Friday, January 28, 2011

I Wouldn't Bank At Citi If They Offered Massages With the Big Pay Off

I have just always hated banks. Really.

The finishing touch for me came about ten years ago. I can't remember which one of the thieving banks it was, Citi or Chase. I had sent in a credit card payment one week before it was due. The next month, I get a bill with a 35 dollar late fee added and a 30 day late pay on my credit report. My ass was hot. When I got done with all the music listening, calling people names part of my tirade, I finally reached some guy who told me that even though they received my payment ahead of the due date which was on a Saturday- they didn't credit my account until the following Monday...therefore my payment which was actually on time could be late depending on whether or not they got around to crediting it. My ass immediately went from smoldering to full blown spontaneous combustion. I closed every piece of shit credit card account I had.

Who regulates that shit? Ah nobody. I then went to debit card only bank thievery and had a similar experience last year at Wells Fargo. I made a small purchase via internet and managed to get scammed by an online site that promised delivery for 5.95 and charged me 95.00. This over ran my account balance because I used that card only for internet purchases in the event that precise thing ever happened. I went into the bank to clear it up. I got a 15 min. lecture from some clown over the phone who lectured me on internet purchases. They refused to reverse the charge. I refused to pay them. One year later, Wells is still sending me collection notices. I throw them in the trash.

I have heard hundreds of similar stories. Government does absolutely nothing to police or regulate this crap. They pass some hokey bill every now and then- which banks find some way to work around and gouge us another way. 

Banks are the biggest predators in the marketplace. Absolutely shameless. Did I want every one of them to fail in the big shakeout? You better believe it. But we see how that turned out. Here's a piece from a guy who tried to do the right thing at Citibank. He received the predictable outcome for his efforts.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that being an asshole and a dickhead are prerequisite for being a banker.