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Selling Foodstamps For Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling

Grabbed this piece on food stamps from Doug Ross. Love his site. I have seen estimates anywhere from 40 million to 44 million people using food stamps. That's the kind of great economy we have. About 13 or 14% of all people in this country are receiving food stamps. A large number of these people are out of work. Many are addicts. I know several of them, at least 50. Normal people do not understand addicts and alcoholics. They will feed their addiction before they will feed themselves. Addicts will find a way to score whatever they are addicted to. Eating is a secondary concern. They can score food for free. They don't need to use valuable food stamps. That's just how it is. So every week, I have folks on food stamps offering to buy my groceries and sell them back to me for cash at 1/2 price. They need the cash for c

The Economic Truth Is Starting To Leak Out

I love reading ZeroHedge. It is the only site that tells the real or opposing truth about our economy. It's not that everything they say is true, but it's a hell of a lot more accurate and detailed than that garbage that corporate America spews out. So today, on the heels of some really terrible numbers over the last two weeks, like car sales and durable goods...GDP was revised down to 1.8% for the first quarter and unemployment claims once again shot beyond 400k. Zero Hedge told it like it was. Corporate America, ala CNN, minimizes all bad news. This fluff is passed on as "journalism." The CNN headline today reads "Economy Faces Headwinds." Good gawd. If the dollar drops to zero, they'll say the new fantastic exchange rate will lead to huge exports. The media is absolutely scandalous- they don't just put lipstick on pigs- they do extreme makeovers on swine.

Inescapable Truths, This Has Become a Government "For the Government, By The Government" All Others Need Not Apply

Tonight I was reading about one more lying government employee- this one Elena Kagan. A Supreme Court Judge. This makes me sick. If Supreme Court Judges are going to misrepresent the truth and lie- just who are we expecting to tell the truth? You see, these ego maniacs are so blinded by ambition and power that lying becomes an acceptable practice. Just part of their daily routine. Here's the link. This is the kind of nation we have become. These are our "leaders." Do you know that there is solid legal precedent that makes it very clear that public employees have no right to lie? That in fact they can be terminated for lying? I have seen it. I have also seen cops lie and get terminated. I have personally fired a couple of them myself. What about Supreme Court Judges? Last week, I had a couple of old friends at my new house here in Boise. One of

More Hilarious Shit From Carlin

If you want to laugh your ass off, Plan B Economics posted this Carlin video which is pretty good. Carlin pokes fun at airport security in the first part. This echoes my sentiments exactly- I learned to hate those TSA pricks shortly after they used 911 to create one of the biggest money wasting bureaucracies of all time. They have the collective intelligence of plagioclase feldspar. Try dealing with the "brass" of TSA sometime. Everything they do will suddenly begin to make sense to you.

With Gobs of Wasted Hotel and Casino Space, New Developer Wants to Add More

With dreams of riches swirling in their heads, some developers are focused on plundering the middle class some more. Getting their cut of the American dream. Greed gone wild. Someone should tell this dude that building a new Las Vegas casino in the middle of a depression is kind of a risky proposition. Apparently he thinks Americans have gobs of disposable income. He is doing us a favor after all- he's going to provide us with a few "jobs." Currently, I think even the casual observer might think that Vegas is finally over built.  However, I have watched every other silly casino concept get built in Vegas- I will not be surprised to see this one go up either. Except for the noise, banks and casinos have a lot in common.;_ylt=Ag1vz1cZLzh7ac5vXeYRBBYfTcF_;_ylu=X3oDMTNwc3YxbmZsBGFzc2V0A2FwX3RyYXZlbC8yMDExMDUyMy91c190cmF2ZWxfYnJpZWZfdmVnYXNfc3RyaXBfd2hlZWwEY2NvZGUDdG9wZ21wZQRjcG9zAzkEcG9z

Next Rapture Date Revised, Predicting the End of Time Proves Difficult

Where do they get these morons? I am not surprised that Mr. Camping lives in Oakland, Ca. That places him in close proximity to Berkeley, another safe haven for nutters. Reverend Camping has now revised his new rapture date for Oct. 21. I suppose his ego would not allow for an apology and a confession that he is a charlatan. So he is going to go with the new date. After Oct. 21 comes and goes, wondering what excuse he will use for an encore. Good grief.

The United States Government, Modern Anarchists

For most of my life, I was a lawman. Pretty much law abiding- except for speed limits. In the United States, at least while I was a young man, we had a presumptive belief that the United States had a rule of law and/or if the USG chose not to obey or abide by the law- then they damn sure did a good job of covering it up. That shit is no longer true. That is why I very often call our government a thugocracy. Because it is. Nothing exemplifies that more than thousands of criminal bankers committing fraud and being given a get out of jail free card. This president of ours is a thug with an agenda. He had no intention of prosecuting the same thieves that got him elected. And Eric Holder? Who the fuck is that? They act this way because they can. They have the juice. For now. Let me be perfectly clear. In the years to come, when what used to be perfectly law abiding citizens go bat shit crazy, the USG will have nobody to blame but themselves. They do not set any kind of honorable exa

Join Me in Swearing Off TV For a Year

I have a beautiful 40" inch Samsung TV. It is two years old. Two years ago, I ordered Direct Satellite TV. It was about 50 bucks a month for about a year and then they jacked the cost up to 70 bucks a month. I like to watch TV. It is a mindless distraction. Mostly I use television to watch sports and the "stock channel." Maybe "River Monsters" once in awhile.  So as the cable and satellite tv providers do every thing in their power to gouge us to the tune of about 1000 dollars a year, I wondered. Could I go without mindless television programming for a year? Do I really need this? What would I miss? I don't think my girlfriend is really hip on this idea but she has her own television at her place. I also have about 25 books gathering dust- I think reading them would be a far more useful endeavor than listening to Marc whatshisname on CNBC kiss President Obama's ass a few dozen more times. Moonbats. For this I have to pay money. So it's not s

Stuck on the Rock

Well, after saying all of my "good byes" yesterday, exactly nothing happened. No rapture for me. Stuck on this rock with all of the moonbats. Great. Just great. Now I am going to have to wait for the next rapture. Does anyone know when the next one is scheduled?