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Sunday, November 28, 2010

China Ain't Exactly Henry Kissinger, But They Will Have To Do

I keep getting up every day wondering what shit Kim Jong il is going to do next to provoke another war.

He fires a few missiles randomly, sinks a ship or two, fires on an island. You get this feeling that he is training his apprentice son, Kim Jong un. Anyone that refers to themselves as "supreme leader" has to be a little loco in the cocoa. Word has it that he is sick and that his days are numbered. Having selected his son as heir apparent, one wonders what fatherly test Kim Jong un will have to pass in order to become worthy. Perhaps his father has designated him as "assistant supreme leader" or "supreme leader trainee" while he awaits the final exam which will then prove his worthiness.

One of the tools us old coppers employ is a thing called modus operandi. That is a latin term that roughly means- criminal types like to do shit the same way over and over again. So when some mystery missile gets launched off the coast of LA at rush hour, crazy old cops like me go hmmm...who has been firing missiles around lately? We think about N. Korea firing those missiles toward Japan last year. Then we say things like gosh, how can you fire missiles and go undetected? Maybe from a submarine. Then we look up a place like North Korea and find out that yes in fact, they have submarines. About 60 of them.

The next thing we see is the George Washington battle group headed for the coast of South Korea. They are conducting a "training exercise." It has been planned for months we are told and therefore has nothing to do with mystery missiles, sinking ships, or attacking South Korean islands. China is friends with North Korea and they issue the obligatory (BS) warnings to the U.S. to save face. Truth be told, China is probably even more worried about their bi-polar neighbor than we are.

Now I'm not suggesting that the N. Koreans fired that mystery missile off the LA coast. Not at all. I'm just saying that perhaps, we can't rule them out. This- despite our experts claiming that the mystery missile must have been an optical illusion or an airplane. Using terms like "contrail" and other such expert sounding lingo designed to make us think twice about trusting our lying eyes.

That North Korea has nuclear weapons is bothersome yet I am hoping that Kim Jong un is not quite as crazy as his father. Then I think, who raised him?

Here's the good news. Hillary Clinton will soon get involved and impose her mighty negotiation skills on the saga. That pending success will undoubtedly motivate China to step in and ratchet up it's efforts using a blend of bullshit backed up by brute force. China is the best negotiator we have.,0,1146438.story

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