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Ron Paul Does Not Go Where Cowards Tread

This article makes my blood boil. See it here: Ron Paul is a Republican and truth be told, a Libertarian. I defend him rigorously- not for partisan political reasons. I defend Ron Paul because he is courageous, he has integrity, and I believe he is a great American patriot. Ron Paul is what America used to be. Ron Paul like many of us, knows the Federal Reserve System is the greatest fraud ever foisted on the American public. Many of the people I debate with have no idea of the history of the central bank. They don't know that the U.S. survived for 140 years without central bankers. People don't know that President Jackson eliminated that scam. People don't know that Lincoln refused their offers and issued the greenback which was a very popular fiat currency. People don't know that Woodrow Wilson said that signing the Federal Reserve into law was the greatest mistake that he had ever made. Kennedy didn't lik

It's Official: Schizophrenic Stock Market Completely Off Rails, Delusional, Bat Shit Crazy

It was difficult trying to find the most accurate words to describe our crony capitalist and bank owned stock market. In fact, words very often fail. I just drool. I have traded for nearly 30 years. Wild horses could not drag me into this market. I am in awe at what the Bernank has accomplished. On a day when non farm payrolls missed expectations by a WHOPPING 111,000 (which of course was underestimated but will be revised upward when nobody is looking) I expected to see the Dow crater at least a few hundred points. It was the worst miss in 2.5 years. Thirty straight weeks of mutual fund outflows. Forty three million people using food stamps. Every corporate insider selling stock. And a completely schizophrenic market that knows only one direction. Forget the predictive value of the stock market. There is no housing led recovery, there is certainly no employee led recovery, and there is certainly no export based recovery. So what is causing this 20 month rally? One man. The Berna

USA Yields Any Remaining High Ground, Now Stooping to All Time Lows

The United States Kleptocracy/Thugocracy having ignored any rule of law since at least the fall of 2008, has now embarked on a new mission. Get Julian. While the country lays smoldering in economic ruin, without one criminal charge leveled on the fraudulent acts of the nation's banking elite, Frankenstein now has Wikileaks in it's sights. Joe Lieberman, Congressman and self anointed Free Speech Czar and censor, has applied the brute force necessary to get Amazon to quit hosting Wikileaks and charting company Tableau to remove charts compiled with Wikileaks' data. ZeroHedge published this story and now I fear the free speech Czar may turn his sights homeward. Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, the horrible mastermind of truth telling and disclosure, has now become the target of ridicule and scorn. The governments of the world are bringing the whoop ass. Interpol has

The Divine Wind (A Silver Kamikaze)

I am going to go buy a 10 oz. bar of silver. Today. I don't give a shit if I pay 300 bucks and give the bar away. Truth is, maybe I will buy some stocking stuffers. Kind of like that movie "Trading Places." Fuck you Mortimer.

Will Work For Doof, May Dog Bless

Geezus that shit is funny. I have a friend, a former San Diego cop, that claims they used to have the San Diego bum olympics. He showed me a picture once of a bum pushing a shopping cart with more shit in it than you could put in an F-250 pickup truck with an eight foot bed. They gave this dude some sort of a medal. But my favorite SD bum story was that of a dyslexic vet holding a sign that said "will work for doof, may dog bless." My friend, a Marine Corps vet, has the appropriate standing to poke a little fun here. If he stumbles in well... I'd sure like that photo. At any rate, I just edited some older blogs with phrases and grammar that even I couldn't understand.  That's what happens when you have an idiot for an editor. Check your work. Never write faster than you can see. My apologies to Mrs. Easter's third grade English class.

Zombie George Carlin

Worth a look back. Carlin probably nailed it, always thought he could have sprinkled it with a little profanity. *sinister laugh

The Great American Strategic Health Insurance Default

When I retired in the fall of 2007, I managed to keep a few months worth of Cobra health coverage through my old employer. The cost of that insurance was around 450 dollars a month. Although I've had a few health issues over the years, they tend to be sporadic rather than chronic. With proper diet, exercise, and the elimination of other bad habits- I've been able to live a fairly undiminished lifestyle. With very minimal prescription costs of about ten bucks a month, and two trips to a "Doc in the Box", my costs have been small. Thus at the end of 2007,  I jettisoned Cobra coverage. My net savings of 16,200 over three years was probably closer to 20k factoring in the yearly premium increases. It used to require gross earnings of 30k to clear 20k. This is an incredible amount of money- up in smoke. I am not here to argue whether you think I may become a burden to you. Quite honestly that's not the point. We are all forced to the health care watering hole where

In the Blink of An Eye

In Hamilton, Montana near my hometown of Butte. Things go downhill quickly. Amazing video of a young cop who got very lucky, while the bad guy, not so much. A thank you to my old comrade, BS Pidgeon- retired. Link in case video doesn't load.

Kleptocracy of U.S. Declares Wikileaks Criminal, Perhaps Even Terrorist Organization, May Send Mean Spirited Memo

Who is the greatest criminal master mind in the world? Osama Bin Laden? Thousands, perhaps even millions of crooked bankers committing mortgage fraud? How about Hank Paulson or those citizen racists in the state of Arizona? Nope. It's Julian Assange. The wikileaks guy.   President Obama has directed Attorney General Eric Holder to launch a criminal probe and get that Australian rogue Julian Assange. Holder, noticeably absent from virtually anything closely resembling a crime, has been asked to launch a probe into the activities of Australian, Julian Assange. Initially Holder balked- stating he was far too busy suing Arizona and cherry picking a couple of hedge funds engaged in insider trading. Politicians, such as cracker jack negotiator Hillary Clinton, are pissed. The leaked memos have exposed and confirmed what many of us already know. Hillary is just an insensitive and nasty human being. Noticeably absent from the memos as I read them, w

Buy Rots of Stuff This Horroday Season

Loosely translated Chinese. The other day, I picked up 5 things in a Walmart store. Every item was made in China. Except some plastic hangars. I bought those. I think it's a sign that America is on the comeback trail. Someday, Walmart will become the next Woolworth's. That is the life cycle of things. Until then, I love Walmart for a couple of reasons. Four dollar prescriptions and deer whistles. I like the four dollar prescriptions because I no longer have to bribe my friends to pick up prescription drugs in Mexico and smuggle them back for me. My friends seem more approachable now. It is a fascinating thing indeed that drug makers have found a way to sell their drugs ten times cheaper in Mexico and still make a profit. Of course, in America we must protect those profit margins by tacking on that additional 1000% cost over the blood curdling screams of research and development costs. With patent protection for 20 years. Call it a Mexican subsidy. Ever see a a drug compan

Wow! Now Even Democrats Figuring Out We Have A Kleptocracy...

This video is OUTSTANDING! It encapsulates the outright fraud that just occurred. I am further encouraged because this gal is a Democrat. This culture of corruption and the conspiracy to obstruct, deflect, and hide this is now being discovered. It is not a political matter. It is a criminal matter. Please cut and paste this video or link and send it to everyone you can.

Has the U.S.A. Become a Kleptocracy?

First a definition from wikipedia. Kleptocracy , alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, from Greek : κλέπτης (thieve) and κράτος (rule), is a term applied to a government subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats ), via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service. The term means "rule by thieves ". Not an "official" form of government (such as democracy , republic , monarchy , theocracy ) the term is a pejorative for governments perceived to have a particularly severe and systemic problem with the selfish misappropriation of public funds by those in power. There are many of us that think our government now fits this definition quite succinctly. We are about to reap a coward's reward. We have a government that a

China Ain't Exactly Henry Kissinger, But They Will Have To Do

I keep getting up every day wondering what shit Kim Jong il is going to do next to provoke another war. He fires a few missiles randomly, sinks a ship or two, fires on an island. You get this feeling that he is training his apprentice son, Kim Jong un. Anyone that refers to themselves as "supreme leader" has to be a little loco in the cocoa. Word has it that he is sick and that his days are numbered. Having selected his son as heir apparent, one wonders what fatherly test Kim Jong un will have to pass in order to become worthy. Perhaps his father has designated him as "assistant supreme leader" or "supreme leader trainee" while he awaits the final exam which will then prove his worthiness. One of the tools us old coppers employ is a thing called modus operandi. That is a latin term that roughly means- criminal types like to do shit the same way over and over again. So when some mystery missile gets launched off the coast of LA at rush hour, crazy old c