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What Old Men Fantasize About..."Let's Get This Party Started!"

Wouldn't you just love to be able to ask some folks some questions and get the truth? These are some of my fantasy questions. I have more than ten. When I thought of one, it tended to sprout others. Here then without further my fantasy interrogation. 1. To President Obama. How many millions have you spent defending legal challenges to get your original long form birth certificate? Wouldn't it just be simpler to produce the damn thing if you have nothing to hide? We have standing as voters, I think it's time you provide proof and some of that transparency you ramble on about. 2. To President Obama. Why did you ignore the greatest economic collapse the world has ever known? When is Eric Holder going to prosecute crooked bankers and politicians instead of suing states? How much money have you taken from banks in campaign contributions? Have you ever received discounted loans while Senator or President like Angelo Mozilo likes to hand out? Did William Ayers write

The Brainiac of the Week Award Goes to This Moron

I snipped this from another site. I've left his name off because he may be in a blackout and I think we all remember how we felt about blackouts (you were dancing naked in front of the CEO and his wife at the Christmas Party!) when we sobered up. what traditionally happens in an extended crisis is that those who have cash can pick up gold for cheap from those who need it who have lost their jobs and need to buy necessities.  the history of most collapses is that those with the cash will make a bundle when people with non cash assets need money.  I think the most recent example was ecuador.  You have to have the resources to make it through the first year of a crash if you happen to lose your job, otherwise you will likely be selling your assets at a nice discount. That's right people. Save your worthless currency. You can pick up assets on the cheap. Probably get generators, ammo, gold for next to nothing! They'll be lining up to take your Weimar currency.

We Are Forever in Your Debt, Thank You Mr. President

The unemployment rate should steadily leg down as everyone falls off the radar and doesn't get counted anymore. Soon our real rate of unemployment- that 23% or so will just drop to zero. By election time, Obama can say he has saved the country in another one of his rousing speeches. Maybe say, without him, it would have been far worse.;_ylt=AvKsOrTyrVY3gTEO.j.9VRgUewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTNoOGVsM2U1BGFzc2V0A2FwL3VzX2V4cGlyZWRfYmVuZWZpdHNfbmV2YWRhX3VuZW1wbG95bWVudARjY29kZQN2aWV3c2hhcmUEY3BvcwM1BHBvcwM1BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDYW51bmNlcnRhaW5m

Another One of the P.I.I.G.S, the "S", Headed for the Big Misery

Of the 100 or so articles I scan each morning, this one caught my attention. It's like wheel of fortune. So far Vanna has turned the letters for Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and now Spain. The only letter left is Italy. Hey ECB, fire up those QE1 printing presses and shovel those new eurodollars into the Bovespa. Create the illusion of fiscal health and then have the politicians and media wax recovery. It's been working great over here. I see it just a little differently. I throw in a J (Japan) and a G (Germany) an F (France) an E (England) a C (Canada) and a U for us. This I call F.U.C.J.E.G. primarily because I cannot think of any clever anagram that Vanna could turn. Behold the mighty world debt clock.

Obama, In Typical "Transparent" Fashion Will Seek Gun Control

From Newsweak...entirely predictable in that Obama did not mention one thing about this in his big speech. I have reduced myself to hoping that he takes 15-20 vacations this year. From the Doug Ross Journal, "It's About Time We Give the Democrats a Report Card."

Thank Gawd the Moonbats Still Swear

I grew up in a mining town. I didn't know that people were actually capable of talking without using profanity. To this day when I hear someone consistently talk without using profanity, I don't trust them. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting a lecture about using profanity. I have great disdain for those folks who try to influence and control everything in the exterior world. The vigilante verbal censors. You know those types. The ones who have swallowed the kool-aid and know right from wrong. At all times. They are not afraid to share that opinion of how the world should operate. I actually had a gal tell me one time that she thinks people who use profanity are stupid. I told her that I thought people who didn't swear and told others not to were controlling nags. We don't talk much. I eat out a lot on account of my bachelor status and I hate washing dishes. Earlier this week, I had a friend order an omelette at a place that usually serves good food. When

I Wouldn't Bank At Citi If They Offered Massages With the Big Pay Off

I have just always hated banks. Really. The finishing touch for me came about ten years ago. I can't remember which one of the thieving banks it was, Citi or Chase. I had sent in a credit card payment one week before it was due. The next month, I get a bill with a 35 dollar late fee added and a 30 day late pay on my credit report. My ass was hot. When I got done with all the music listening, calling people names part of my tirade, I finally reached some guy who told me that even though they received my payment ahead of the due date which was on a Saturday- they didn't credit my account until the following Monday...therefore my payment which was actually on time could be late depending on whether or not they got around to crediting it. My ass immediately went from smoldering to full blown spontaneous combustion. I closed every piece of shit credit card account I had. Who regulates that shit? Ah nobody. I then went to debit card only bank thievery and had a similar experience

Could A Government Default Be a Good Thing?

Why yes, as it turns out. This guy thinks so. I tend to agree. Found it during my nightly prowl, check it out. Not for nanny moonbats. Snipped this line 'cause I liked it. The greatest potential political benefit of a future government default would be the end of the democratic welfare state.

The Market Now Rendering Gold's Eulogy

I saw this headline and just had to clip it. I cannot tell you many times is my life I have read articles wherein the title had "luster and gold" in the same sentence. Here's one more. So with gold down 7%, they are moving it to the hospice. I have to tell you a story. It's about being absolutely right and getting taken out behind the woodshed anyway. I have written about it once before, please forgive the redux. Several years ago, I suspected that a company called FuelTech symbol FTEK, was nothing more than a sham. They make clean systems for coal fired generators. Their products are expensive and not all that effective, profits were virtually non existent. They had a CEO that could spin dogshit into health food. I listened in on a couple of conference calls. I made a huge decision. I shorted and bought put options to the tune of nearly 25% of my portfolio. At that time, FTEK was trading at 2

No Market for Old Men

I feel like I am trapped in some alternate universe. A place where just a few mainstream media outlets have taken me hostage. They feed me a diet of filtered, pollyanna bullshit. I cannot escape. They desperately want me to believe that I am crazy or insane. I can get well if only I would change my attitude. I am Bill Murray, listening to the same silly Cher song. Day after day, after day. Many of my friends have succumbed to the rhetoric. It is easier that way. They are not isolated, or alone, and they look at me and wonder if I need a prescription refill. If I hear the word recovery ever again, I think I will vomit. My captors are getting pissed. They grow frustrated with me. So it is, every day, I get up and turn on CNBC. I look at the markets. They are always up. It is illegal for them to ever go down. Women with big boobs beckon me, temptresses holding some forbidden fruit. After a huge employment miss, this is how they spin it,

Idaho Supports Obamacare Nullification, Is Talk of Secession Insane?

I think everyone has a personal hero. One guy in history that we all admire. My guy was Thomas Jefferson. His personal life was one of very dubious character. So Jefferson takes some heat for that. His professional life was absolute devotion to his country. Jefferson was a genius, polymath, and patriot- perhaps the greatest this country has ever had. Jefferson's ability to see history accurately and to know that one day, a tyrannical government might rise and steal our freedom is now happening before our very eyes. That it hasn't happened sooner is testament to his will and unflinching devotion to give states the sovereign rights that they have. It was Jefferson and James Madison, Presidents 3 and 4, who supported nullification. The time has come to flex that dormant muscle.  This is what John F Kennedy had to say about Jefferson with a collection of 49 Nobel Peace Prize winners gathered at the White House in 1962. ...probably the greatest concentration of talent and geni

This is Our "Skylab" Moment

I thought the Sputnik metaphor was quite a stretch in the big speech. What I thought was funniest was that Obama was preaching to the hostages. Like somehow, it was our fault for not wasting enough of our money on more government. Maybe if we could all just create big cushy jobs with huge salaries and then send all of our money to Washington- maybe we could make this whole depression thing go away. Big government could catapult us to the stars. Ya know, just will our way out of this mess.  A far more fitting metaphor might have been, this is our "Skylab" moment. For those of you who don't remember, I remember scenes with people walking around with hard hats on. Waiting for the flaming debris of Skylab to impact the earth.  I think Australia charged us a littering fee. No kidding. Space Junk The largest fragment of Skylab recovered after its re-entry through Earth's atmosphere. It is on display at the United States Space & Rocket Center .

Commission, After Days of Hearings, Finds What Every Person in America Already Knows

The financial crisis was avoidable. A whole bunch of inept, greedy, and corrupt people were responsible. No kidding. Next news flash for our nimble government. People committed fraud. Fraud is a crime.

Now That We Are Past the State of the Union Address, It's Time For the Fun Shit to Begin

I am happy that during last night's speech, the Republicans and Democrats sat together. Having been a part of something very similar a couple of times- two opposing groups that really don't like each other can be a very hostile and nasty environment. I am convinced that the best thing America has done in the last six years, was dump the House Democrats. Nothing short of dumping the Senate's Democrat majority was going to rescue us from Obamacare. Just weeks ago, there was talk of an Obamacare repeal. I am still scratching my head over that- wondering just how they were going to pull off that feat of magic. It's time for the fun shit to start. Remember that 2.5 trillion (sounds like big stuff) budget cut proposal over ten years? I have embedded it here. To put it simply, it's a waste of time. It includes privatizing Fannie and Freddie, the smoldering and ruined home lenders. I am trying to envision a

Who Ya Gonna Believe, Barack or the Hag?

Well, I suffered through another 62 minutes- listening to what Obama does best. Talking. Man, he really went out on a limb laying out a strategy for our country's huge debt problem. He did spend 5 minutes talking about education. Obama doesn't get it. He still doesn't get it. Education is just a singular component, a piece of our problem. Hard work is what produces results. But then again, what experience does he have with that? Spend two minutes with the Hag...listening to what he does best- singing. Thinking there is more of a solution in Hag's 2 minutes than Obama's 62. Don't think Merle went to Harvard either.

Meet Frank Raines and Daniel Mudd- All the King's Horses and All the King's Men, Couldn't Put Fannie Together Again

I love a no cops but plenty of robbers story- just like the next guy. Grammar be damned. It has been at least 3 years since the Wall Street collapse. This country has yet to prosecute one thieving- fraud committing banker and put them in jail. The government managed to shake down Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide fame for about 69 million, 20 million of it paid for by Bank of America. If I remember correctly, that only had to do with his insider trading habits. It left Mozilo with his freedom and as near as I can tell, a net worth of about 400 million- but that's just a swag. After reading a ZeroHedge story, I began to smolder just a bit. I find it fascinating that our government is finally thinking about prosecuting the bad guys. Coincidentally, Dear Leader is about a year from having to gear up his mighty re-election apparatus. Now suddenly- it has occurred to someone that there mig

Interesting Financial Stuff, Monday Jan. 24

Silver and Gold Sell Off I found this on a message board today. It has veracity because it is over a couple of weeks old (Jan 7), and so far it is amazingly accurate. So, I clipped it. In an earnest effort to help as many silver longs as I can I will relay information as I know it. Major hedge fund traders are going to be buying hundreds of millions of dollars of March contracts during the last 3 weeks of February. The strategy is simple-force Comex to pay a hefty premium on contracts that CANNOT be delivered. Will this work? It worked like a charm in December. Those guys were all kicking themselves because they should have bought 10 times the amount of contract that they actually had in December. This time around, they are getting everyone they know to get involved in this trade. They will pool their money together in order to get a large number of contracts so that Comex will not be available to deliver-thus forcing a hefty premium. These former traders

More Details on the Thugocracy Healthcare "Plan"

Got this in an email. I can't verify it's accuracy. My 2300 page Obamacare bill has gone missing. Do not read this in front of your elderly parents. THIS IS THE 2ND OFFICIAL WHO HAS OUTLINED THESE PARTS OF THE CARE BILL Judge Kithil of    Marble Falls  ,   TX   - HB3200 highlighted pages most egregious Please read this........   especially the reference to pages 58 & 59 JUDGE KITHIL wrote:** Page 50/section 152:  The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally. ** Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual's bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts. ** Page 65/section 164:  The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform N ow - ACORN). ** Page 203/line 14-15:  The tax imposed under this secti

Non Coward Gunman Walks Into Police Station To Hone Marksmanship, Suicide Skills

For years I have witnessed cowardly killers walking in to unarmed and civilian workplaces and shooting up the joint. Killing helpless people. Very cowardly. I had noted over the years, that would be killers never walk into police stations to pull that shit. Until today. And as expected, the cops shot back. In Detroit. The Scorecard Mentally ill and/or using drugs and alcohol or both- 100% chance Cops know this guy- 100% chance Cops used available cover- 100% chance Number of cops shot and survived- 4 Number of suicides- 1 Number of retired bloggers on FG that are glad they are retired- 1 The breaking story.

Defending Palin

There is simply no shortage of Palin bashers out there. In fact I read some piece the other day where the lefties were calling Palin stupid because they were convinced that she didn't know what "blood libel" meant. Laughing about it. I have a confession to make. I didn't know what the hell "blood libel" meant either. I had to look it up. After looking it up, I am convinced that I am no better off intellectually now that I know what it means. The point I am making is simple. I am not convinced that just because a person doesn't know the meaning of an obscure word or phrase, perhaps "salamagundi" for instance, that somehow we can hang an idiot sign on them. But oh how those lefties try. Interestingly enough, my spell checker must be stupid. It doesn't recognize the word, salamagundi. In the initial days of Captain Transparency's ascendancy, I defended his right to sit in a church wherein a preacher said, "Goddamn America." R

Blogger's Property Gets Seized Illegally, Time To Revisit the OathKeepers

From the article: ..police received information that Corcoran posted a comment online saying “one down 534 to go” in reference to Giffords and the other 534 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate...    For that remark, whether you like it or not, the cops seized Travis Corcoran's guns. The Feds are contemplating charges. He operates a website called HeavyInk where he sells comic books.   This is the same Federal Government which cannot find anything illegal with hundreds of thousands of bankers committing widespread fraud, writing interest only and back loaded mortgages to anyone with warm blood- packaging those loans as Triple A, and reselling them. Essentially bankrupting the entire country and the world. The same Federal Government that can't enforce immigration law and sues states for trying to do so. But they are certainly responsive when it comes to picking on some lowly blogger.   I always try to see the opposing view.  ht