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"Does the Law Only Work For Certain People?"- The Sunday Collage

In a day or two early. Traveling with little hope of connectivity. Many years ago, we had this poor senile old woman who generated call after call to our police department. (We never really knew how to deal with the mentally ill back then- truth is- I'm not sure it's much better now) Gertrude believed that her ex husband was breaking into and sneaking throughout her house each night. Her solution for all of this- was to grease all of her door knobs and hang pots and pans using fishing line- on the inside of her door knobs. She would then shut all of the doors and go to sleep. If she heard any noise whatsoever- she would call the police. The problem with this was twofold. She always heard noises. The other problem was that she had it fixed in her mind that her ex-husband, Frank, was breaking in and that somehow we were simply ignoring her pleas for help and letting Frank go. I cannot tell you how many times we had spoken with poor Frank- often waking him up in the middle of

How About Some Goonga Lagonga?

I had some level of consciousness going for me- even back then. Sometime, in my previous Chief life, one of our nation's owners flew the Dalai Llama to Moonbat Valley. After attempting to ply the Dalai Llama with various types of booze at elite cocktail parties, the elite of Moonbat Valley allowed him to speak to us little people. The Sheriff of Moonbat Valley took extraordinary security measures because ya know, the Dalai Llama   with his message of universal love and consciousness- makes him a highly sought after target of many with nothing but assassination on their minds. You ever look back on your life and say, "Did I dream that?" and then on further reflection, say "no, that foolishness actually happened." Now that I think about it, I am surprised that they didn't have a wine auction.

Screw Michael Bloomberg*With Kinder, Softer Edit

* Ok, I got an email. Maybe dropping the F bomb on Bloomberg was harsh. For the record, I don't like: 1. Liberals 2. Elite snobs 3. Ego maniacs 4. Usurpers 5. Ivy league bankers living with former NY Banking Superintendents.  6. Anybody telling me what is good for me or chipping away at my right to own guns or drink soda. That just about covers you doesn't it, Mike? What is the difference between nutjobs without money and nutjobs with money? Answer- money. There are days when I should just not get on the computer or watch the news at all. Today was one of them. I am so sick and tired of hearing the names of these rich bastards, OUR OWNERS, telling us how to live our shitty little lives, I could scream. Take a look at Bloomberg's picture. The guy even looks like a prick. (15 second ad) Imagine the arrogance of a man, who would take the greatest document ever conc

The Good Steward- The Monday Collage

Yesterday, I wrote a little piece on our (my) perceived misplaced nationalism. The "USA" "USA" chanting and all that other nonsense that happens when a tragedy concludes. Like the killing of Bin Laden last May or the capture of some 19 year old Chechen bomber. Sometimes when I write something, I reflect back on it and I wind up hating it. Not because of the content so much (like yesterday's piece) it's because I hate preachy bastards. I have always hated preachy bastards. I too have been a preachy bastard- so I know the meme well. Preachers by my definition... ...are the people that express their opinion on how the world should operate- like it's some matter of fact that they themselves have decided long ago. There is no better place to view this serial ridiculousness than on a comment thread at Huffington Post. Preachy bastards really do think they are smarter and wiser than everyone else. They are sleepwalkers. So I think there is a huge differen