sell our strategic oil reserves. Cut the price of gas temporarily. Then replace the strategic oil reserve at  higher prices. Heaven forbid, Obama does some work. Something of substance. Work is like poison to this guy. That's the President that I've come to know. Like Richard Nixon, Barack Obama has never let me down.

First Osama, Now Whitey Bulger...

Well just in time to foot his medical bills, the FBI has finally captured Whitey Bulger after a 17 year, on-the-run hiatus. Several years ago, I had what I believe was a brief brush with the elusive fugitive. Bulger was seen traveling through Moonbat Valley according to the FBI and during that time- I received a report that he was financing his run with his rare coin collection. Soon thereafter, a 10,000 dollar gold double eagle showed up at a local grocery store. Two idiots used it to buy beer. The face value was 20 bucks. The store manager instantly recognized the coin and knew its precise value (he was a coin collector) and he was more than happy to accept it as payment. Osama Bin Laden, International Terrorist, was on the lam overseas for nearly 10 years. Whitey Bulger, Domestic Terrorist, lasted nearly twice as long living in California. I think we can take away a couple of things. The FBI i

Welcome Moonbattery!

What a great blog. I was so pissed off after 5 minutes of reading that I simply had to add Moonbattery to the blog roll. I offer the following evidence. I absolutely hate laws like this. Does anyone with a set of balls ever speak up when the idiots that pass these laws are holding public hearings? Apparently not. This piece makes me want to drive to Washington State and go swimming without a life vest on. Gawd you cannot dream this shit up.

Does Anyone With Half a Brain Actually Think We Can Pay All of This Government Debt?

This piece comes via Chicago. Another moonbat stronghold. Chicago residents owe some 65 grand just in local taxes. That ain't the state share, or the Fed's 125k share- this is just local taxes... Cook taxpayers owe $108 billion, county Treasurer Pappas says: Greg Hinz Posted by Ann W. at 6/21/2011 9:44 AM CDT on Chicago Business The average Chicago household now owes a staggering $63,525 to cover local government debt, according to Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas. Suburbanites are deeply in the red, too, with the average household owing $32,901, according to the treasurer. Among the biggest reasons: $25 billion in unfunded pension liability. In comments after an appearance Tuesday before the Civic Federation, a watchdog group that has released somewhat similar numbers in recent years, Ms. Pappas said she was "stunned" to learn that county taxpayers on the whole owe more than $108 billion toward local debt. (The total may be even worse. Click here for an update.

Death Has Always Been Remarkably Effective When Liberally Applied to Tyrants

Every once in awhile, I stumble onto some "extremist" piece written by some moonbat writer. Extremists, as defined by liberals, are people so depraved that they actually think big government is not the solution. Reagan was an extremist. In fact, Reagan was so depraved that he thought government was the problem. You'll see that same sentiment in the comment section of this piece if you scroll down. Thousands of extremists chiming in. Eventually, as the state engages in more and more criminal behavior and suppression of law, there will be another revolution and it will probably be violent. Killing tyrants is just something we end up doing every few hundred years- and we will have to do it again. It's like getting rid of termites. Tyrants are by nature, shitty negotiators. Armed with what they believe is always the upper hand...they force their positions down oppressed peoples' throats a

More ObamaCare Madness

It's like the bill from hell. It just gets worse and then a little worse. Now the latest according to bill interpreters- early retirees social security income will not count as income and under the terms of the bill, a couple making 60 grand will get free health care. Millions of middle class Americans will get health care that they could otherwise afford. Health care that was meant for the poor. Obama calls Obamacare his "Hallmark" legislation. Legislation that will define his presidency. It sure does. When do I get my free health care? Details here.

Left Forever Wanting

Are we supposed to be happy every time the SEC extorts fine money out of crooked bankers? What's in it for us? Answer- nothing. This time it is JP Morgan's turn. It has been Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide, Goldman Sachs. Bank of America. So just how is it that the government can bring charges against all of these outfits, extort millions and billions in fines and yet not one son of a bitch goes to jail? No crime committed? Fascinating. A few years ago I got swindled for about 10 jumbo by a corrupt company called China Expert Technology (cxti). They had these glowing balance sheets, gobs of business, and then poof- stock price zero. Where was the fucking SEC? No fraud charges. Nobody went to jail. Zero protection for investors. No settlement check. Goodbye 10 grand. The SEC didn't even bother returning or answering my complaint. Probably busy watching porn and decidin

More Crony Capitalism, Supreme Court Sides With Giant China Retailer, WalMart

Wasn't surprised to see this. Supreme Court refuses to allow class action lawsuit against Chinese outlet store, WalMart. Eighty three percent of WalMart managers are men. Nothing askew with that discrimination move along women.

Ten Myths/Lies That Politicians Want You to Believe

Every once in awhile I stumble onto a piece that is spot on. This is one of them.

Ann Coulter, Forced To Dwell In Low IQ Hell With Us Low Brow Libertarian Types

I love Ann Coulter. The great conservative. I think she is beautiful, witty, and very funny. That she thinks quite highly of herself is an understatement. In terms of political commentary, she is quite successful even though her thought processes are really nothing new. She scores well on looks and delivery. Razor wit. Unfortunately, she scores high on the same old "bash the other tribe" mentality that has been practiced for centuries. Entertaining for sure, but not particularly useful. I'd like to point out this latest piece of hers...a libertarian bash. How would it be- to be so fucking smart like Ann... yet stuck on this rock with all of us dimwits and slow types? Lonely, I'm sure. Life, or some higher power, has played a cruel hoax on Ann by sending her here. Now I like to bash liberals and democrats because of all parties...the moonbats have devolved into a total catastrophe. Obama is a perfect poster child