Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogger's Property Gets Seized Illegally, Time To Revisit the OathKeepers

From the article:

..police received information that Corcoran posted a comment online saying “one down 534 to go” in reference to Giffords and the other 534 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate... 
For that remark, whether you like it or not, the cops seized Travis Corcoran's guns. The Feds are contemplating charges. He operates a website called HeavyInk where he sells comic books.
This is the same Federal Government which cannot find anything illegal with hundreds of thousands of bankers committing widespread fraud, writing interest only and back loaded mortgages to anyone with warm blood- packaging those loans as Triple A, and reselling them. Essentially bankrupting the entire country and the world. The same Federal Government that can't enforce immigration law and sues states for trying to do so. But they are certainly responsive when it comes to picking on some lowly blogger.

I absolutely do not agree with the thought police nor Corcoran's statements. I can make the distinction between those completely separate issues. But there is certainly a body of thought that disagrees. I am not surprised with that. It is the nanny left. Many, I believe, would scrap the bill of rights if they found it convenient.

Please note the number one order they will not obey. I am guessing cops from Massachusetts have not signed up.

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