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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Can President Trump, Once Again, Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat?

In the beginning, I didn't like Trump much. I saw him as arrogant, pompous, and self serving. Just another member of America's elite aristocracy. Then something strange happened. I discovered that his enemies- were also my enemies.

I have never seen anyone so thoroughly hated in my life. Ever. The media ignores and ridicules him. Obama and Hillary hate him. China and Russia hate him. (I don't think the release of the coronavirus one year before his re-election was a coincidence.)  His fired cabinet members hate him. Many in the Republican party, like Mitt Romney, hate him.The democrats and Pelosi hate him. Even the courts hate him. More importantly, several of my friends hate him. Or perhaps, ex-friends.

What is it about this guy that pisses people off? What angers them to the point we can't even discuss this crooked election like adults?

First off, Trump wasn't supposed to win. I can recall back in 2016, that every liberal media outlet, every liberal poll taker, virtually every talking head including Obama, thought Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton. The only person in America that had it right was Ann Coulter and a blogger that I read back then. (Taxicab Depressions) Ms. Coulter was ridiculed on several networks.

Trump was America's first walk on President. He hadn't wasted his life wallowing around the cesspool of politics like Clinton, Sanders, Obama, or Biden. He hadn't paid those political dues of ascending political offices. He built things. He created things. He sometimes failed. He was certainly no polished politician- blowing smoke up voter's asses. He tells things the way they are. He is abrupt and not well spoken. I often see him searching for the right words and adjectives when speaking or using Twitter. 

Now we know he had to overcome 4 years of Russia collusion horse shit and a scam of an impeachment proceeding that like the coronavirus- was hatched one year prior to his re-election. We know that Obama assembled a team and deep state operatives to spy on Trump. 

All of these "coincidences" are remarkable. In all my years and Presidents dating back to JFK- I have never seen so many enemies. Enemies that keep failing. 

So it was that the hateful democratic machine in several swing states found loopholes and ways to rig the 2020 election. They wouldn't need to risk getting caught if professional politician and bribe taking, Joe Biden was winning. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. Late night, there it was, Trump was winning once again with just a few key states in the balance. I went to bed- only to witness a miraculous mathematical recovery- by Joe Biden in the morning. Now I am somewhat math challenged, needing a tutor to steer me through any college level algebra. But witnessing a 700,000 vote lead disappear overnight with 2/3rds of the 7 million votes cast was truly a feat for the ages. A mathematical miracle.

I have a friend who noted that he thought it was suspicious that the media refused to call Pennsylvania for Trump with such an enormous lead. It reminded him of their refusal to call Florida for Trump in 2016. He opined that perhaps they were hoping for one of those mathematical miracles back then.

I have a liberal friend who simply can't conceive how this election was rigged. Here is what the Georgia Secretary of State is now conceding. Raffensperger joined his fellow Republicans last Wednesday to call for an end to what that state terms “no excuse absentee voting.” This law allows any voter in Georgia to request and submit an absentee ballot without providing justification for why they can’t vote in person. To wit it is noted: Raffensperger appears to have come to understand the vulnerability of unrestricted absentee and mail-in voting only after the 2020 General Election high voter turnout and a flood of credible vote fraud and ballot tampering claims.

In addition to fighting every crooked swing state, Trump has had to battle with a protective judiciary in those  states, compromised by everything from elections to endorsements. It's a vast and daunting task- fighting these hordes of like minded assholes but there's Donald Trump. Brawler. Tough minded and firing away. Never gives up. Who doesn't admire that? I'll share a foxhole with a guy like that any day.

We have seen the enemy- they are exactly what we thought they were.

It dawned on me months ago that Trump and I have something in common. We hate the same people and we dislike them for largely the same reasons.

The next two weeks, starting Dec. 27 through Jan. 6, is going to tell us what happens next. We are going to find out if Trump gets a stay of execution and whether or not Chinese/Ukraine employee Joe Biden will get inaugurated as the President of the United States. The thought of that stooge in the White House makes me ill just thinking about it. Even Obama wouldn't endorse his former VP until he was nominated.

Don't count out America's first walk on President. He's got the resources, the determination, and we know he will fight this sham all the way to the end.

And even though every liberal in the land thinks they have this in the bag and even if they do in fact prevail- it most certainly will be a hollow, pyrrhic victory. Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Joe Biden ain't the cure for what ails us.

Great link as the evidence continues to mount.