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Calling Major Kong- The Sunday Collage

Remarkable in it's simplicity, this was a fantastic week. Virtually every economic indicator was terrible and the market continued to melt up. The only thing that could make this market any better or weirder it seems- would be if that fat little Nork dictator would start launching those nuclear missiles of his. We'd probably have a 3... maybe 400 point rally. I just can't get this picture out of my mind. For some reason, the Major reminds me of my friend Troy in Idaho Falls. You just have to click this. I want to be THAT guy. Very often, and certainly since the great meltdown of 2008, I am in awe at the lengths government will go to try and hide the fact that we are bankrupt and insolvent. The great cover up seems to be working. The emperor has some great clothes. Honest. I had a week filled with gratitude. Gratitude that I still get a retirement check and that I don't have to kiss someone else's ass for 8 hours a day anymore. That is freedom and that is a b

Gold, Central Bankers, and Blood In the Streets*Updated

If you trade precious metals, this has been a rough year so far. Gold is trading down 64 dollars this morning close to the 1498 dollar an ounce level. This is the lowest level for gold in two years. Silver is even worse. Silver is at it's worst levels since late 2010. To put it bluntly- any investment gains you have made in precious metals over the last two years- have been officially wiped out. So what happened? Did the world suddenly add one hundred million jobs and get solvent? Have deficits and inflation been completely wiped out? Has the U.S. solved all of it's problems? Have central bankers suddenly and everywhere- quit debasing their currencies as we collectively race to the bottom? No of course not. Is the world economy getting better or worse? What is going on? It's actually the convergence of several factors. Some of them are natural supply and demand issues although Cyprus selling a few tons of gold should not be that big of a disruption. The world is b

"It's All About the Children" and Other Liberal Tactics Exposed

Tactics. It's all about tactics. Many years ago, I became acquainted with our local school district's sneaky agenda and how they accomplish their goals. Anytime they wanted to expand their employee base or spend taxpayer money on worthless security measures- they would use "children" as an excuse. The trump card, the one that is always played by liberals everywhere is, "we are doing this for the safety of our children." That is a tough line of shit to tackle head on. In fact, it is almost insurmountable. Anytime you oppose measures "designed" to protect our children- you look like some thoughtless, heartless cad. A stupid, child hating monster. That in fact, is precisely where the liberal progressives have us right now. They have secured the high ground. Advantage them. That's why your President paraded the families of Sandy Hook victims around this week and gave them rides on Air Force One.

An Unremarkable Life- The Sunday Collage

Last Tuesday, I did something so stupid that I have been hobbling around and whining all week long. Tuesday was the day that I traveled to Butte, Mt. by high speed Elantra. I arrived fairly early. So after trying to negotiate a two week stay at the Finlen Hotel with Ebeneezer Scrooge, I found myself with some extra time. It was only about 3 P.M., so I jumped in the Elantra and found the golf course of my youth. The Butte Country Club. I have a lot of fond memories of that place. It was my first job- cleaning golf clubs, putting them away, and picking up range balls. I was 12 years old. It is also where I met the Kneivel clan. It is where I learned to play golf and gamble. I have always meant to play the course again at varying times in the past 38 years- but alas I have always been too busy. So Tuesday was the day. I put on my new golf shoes. I talked to the assistant pro. He told me to go ahead and play for free- because they were still playing on temporary greens. I haven't