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Can President Trump, Once Again, Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat?

In the beginning, I didn't like Trump much. I saw him as arrogant, pompous, and self serving. Just another member of America's elite aristocracy. Then something strange happened. I discovered that his enemies- were also my enemies. I have never seen anyone so thoroughly hated in my life. Ever. The media ignores and ridicules him. Obama and Hillary hate him. China and Russia hate him. (I don't think the release of the coronavirus one year before his re-election was a coincidence.)  His fired cabinet members hate him. Many in the Republican party, like Mitt Romney, hate him.The democrats and Pelosi hate him. Even the courts hate him. More importantly, several of my friends hate him. Or perhaps, ex-friends. What is it about this guy that pisses people off? What angers them to the point we can't even discuss this crooked election like adults? First off, Trump wasn't supposed to win. I can recall back in 2016, that every liberal media outlet, every liberal poll taker, vi