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Renting From the Government

Of all of the taxes I hate, the worst is property tax. This morning I heard some 65 year old something say he was making his last house payment and then he would own his house free and clear. "Really" I said. You see, the first real lienholder on all property is the government. Once I pay off my house, I get to pay the government rent. Property tax. I can't evade it. It never goes away like a mortgage. You pay your whole life. And like my 65 year old friend, the government will seize half of his house anyway via the death tax. Who gave the government the right to seize our property? Well, they did of course. Smart money, the rich and the elite, do estate planning to avoid paying taxes. Often they have enough money to buy life insurance in an off setting amount to settle the taxes on an estate. They use revocable and irrevocable trusts. They gift off maximum amounts. The use shelters and off shore accounts. The rest of us can't do that. We have just enough money

Sarah Palin- Having Your Email Disclosed to the World

I have to tell you. I hate the mainstream media. They have a leftist agenda that never stops. It's like a fucking indoctrination. Exhibit any right to entertain conservative or libertarian values and we'll show you the door. You are entitled to our leftist view of the world and no other. So the media went after Sarah Palin. Subpoenaed all of her emails while she was Governor. Thousands and thousands of them. You know what they found?? No smoking gun. No sexual hijinks. Jack shit. Nada. Sarah Palin while not pure- is pretty damn close. Can you imagine what would happen if we asked for Obama's emails? There would be a cry from left coast to left coast. The lefties would scream like the whiny ass brats that they are. I consider their FOI Act request of Sarah Palin's emails a malicious witch hunt. The media, and the fascist left, should be ashamed of themselves. I'd like to see their email

When Idiots Argue Obamacare

Most libertarians and conservatives agree on a vastly diminished government role. That is to say, I want just enough government to take care of my health and safety needs. National defense. The Food and Drug Administration. What I don't want is a government that buys automakers, makes loans to homeowners and students, and subsidizes businesses like big oil- who are doing just fine without government assistance. Which leads me to Obamacare. Compelling citizens to buy health care or purchase any product under threat of law is illegal and unconstitutional. It is unprecedented. There is always one idiot in the room that will make these two arguments. 1. State governments force us to buy motor vehicle liability insurance, don't they? 2. Why should I or society have to pay for your poor lifestyle choices? Let me answer these two questions. 1. Driving is a privilege. Liability insurance protects us from each other. One of the roles of government is the protection and safe

Hmmm....Let's See....Should I Work On a Plan To Rescue Our Bankrupt Country or Play Golf?

President Screw Off has now played golf 71 times while in office for a total of 355 wasted hours. That's 355 hours of playing. Just golf.  That doesn't include bike riding, basketball, or vacations. Aren't you just dying to find out whether or not he has spent 355 hours working on some sort of management plan to extract the U.S. from bankruptcy and return jobs to the U.S.? The dude still can't break 90 on the golf course. Pathetic but totally predictable and congruent, in line with his other great accomplishments.   Let's pray our country has the good sense to get rid of Obama. Let him play all of the golf that he wants to- on his own time.

Obama, In Desperate Need of Re-Election, Says Let's Try More Stimulus

Is there a shortage of people who like to play golf and take vacations? How hard can it be to find someone like that? After three years in office, President Screw Off has pretty much tipped his hand. This is a man of little substance, with no plan, that spends his time like some novelty. So if something doesn't work the first, second, or third time you try it- well common sense says to Obama, "Let's try it again." More stimulus.

Japan Becomes World's Biggest Exporter...

The U.S. has become a net importer of something besides oil and flimsy goods made in China. First stop, Seattle. Tepco, and the Japanese Government should be thanked for minimizing the worst nuclear disaster in the history of man. Wow. Our government saying nothing. Americans are busy reading about some idiot sending lewd photos. Folks on the left coast should read this. (I am uncomfortably close)

States In Far More Debt Than Anyone Realizes

Ya know it's really hard to pay for 25 dollar an hour government employees by taxing 8 dollar an hour McDonalds workers. I saw a piece yesterday that said that over half of the 50k jobs created last month were McDonald's jobs. No shit. Meredith Whitney is now saying that states are in far worse shape than they are letting on...states are raiding retirement accounts and kicking the can down the road just like the Feds. State governments have generally been more responsible than the Federal Government- mostly because they can't sell treasuries and counterfeit worthless dollars. California issues IOU's. Illinois is absolute fucking toast. NJ and California are right behind them. So what is state arbitrage? That occurs when businesses and wealthy residents of any given state see their tax rates go up- they simply move to a more tax friendly state. People are fleeing

Don't Take My Word For It, Trust a Polymath

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." "I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1816. Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826); some sources describe him as "polymath and President," putting "polymath" first; [ 146 ] John F. Kennedy famously commented, addressing a group of Nobel laureates, that it was "the most extraordinary collection of talent,

"Normal" People Are Starting to Catch On, Banks and Elite Have Been Bullying Citizens, Extorting Money

I found this article at ZeroHedge. Maybe, just maybe, good people like the ones (of course) that read my blog are starting to catch on. Real anger and ignition occur when the American people realize that Congress will not lift a fucking finger to help them because they are one of the biggest components of the problem. Along with President Looks Forward and Talks a Plenty. This piece pretty much encapsulates why I started this blog and why I continue. Except that it is not as well written, of course.

Bernanke: Job Market Far From Normal

This is the kind of raw genius I've come to expect from Mr. Perfect S.A.T. Score and M.I.T. genius, Ben Bernanke. The job market is far from normal? No shit. It's hideous. What would we do without your insightful candor, Ben? Just keep shoveling our tax dollars to your banker cronies. We get it. But the best part of this piece is that Bernanke says he is optimistic about the second half of 2011. Just have patience people. Not only do they kick the debt can down the road, but they blow smoke up our asses as well. How long can Ben lie? Only as long as everyone keeps believing him. Like sands through the hourglass, so goes the years of our lives. Still think Obama cans this guy to try and save his ass. Magically, the jobs will appear. Trust me.

Is WeinerGate Worth Paying Attention To?

Short answer, no. Will New York Representative Anthony Weiner stay married? Who knows. His wife is good friends with Hillary Clinton so maybe Hillary can give her some pointers on looking the other way. Hillary, from the days of Gennifer Flowers, is a professional at promoting all is well appearances. So Anthony Weiner, age 46, panicked and made up a story about sending a picture of his penis erectus to a 21 year old gal once the photo was made public. Weiner LIED and said his twitter account was hacked. Incredible. This is the kind of bullshit that captivates our country. Much adieu about nothing. I must have read 20 articles on Ace of Spades about this incident. Why?  Because Weiner is a Democrat. If he had been a Republican- there might be a blog or two. That illustrates the problem with our alleged "two party" system. They take turns laughing at each other as though one i

Why Would An AutoMaker Call For a Dollar a Gallon Boost in Gas Taxes?

Welcome to more of our Kleptocracy and government owned corporate America (GM) taking every opportunity to fleece us. Why would an auto maker want to boost taxes on the fuel that runs it's products? Wouldn't that be bad or business? Not in this fucked up environment. More here. I think it's more sinister and I just don't trust these thieving crony capitalists. I think corporate America and government are trying to herd us in...maybe force us to buy shit like that Chevy Volt at 50k. Once they have us penned in- they gouge us with some more veiled thievery down the road. Know this simple rule. If government or corporate America want you to do's always in your best interests to do the exact opposite. I wouldn't buy a GM or Chrysler product if they

Death Or Boola Boola

I'd like to frame my position for you. Everything has a season. In fact, inasmuch as we fear death- very often the results of death pave the way for new life to spring forth. We are not required to dread death- really. It's a choice we all make. All life endures the cycle. There is the planting (spring) phase, the growth (summer) phase, the harvest (fall) phase, and the death (winter) phase. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it doesn't matter whether we like it or not. We can accept it or spend our lives in fear- resisting it. All things must submit to this cycle. The applications are wide. Relationships, businesses, all life forms, eventually our planet. The cycle becomes distressed when human life tries to interfere with it. Frail, fearful, humans. Back in 2008, I hoped that every bankrupt bank would be placed into receivership just as the law commands. The life cycle of the banking industry had found winter. It was time for death. There would be spring, ne

Frankenstein Government Threatens US Taxpayers Over a Few Thousand Dollars, Allows 12 American Corporations To Evade 50 Billion In Taxes

I saw this piece on Plan B Economics. None of these 12 corporations paid any taxes over the last three years although they made 171 billion in profits. In the meantime, Obama hired an additional 16,000 IRS agents to run around and squeeze every poor working taxpayer out of even more money. A few thousand dollars while billions more are lost. You simply can't make this shit up. How did our country and our tax laws get so bad? The system and our officials are morally bankrupt. Our lawmakers, in fact Congress, could change this tomorrow. Congress regulates the tax code. They don't move a muscle, year after year. Why? Because they want it this way- that's why. They and all of their elite cronies benefit from a tax system designed to give the wealthy loopholes and to screw the working class. How is this going to change? I'm not sure. We lost control long ago. Sometimes when things are stole

Alone at the Moonbat Barbecue

Every year I  attend this giant barbecue. There are singers, raffles, auctions, that sort of thing. One of those all day fund raisers. Yesterday was the day. This year I found myself in a very precarious position. I was surrounded by uninformed and politically uninterested people. I also had a few moonbats, all women of course, munching away and yakking.   I always do forward intelligence with the people I am forced to associate with. This includes looking at their cars. You see, very often moonbats must make political statements. Armed with just enough information to get themselves in trouble they stick bumper stickers on their cars. "Blue Woman Red State" is popular here. Obama '08. A couple other popular stickers are "Co-exist" or "Save Earth or Gaia" anything like that. I saw all of those stickers yesterday because I am a nice guy. I carry lawn chairs and coolers for these women from their cars and back aga