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How To Build Your Own Lynch Mob- The Sunday Collage

Thanks to all of you who said nice things to me about the Wounded Knee blog. That by the way, was a once a year deal. I am just not that consistently bright. If you are hoping to find something as equally good today- you are shit out of luck. Ok, so my mom reads this. Other than my sister and younger brother, there aren't many children that my mother is proud of. Mom has three kids. So I had to clean up the original title of this piece- fragments of which can be found in the next few sentences. Back in my policing days, I had a fellow law enforcer who had a poster of a gorgeous blond hanging in his locker. At the bottom of that poster the caption read, "Somewhere, some guy, is sick of her shit." The point being that despite her good looks, she was a pain in the ass. And replaceable. I think we all know somebody like that. Now I'm going to move from replaceable women to all sorts of things with the blinding speed of an old A.D.D. patient swilling coffee and wea

Corporate Welfare, Globally Speaking


Where the Cactus Grows- The Sunday Collage

So once again, another showdown on BLM range land- this time with Clive Bundy and his cattle. It's ok to detonate atomic bombs in the Nevada desert which apparently has little or no effect on the endangered desert tortoise. Instead, the chief enemy of the desert tortoise as we all might surmise from government sources- are grazing cattle. So between slaughtering wild mustangs, re-introducing wolves, and putting a stop to tortoise murdering cows- our BLM masters have been hard at work managing our range lands for us. I have four or five friends- liberal friends- who are forever posting their conservative hating rants on Facebook. I confront a couple of them from time to time. Not because it doesn't lead to nowheresville but quite simply because I get tired of reading their narrow minded vitriol. You know the type. The GOP did this, the GOP did that. We care about people- they don't. Now you'd think that level of unconsciousness would erode some over time- but ins