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Trust Moolaram, All Others Pay in Gold

From William Banzai 7...behold the real default ruler of the US....Moolaram! . All Hail to the great Moolaram He`s leading the world`s biggest scam This demon of money Makes things appear sunny By printing when we`re in a jam The Limerick King

Finally the FB IPO Happens, Zombie Gold and Silver Bottom Out, Oil and Stocks Continue Slide, the Kenyan Gets the Boot

I can't think of a better Friday. Finally, the over hyped, over priced, and over subscribed Facebook initial public offering goes off. It was priced at 38, ran up to 45, and then everybody looking for the quick buck- flipped it. Trading at 38- right now. I'd laugh if it settled the day lower. If I did anything with this stock- I'd short it. Buy puts. I can't stand Facebook or Zuckerberg. I'm just glad it's over with, I got tired of reading about it everyday for a month. Yesterday, the dead cat bounce in precious metals happened. This is that point in every market when the sellers have sold,  buyers begin buying, the shorts had to cover, and the gold market rallied nearly 40 bucks. Silver rallied as well- but less than a buck. Precious metals are up again today. I bought everything I wanted to. Still keeping my fingers crossed that the selling is over with. There is a serious base in silver in the 26-27 range. I have seen that level tested many times and it

More About Obama's Kenyan Birth* With His Approval

A reader sent this to me. Apparently approved by and published with Obama's knowledge. Dishonesty, or telling lies, has apparently become ok. I knew everything I needed to know about this man when his very first executive order, within 24 hrs. of being sworn in, was to seal his personal records. Really...what else do you need to know? Just after posting this, I saw that Wirecutter had posted this as well. He added... Saw this over at Kerodin's tonight when I got in from work. Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama's then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." The booklet, which was distributed to "business colleagues" in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel. It also promotes Obama's anticipated first book, Journey

Elite Mormon Banker or Deceptive Muslim?

Wow. No wonder people hate politics. I don't mind if a guy wants to believe in polygamy and golden plates. I am after all, libertarian. Romney's religion. The reason I am ok with Mormons is that at the very least, they don't go around hating on everybody and trying to kill non- believers. I can't say that about Muslims or Islam. I have read that other great work of fiction, the Quran, as well. That is a book of exclusion, of hate, and everything I don't want God to be. Islam is a philosophy more than a religion. That becomes problematic. I nabbed the following link (below) from Kenny's site and listened to it. I've always believed Obama was a Muslim. The Christian thing was just bullshit- a deceptive smokescreen, an act to make voters think Obama is one of us. He isn't, he never was. You decide.

The Origin of *Moran

On a reeder tip, I found this. I am still jiggling about it.

When You Have No Record Of Success To Stand On, This Becomes Plan B


What Color is Your Trailer House?

Generation Y Retirement Community

Statists, Nutjobs, Moonbat Valley and One Blogger With Borderline Personality Disorder

Often I talk about my severe hatred for liberals. This came about as I endured the liberal concentration camp of Moonbat Valley for 25 years. Not that I love the GOP. I have found over the years, that I have enough hatred for both sides. I see that as a useful thing. It keeps me sane. At any rate, the primaries were held yesterday in Idaho and the moonbats were out in full force. Liberals are big believers in free speech just so long as it agrees with them. If your free speech is offensive to moonbats- they will try anything to censor you. Including a call to nanny government. To prove this point, I found an article on Huffpo wherein a liberal author took offense to the term "tranny." The author had a son with gender issues and she just found that term too offensive to deal with. So I did what any good, caring, and sensitive libertarian commenter would do. I told her to quit her whining, quit telling everybody what speech to use, and go buy her son some eggplant. Since I

Of Course Markets Are Manipulated, Only a *Moran Would Think Otherwise

The other night I saw a commenter call another commenter a "moran" on Yahoo. I thought this was funny because it couldn't be a typo-the "a" on my keyboard is a long way from the "o." Of course it makes you wonder who the real moran is. Sometimes it's you. There is a moran moral to this story. For many years, I had at least one open margin account with which I bought and sold equities or more to my liking- options. You can make a lot more money in options using far less principal. That appeals to the gambler in me. Making gobs of money with very little capital at risk. That is leverage and it seduces everyone that understands it. Controlling hundreds of shares of any given stock while paying a very small premium to do so comes with caveats. Options are time sensitive. If they do not hit your strike price during a short time frame, you lose your investment. I was an all or nothing player. I hated to resell an option when it was clear to me that

Catch a Falling Knife*Updated

The precious metals complex looks like it has found an intermediate bottom here. I can't say with absolute certainty that the metals will not leg down another 10% or so from here....and stay there for a year or so, but... I have always been a momentum investor. Buying metals as they fall is so counter to my intuitive senses. Yet I cannot escape the fact that there is no solution to the worldwide debt problem. Nothing has fundamentally changed. There is just this patient lull as the FED and it's conspirators sit quietly, contemplating their only move. Print more money. Issue more debt. Ignite inflation to prevent deflation. The precious metals that I will buy today and in the next month (I always average in) will leave me at acceptable and permanent levels. This store of wealth represents nearly 1/2 of my liquid net worth. I am not afraid to wade in here and buy through another 10% dip. At some point, you have to be satisfied with your holdings. I am getting pretty close.

We Cannot Stop the American People From Behaving Like Americans

-Frankenstein Government "We are a country addicted to convenience. When you think about it, everything that is convenient to eat is unhealthy." Think buffets. Think packaged carbs. Think fat ass America. When I was a kid, it was actually rare to see obese people. Really. Yesterday, I had one of those thought provoking conversations with a trainer at the Y. We were talking about the fat epidemic and the decline of America in general. It all started with fat. Let me ask you a simple question. Are you proud of what America stands for? And just what is that- by the way? Is it perspective, opinion? If I say we have turned into a nation of self absorbed and superficial narcissists- is that generally accurate? Have we lost our sense of community? Are we a nation of self centered ego maniacs trying to prove we are better than others to the point of exploitation? Are we angry and impatient? Do we look for the quick fix? Are we spiritually sick? Are we a nation of addicts?

Precious Metals Holders Stand Firm; Bernanke Will Not Let You Down

On March 1 of this year, I wrote a blog about oil being ridiculously priced given the supply, lack of demand, and non existent or shrinking world economy. Oil is down another 2 bucks today. None of that has changed. I still see oil at 80 bucks a barrel. Every commodity this year- has gotten it's ass kicked. What is amazing to me is that I forget the pure market forces of deflation because of all of the FED intervention that has gone on over the last four years. No matter how hard Bernanke tries, deflation just keeps coming back. The only solution to deflation is inflation. The FED hates deflation. Debt holders get their asses kicked and sooner rather than later, bond holders will begin to feel the pain. My next prediction and the point of this piece... is to remind you to get ready for another FED intervention. The only solution left for the FED is money printing. They know it, a few of us know it, but the vast flocks of sheep do not know it. I am going to post the following

When Are We Going To Wake Up?


More Bad Law: NJ Town Bans Texting, Walking

What I'd like to do first- is to link this story. Most people will read this article and think one of three things. The first reaction will be "good." People need to pay attention while they are walking. The second reaction will be those folks who would never try walking and texting. They view walking and texting as some reckless activity that they would never engage in- therefore they are apathetic or indifferent about it. The cop and government haters will see the law as a conspiracy and revenue source- some secret means to steal money from people. I see it as all of those things and none of those things. So what I thought I would do is describe the process wherein these crappy ideas gain traction and become law. I have witnessed this stuff first hand for many years. I will say this. People are terrified to publicly speak out against something when an