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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What Do Mosquitos, Ticks, and Liberals Have in Common?

They need a host.

The Guilty Mind- The Sunday Collage

Mens rea means guilty mind. A criminal's actions after a crime often indicate his knowledge and intent. 

On September 11, 2012, Senator Christopher Stevens, an aide, and two retired Navy Seals died while trying to defend the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The attack lasted 7 hours.

Military help was available. President Obama, James Clapper, David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, and Leon Panetta all knew what was happening in real time. President Obama had an election to win and he sure as hell didn't want to risk a Jimmy Carter style failed rescue attempt- right before the election.

Obama let American employees in Benghazi die. If that weren't bad enough- Obama and the rest of these chicken shit bastards we call "leaders" manufactured a distraction, a scapegoat in California- some convicted felon who was producing low quality, Islam hating videos- and claimed he was the reason for the Benghazi attack. They even had him arrested. 

That was an outright lie. The liberal left, the complicit media, and even the American people are involved in this cover up. Is it a conspiracy? You bet your ass it is. People don't care. Apathy is a disease. Mass apathy in this country is an epidemic. 

It is a conspiracy of cowards. Millions of fat, lazy, self absorbed Americans are going to let this slide.

Obama will never be held accountable for anything. That's clear to me. He will not be held accountable for thousands of crooked bankers, for missing passports, for concealed college transcripts, for letting Jon Corzine steal 1.6 billion dollars, for dead Americans. Obama could run over a family of four in a crosswalk and the media would claim it was four right wing kooks trying to set him up.

The left hijacked the dialogue long ago. The truth is- I'm not sure I give a shit.  

We're not talking about simple dereliction of duty or failing to uphold an oath. This is a complete dereliction of duty on a scale I have never seen. This is not some Watergate burglary or Clinton sex scandal. Good people, far better than I, died needlessly. Back when we had courage and cared...

We would hold a real inquiry. The kind we used to have where the parties, lawyers, and judges weren't conflicted, where real evidence was introduced, and where the best evidence- like video tape from that drone with time stamps would be introduced. Frantic calls from Chris Stevens. Just let the evidence tell the story. Forget politics. I am sick of Obama and his liberal left bodyguards- running interference- and elevating this liar like he is some saint above reproach. Tony Rezko and Jon Corzine not withstanding.

What the fuck happened to the rule of law in this country?

Obama is the commander in chief. Lives hung in the balance. Obama let people die.

And nobody cares.

Let me hijack you for just a minute.

In 2007, after 24 years of paid law enforcement, I had to come to terms with a few things. I once had this crazy idea that I was prepared to die, to give up my life for the sake of the people who I took an oath to defend. I believed that most people were worth that sacrifice. So I did the deal. I confronted, I wrestled, I cajoled. I was injured. I put up with all of the abuse any good cop can stomach. People calling us pigs, the usual and daily insults which people think we are somehow supposed to endure unlike any other occupation. Real inventive, funny stuff. Flipping us off. Yelling soo- eee when we walked in a bar. Not to mention all of the political nastiness of small town politics.

I was always amazed at the few cops that were not jaded by a few decades of abuse. Happy cops. I often wondered if they were too stupid to know that people didn't care about them- or such emotional geniuses that they had found a way to float over the top of all of that. I'm not sure I can answer that now. Ultimately, I had to make choices based on my own observations and feelings. This is what I know.

Cops turn into assholes because they realize that the public doesn't care. Vietnam vets found that out, and the vets of today are finding that out. Government knows that the public is fat, lazy, and self absorbed. They know Americans don't care. They are counting on your apathy. So part of the internal dialogue I had back in 2007 was simple. Why would I continue to subject myself to the rigorous abuses of law enforcement- protecting people mired in apathy? People who only care about their own needs, people who could care less about doing the right thing unless it directly effected them. And while that might not have been the bulk of my retirement decision- it certainly was a big piece. The truth is...

I wouldn't give my life up for most Americans. 

Americans are spoiled, superficial, self absorbed and mired in apathy. Why would anyone lay it on the line for today's Americans?

So what are you prepared to do? Have you ever given this any thought?

At what point will you take a stand? How long are you going to allow government to confiscate your money and steal your freedom? At what extremes are you willing to take a stand? Or are we going to keep pretending that everything is ok?

That America would let good people die- doesn't surprise me anymore. I guess good Americans like Chris Stevens and the crew hadn't quite learned what I and a few other cops and soldiers know. That outside your own ranks- fat, lazy and self absorbed Americans simply don't care. Rest in peace.

Pictures of four real, dead, and murdered Americans at a link found outside American media. You should have a look. In a way, these guys died for us. It's a shame nobody will do anything for them. People are probably too busy.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Most Important Lawsuit of the Year

The United States was designed as a Republic. We also believed and I say that past tense- in due process. This was a process that embraced the concept of individual rights, freedom, and innocence  until proven guilty.

With the advent and intrusion of government into every facet of our lives, willing to steal our money in every way imaginable from taxes, compulsory laws such as Obamacare, and money printing (the inflation tax) I shouldn't be surprised that the government has embraced the indefinite detention of American citizens and while denying them due process.

This is NDAA.

This is the most important lawsuit of the year. We SHOULD all be paying attention.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Obamacare

This is a very comprehensive article on Obamacare. It will probably answer any questions you might have. I got a little sick reading

You might have a drink or two before you start reading. This ain't a tax- this is wage slavery. 

Retail Investors Rush In at Market Top, Let the Fleecing Begin

From the stock market lows of early '09, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen over 105% in slightly less than 4 years.

There are not many investment vehicles that allow you to capture 25% returns each year. Oddly enough, somebody has to pay that 25%. So who is it that pays? The money has to come from somewhere doesn't it?

People that get in- far too late, mutual funds, state retirement systems. They ride the wave up and down- year after year. Fund managers talk about market timing like it's a terrible thing. They say stupid shit like investor/participants should dollar cost average in.

Did you know that the upper 5% of the uber wealthy in this country directly own 85% of the stock?

The bankers have been sitting chilly on all that stock they bought with free money from the Fed. They've been waiting for good ol' mom and pop to come in late now so they can sell and get the hell out. And just like trained pigs, here comes retail investors- 40 billion dollars worth of wasted capital entered markets in January. An all time record.

Buy high, sell low. Gargle, rinse, repeat.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

When Seconds Count, Cops Are Minutes Away*Free War Story Enclosed

My friend Dave, a fellow copper, used to say that and laugh like a hyena. Because it's true.

This morning I was reading about the Navy Seal sniper who was shot and killed at a gun range and I was reminded of how easy it is to kill anybody. That guy by all accounts, was a serious bad ass and clearly capable of defending himself- yet he lost his life. Stateside.

I always have guns around me. This is not because I am some whack job looking to kill someone- this is because I was a cop for a long time and I know how many whack jobs are out there- self medicated and pissed off at the world.

I make no apologies for being armed. I won't waste time dialing 911.  I will use what precious seconds I have taking action- not praying like some statist that a cop car is across the street. Or worse yet, that the cop that does arrive will actually intervene right away rather than wait for help to arrive. Cops are trained to wait for help.

They teach us that. So retired old cops know that when seconds count- young cops are still minutes away. That's why we have guns.

So I thought I would tell you about an incident that happened to me. I have never told anyone this story except for a few close friends. It was not my finest moment but it could have been a lot worse. I like to think of it as a learning experience. I was about 25 when this happened. I was in my fourth year of law enforcement.

There is a desolate highway in central Idaho that carries people north from cities like Twin Falls and Jerome to the Sun Valley area which I lovingly call, Moonbat Valley. Literally thousands of workers commute to the Sun Valley area everyday- many of those workers are forced to live somewhere else. Some workers wouldn't dream of living in Moonbat Valley even though they could. It is an expensive place to live.

This heavy commute, in and then out of the valley, occurs every day. In the spring of 1986, I was in my Pontiac Gran Prix heading south at about 4 P.M. On my seat I had a loaded Ruger Ranch rifle which I was taking to a nearby gunsmith for a new stock. I also had a loaded 15 round 9mm semi auto Smith and Wesson with me. I was passing through a small town (Shoshone) when a group of 4 guys left a convenience store carrying a twelve pack of beer. I was stopped at a stop sign.

These guys looked like working stiffs, dirty, maybe sheet rockers or painters about my age. Just as I approached the store's parking lot exit, these clowns pulled out in front of me and cut me off. That would have been bad enough but the driver began driving 10 MPH in front of me, just to annoy the hell out of me. It worked. I put up with this, thinking that as we left town I would simply pass them in a passing zone just south of town. When I tried to do that, they stomped on the gas and refused to allow me to pass. By this time, they were flipping me off and turning around to look at me. I had one of those bad feelings like this was going to get a lot worse. The odd thing was- I really had no idea why this cloud of bad luck had settled on me.

So there we are, traveling at 40 MPH in a 55 zone. I can't pass them. Of course it's against the law to endanger people- or prevent a lawful pass- but it's not like this crew gives a shit. We didn't have cell phones in those days and even if we had, there was little chance of a cop being anywhere close by. When seconds count, cops are always minutes away. Even if phones had been available.

After about ten minutes of this, I was on fire. Then as luck would have it, the four morons began waving me over to the side of the road and onto the shoulder. I wasn't even going to try and pass these guys at this point. So I pulled in behind them, about 100 feet behind them, on the shoulder of the highway. They exited the car like they were going to teach me about the business end of the bull. I also exited my car. I had the Ruger Ranch rifle in my hand.

As soon as they saw that, they stopped dead in their tracks. For the first time in this 15 minute episode, it finally dawned on these idiots that they were screwing with the wrong guy. In fact, they said something which I could not hear- because they had already turned to get back in the car. They saw that gun and this event was now over. I got in my car, drove around them, and that was the last time I saw them that day.

What if they had a gun? Well, I guess it might have gotten nasty. But it didn't. And as luck would have it- this story has a happy ending.

The very next week, I was working and on patrol. I was on that very same highway, in my city, looking for a green four door carrying 4 dipshits to work. When I spotted it, it was speeding. Not much- maybe only 10 MPH over the limit- but there was not going to be any warnings this morning. They were going to get, what I lovingly referred to back then as the "full meal deal." I stole that line from Dairy Queen.

I gave that driver a total of four tickets. I never said a word outside of my business on that traffic stop. Nor did they. I am not sure they recognized me and I sure as hell didn't say anything about what had happened the prior week. I kept an eye on those tickets and what happened to them. They paid for three of the tickets, one was for a roach in the ashtray. One ticket was dismissed. I never saw those guys again. Justice was served and I squared that account.

They don't even make ashtrays now.

Carrying a gun is about responsibility. It's about saying that you are going to take a stand, maybe even intervening on behalf of others if things go horribly bad. It's about teaching your son or your daughter to shoot and to carry a gun, at work and at college. I want my family to have a fighting chance. It's all about refusing to be a victim and accepting the fact that the cops cannot save you. They are always minutes away.

The Good Stuff- The Sunday Collage

I've been tinkering around with the blog a little. I hope you like the new layout.

Today is Superbowl Sunday. In the old days, back when I was running the show, I ditched our annual office Christmas Party in lieu of the Superbowl party. There was a lot of drinking, gambling, and debauchery during those parties and somehow all of that- seemed far more appropriate for a football game. These days, I keep my debauchery to a minimum.

Earlier this week, Carl Icahn had a live interview with some enemy of his on CNBC. It lasted nearly 15 minutes with Icahn spewing all kinds of ego, nastiness, and profanity on network television. Picking right over happy and looking like an idiot in the process.

Yesterday was also the 2nd year anniversary of the death of a close, personal friend of mine.

I am going to try and spin this all together.

I get a little reflective when this time of the year rolls around. I remember how it was and what it was like. Today, this amounts to a consciousness that is fully aware of my self centered ego and fear, an unrelenting commitment to always choose happy instead of right, and gratitude. With that in place- I can appreciate the good stuff.

I lucked out.

You'll note that all of those things are intangible and emotional things. I never understood the importance of them. Like many of you, I fell for all of the standard marketing that bombards us all. Education, career, status, acclaim... money, material things, family. Maybe God- in eighth position.

The stuff that really mattered had always eluded me.

You have to be willing to be a little honest when you write. Nothing good ever happens if all you are willing to write is the same old regurgitated and safe crap that everyone else writes. So here goes...

I couldn't fully appreciate the things that mattered until I was in a position of rational consciousness where I no longer worried about "what's in it for me?" I actually think about others- often before satisfying my own needs. I still fear things but I understand the difference between what is rational fear and what is not. I don't let irrational fears run my life, force my decisions, or cause me to render my opinions on how you should be living your life. I am aware of all of that insanity.

I pick happy rather than right most of the time. I can't even remember the last time I had an argument. Often I just shut my mouth- even when people are clearly and obviously wrong- simply because I no longer find anything worthy of arguing about. All that ever happens- is someone gets their feelings hurt- and sometimes that's me. I have a steadfast commitment to being happy. For many years, far too many years, I picked right over happy. It's a miserable way to live- the debate club way- living each day with a set of battle plans in your head. I was always ready to argue anytime someone disagreed with me or failed to meet some imaginary expectations that I had secretly hidden in my walnut sized brain.

I am grateful. I have had a good life. I have my little shack, my motorcycle, a few bucks, and reasonably good health. My family are all still dwelling on the topside. I am grateful for a whole litany of things.  I do not dwell on incessant wanting. This incessant wanting has ruined our culture. We have forgotten to be grateful for what we have- while becoming depressed and sometimes angry for the things we cannot get. That has become a real sickness in our society... where too much is never enough.

So I have had a great re-arranging in my life.

Some of the the things that I thought were important in my life are no longer very important to me. Things that I had never thought about- are now important to me.

All of this was made possible when I realized that the biggest obstacle to receiving the good stuff was me. It had always been me. I could never have fully appreciated the things that I have now- family, health, God- without regaining consciousness, picking happy over right, finding a little humility and gratitude. Armed with those things, I have found that the things that matter most aren't graduate degrees, promotions, acclaim and awards, big bank accounts, or any of that materialistic stuff that our culture lies to us about, day after day. That stuff has it's place, somewhere far below being present, happy, and grateful.

We can't all be Carl Icahn acting like a baby on network television. Thank, God.

Take the Ravens and the four points. I think they might win outright. (please do not remind me of that Notre Dame pick, it still haunts me)