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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Guilty Mind- The Sunday Collage

Mens rea means guilty mind. A criminal's actions after a crime often indicate his knowledge and intent. 

On September 11, 2012, Senator Christopher Stevens, an aide, and two retired Navy Seals died while trying to defend the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The attack lasted 7 hours.

Military help was available. President Obama, James Clapper, David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, and Leon Panetta all knew what was happening in real time. President Obama had an election to win and he sure as hell didn't want to risk a Jimmy Carter style failed rescue attempt- right before the election.

Obama let American employees in Benghazi die. If that weren't bad enough- Obama and the rest of these chicken shit bastards we call "leaders" manufactured a distraction, a scapegoat in California- some convicted felon who was producing low quality, Islam hating videos- and claimed he was the reason for the Benghazi attack. They even had him arrested. 

That was an outright lie. The liberal left, the complicit media, and even the American people are involved in this cover up. Is it a conspiracy? You bet your ass it is. People don't care. Apathy is a disease. Mass apathy in this country is an epidemic. 

It is a conspiracy of cowards. Millions of fat, lazy, self absorbed Americans are going to let this slide.

Obama will never be held accountable for anything. That's clear to me. He will not be held accountable for thousands of crooked bankers, for missing passports, for concealed college transcripts, for letting Jon Corzine steal 1.6 billion dollars, for dead Americans. Obama could run over a family of four in a crosswalk and the media would claim it was four right wing kooks trying to set him up.

The left hijacked the dialogue long ago. The truth is- I'm not sure I give a shit.  

We're not talking about simple dereliction of duty or failing to uphold an oath. This is a complete dereliction of duty on a scale I have never seen. This is not some Watergate burglary or Clinton sex scandal. Good people, far better than I, died needlessly. Back when we had courage and cared...

We would hold a real inquiry. The kind we used to have where the parties, lawyers, and judges weren't conflicted, where real evidence was introduced, and where the best evidence- like video tape from that drone with time stamps would be introduced. Frantic calls from Chris Stevens. Just let the evidence tell the story. Forget politics. I am sick of Obama and his liberal left bodyguards- running interference- and elevating this liar like he is some saint above reproach. Tony Rezko and Jon Corzine not withstanding.

What the fuck happened to the rule of law in this country?

Obama is the commander in chief. Lives hung in the balance. Obama let people die.

And nobody cares.

Let me hijack you for just a minute.

In 2007, after 24 years of paid law enforcement, I had to come to terms with a few things. I once had this crazy idea that I was prepared to die, to give up my life for the sake of the people who I took an oath to defend. I believed that most people were worth that sacrifice. So I did the deal. I confronted, I wrestled, I cajoled. I was injured. I put up with all of the abuse any good cop can stomach. People calling us pigs, the usual and daily insults which people think we are somehow supposed to endure unlike any other occupation. Real inventive, funny stuff. Flipping us off. Yelling soo- eee when we walked in a bar. Not to mention all of the political nastiness of small town politics.

I was always amazed at the few cops that were not jaded by a few decades of abuse. Happy cops. I often wondered if they were too stupid to know that people didn't care about them- or such emotional geniuses that they had found a way to float over the top of all of that. I'm not sure I can answer that now. Ultimately, I had to make choices based on my own observations and feelings. This is what I know.

Cops turn into assholes because they realize that the public doesn't care. Vietnam vets found that out, and the vets of today are finding that out. Government knows that the public is fat, lazy, and self absorbed. They know Americans don't care. They are counting on your apathy. So part of the internal dialogue I had back in 2007 was simple. Why would I continue to subject myself to the rigorous abuses of law enforcement- protecting people mired in apathy? People who only care about their own needs, people who could care less about doing the right thing unless it directly effected them. And while that might not have been the bulk of my retirement decision- it certainly was a big piece. The truth is...

I wouldn't give my life up for most Americans. 

Americans are spoiled, superficial, self absorbed and mired in apathy. Why would anyone lay it on the line for today's Americans?

So what are you prepared to do? Have you ever given this any thought?

At what point will you take a stand? How long are you going to allow government to confiscate your money and steal your freedom? At what extremes are you willing to take a stand? Or are we going to keep pretending that everything is ok?

That America would let good people die- doesn't surprise me anymore. I guess good Americans like Chris Stevens and the crew hadn't quite learned what I and a few other cops and soldiers know. That outside your own ranks- fat, lazy and self absorbed Americans simply don't care. Rest in peace.

Pictures of four real, dead, and murdered Americans at a link found outside American media. You should have a look. In a way, these guys died for us. It's a shame nobody will do anything for them. People are probably too busy.

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