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Friday, December 3, 2010

USA Yields Any Remaining High Ground, Now Stooping to All Time Lows

The United States Kleptocracy/Thugocracy having ignored any rule of law since at least the fall of 2008, has now embarked on a new mission. Get Julian.

While the country lays smoldering in economic ruin, without one criminal charge leveled on the fraudulent acts of the nation's banking elite, Frankenstein now has Wikileaks in it's sights. Joe Lieberman, Congressman and self anointed Free Speech Czar and censor, has applied the brute force necessary to get Amazon to quit hosting Wikileaks and charting company Tableau to remove charts compiled with Wikileaks' data. ZeroHedge published this story and now I fear the free speech Czar may turn his sights homeward.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, the horrible mastermind of truth telling and disclosure, has now become the target of ridicule and scorn. The governments of the world are bringing the whoop ass. Interpol has issued the "sex crimes" warrant for Mr. Assange. What is the basis for the charge?

Assange had sex with two different women and apparently did not wear a condom. The Swedes- lacking anything resembling a rape case, dropped it, and are now going to claim that because Julian didn't wear a condom, the sex was not consensual. The case was suddenly re-opened.

They might as well string a razor wire fence around the perimeter of Sweden and call it a prison if having sex without a condom is illegal. Or the USA. Or anywhere for that matter. The women involved were innocent little school girls held in some Vulcan mind meld that they could not extract themselves from and unable to resist the call of nature- they had sex with Julian. They tweeted about the experience, one even grabbed some breakfast the next morning and brought it back.

I want to get angry at Sweden for caving in to this political pressure. But I can't. Because that is how our Frankenstein government works. Can you imagine all of those nasty and pissed off politicians like Hillary bringin' the pain? Woman just scares the shit out of me. Makes you wonder just what pressure they applied to Sweden doesn't it? Maybe Hillary threatened to move there.

I'd like you to read this link. Near the bottom, you'll see some of the things our government did and then concealed. As you read those things, ask yourself what is worse... killing 15,000 people and/or failing to disclose that, kidnapping innocent people, torturing people and shooting journalists? Or is it having sex without a condom?

Here is the problem. Assange has humiliated and embarrassed the criminals that call themselves our government. Eric Holder can't find one fraudulent banker to prosecute and thus it seems unlikely that he would be able to find anything prosecutable with respect to Assange before the statute of limitations ran out. In the meantime, the world would continue digesting the Wikileaks' info. You can bet our thugocracy and it's aides were busy reading and digesting that info as well. Czar Liebermann came in to lean on a couple of companies, chop-chop. To get them to cooperate, maybe have us a little IRS audit or two, know what I mean?

Wikileaks exists because it has to. People, insiders with some moral and ethical fiber, cannot take information of criminal conduct to any of our existing media outlets. The media hierarchy would crush and suppress that kind of information. Today, most if not all, mainstream media outlets live in fear. They are owned by the elite who own our politicians. Piss off this thugocracy and those media outlets would squirm. Maybe Liebermann shows up with men in suits. Guys with pencils.

Perhaps we are finally getting some of that transparency Obama promised- let's take a look at the government plan thus far.

Let's forget about all of those nasty things we have done. We will pretend they don't exist. We don't have to take responsibility for our actions- those are fruits of the poisonous tree. Instead we need a national distraction. Let's play smear Julian. We will focus on him. We can say he is a threat to our national security and a rapist. We will discredit him. All of that attention will focus on Julian the boogeyman and not on us. Then all of our citizens can wave flags and get behind our efforts. Because we had to do those things. We were justified and the acts were necessary. It will be seen as patriotic, in fact, people will feel isolated if they don't get on board this new wave of nationalism sans a felony here or there.

All of this for a guy who doesn't wear condoms. Not our finest moment.

One last one for the road. Ouch. That's got to sting a little bit.

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Anonymous said...

We seem to have a bit of a problem identify who our real enemies are both inside and outside of our boarders. But our government has a real talent for slight-of-hand and misdirection. Transparency? That's a joke. And what about our wonderful "ethics committees"; I'm sure glad they are there to look after the integrity of our political elite . Sigh!!!