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Pissing In The Ocean Part V- Serial Killers and Politicians Share Traits

Wow. Those crazy Republicans have shaved a whopping 62 billion out of this years budget in the House. Democrats have vowed death to the measure in the Senate. The war is on! To give you an idea of how ridiculous this is- picture the latest 1.65 trillion budget shortfall projected for this year. That is 1,650 billion. Now do the division. The projected cuts amount to about 3.75% of that. There will be dancing in the streets! Our ship has come in! Easy street. This is what happens when psychopathic administrations and their counterparts start believing their own lies about the health of the economy. That's when I love to drag out this bookmark. You'll love it.

The Voices in My Head Have a Happy Tone

The story I'm about to tell you is true. It is one of those rare examples of human stupidity that just begged to be exploited. This is what happens when the big guys, the casino, screw up and the little guys stick a fork in them. Several years ago, a friend of mine who is a true gambling professional- told me a story that I couldn't hardly believe. Each year, during the National Football League playoffs, casinos offer "futures" bets on each team in the playoffs. Those future bets have various payoffs depending on the "perceived" strength of the team as it enters the playoff and the teams opponents. Weak teams may get assigned odds of 9-1 or better, say Seattle this year. Strong teams, like Pittsburgh may get assigned low odds of 3-1. There are two ways to play those bets. You may make a bet for the team of your choice to win either the AFC or NFC title game or you may make a bet on your team to win the Super Bowl. As the games are played and teams are el

The End Game- The Lesson of Box Canyon

Pilots. I come from a family that enjoys flying. I'd like to explain our economy and our nation via a tragedy and thus a metaphor, an incident that happened many years ago. In the mountains where I live, underpowered or low performance aircraft are shunned. Flying in and around mountains at oxygen depleted levels is hazardous. Altitude, freezing temperatures, and mountainous terrain can facilitate and conspire if an unwary pilot gets careless. Several years ago, a friend of mine and his best friend decided to scout for elk the expeditious way, by airplane. He had an underpowered, two seat airplane. It was a cold drizzly day in early October. The plane was only rated a carrying capacity of about 450 pounds. My friend with his friend weighed a little more than that. They carried additional cargo that probably brought the weight beyond maximum limits by at least 150 pounds. They had a full tank of fuel. On that particular day- these two men took off from an airport on level terrai

More Government Screw Ups, IRS Over Pays Wisconsin's Ambac 700 Million, Now Suing To Get it Back

I know, it's chump change. In addition to giving millions away to prison inmates, and sending tax refunds to dead people, and suing people over Medicare fraud, now the government is suing for 700 million they over paid Ambac- a BOND INSURER in Wisconsin. Sue Arizona. Sue Ambac and by default now- Wisconsin bond holders because they can't manage money. We may need a new "sue all the states Czar." Maybe a whole new branch of government to police all of their own screw ups.  How can any individual, even a hard core nanny leftist, think that this government could manage a national health plan? These bastards can't find their own ass with two hands in a well lit room.

The Silver rally is ON! Stand for Delivery!

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is hiking margin rates in a vain attempt to help the USG's favorite hedge fund, JP Morgan. It is having little or no effect on silver demand. Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan and FED chief- heir apparent took down a cool 17 million in salary last year. I would love nothing other than to see a JPM implosion as silver shorts get slaughtered. You can bet your ass all kinds of little phone calls are taking place around the Morgue today. I would love nothing more than to see at least 10k contracts stand for delivery at the end of this month. That's probably just a fantasy. There are 58,000 contracts outstanding and we will get the numbers tonite. Silver up a buck at 32.79. I am putting on my tin foil hat and channeling positive energy.

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

If you have a few extra minutes, you should try and read this. I read it a few days ago, it is a 30 minute read. I think it will give you the size, scope, and widespread corruption that is Wall St. In addition, you can see just how useless government enforcement truly is. Completely co-opted and corrupt. By Rolling Stone, at the link: I had to snip one little piece. Remember Obama saying, "We aren't going to look back, we are going to move forward" right after he took office? Maybe this had something to do with that. As for President Obama, what is there to be said? Goldman Sachs was his number-one private campaign contributor. He put a Citigroup executive in charge of his economic transition team, and he just named an executive of JP Morgan Chase, the proud owner of $7.7 million in Chase stock, his new chief of staff. "The betrayal that this represents by Obama to everybody is j

More Government Efficiency- Medicare Fraud

Hey let's create a program, administer it poorly, invite fraud, corruption, and greed- and then spend even more money investigating and charging people. What a spectacular news day. It's like an implosion, it just doesn't stop.

Wisconsin Public Unions and Employees Want Their Largesse

As a young man, public unions were illegal. There was a reason for that. When people are used to getting handouts, it's tough taking them away. Austerity, coming to a theater near you. Obama is siding with the unions, therefore predictably and logically, I must side against the rock of leadership. Video of Mad Town. Been there many times. Be sure and read the comments under the video, that's the mentality. Precious.

My Optimism Is Finally Starting to Pay Off

Never under estimate the United States Government or their private hedge fund, JP Morgan. This chart and the following comments say it all. Thank gawd for ZeroHedge, my online psychiatrist. Even though I have had to climb a wall of worry as I busily set about the business of buying physical gold and silver, I remain resolute. So resolute in fact, that I am going to continue to buy silver until such day that Blythe Masters, the great commodity manipulator and architect of our collapse, is forced to get a job with a small mining outfit driving ore trucks. The government and their ability to fuck up anything that they touch, is the cornerstone of my optimistic attitude. Keep printing Ben, I have nothing but the utmost confidence in that M.I.T. degree of yours. For some odd reason- this classic clip comes to mind.

Remember This Young Lefties, Righties Too


We Have a Winner!!! YEE HAW!!!

I have been looking for the crappiest writing of the week and I found it in a headline! Folks, it does not get any better than that. Think military intelligence, jumbo shrimp, and government work when you read this. From Yahoo! With love: Unemployment rises despite recovery

Inmates Receive 39 Million From Frankenstein Government, Just Wait Until They Are Running Healthcare

The devil is always in the details. From Detroit. Government efficiency, confidence inspiring. In addition to subsidizing prison inmate food, shelter, and health care costs- we give them some spending money for dope.

The Irish Catch On, Let's Try That Ponzi Shit That America is Doing

The poor Irish. When you are broke, you have zero money. What happens when you are worse off than that? When you owe hundreds of billions? Enter the ponzi. Make your own money, American style.

He Who Panics First, Panics Best

With only 6 days to go in February trading, silver futures for delivery are at extremely high levels. Usually these contracts are settled in cash and rolled into subsequent months, but this time there appears to be a little panic. If you have been shorting and manipulating silver, like the banks habitually do, you got a problem. If option contract holders stand for delivery- you are going to have to come up with the actual physical metal. Now in a normal functioning market, this would not be a problem. But in this market, there are far more option contracts trading than there is underlying actual-physical silver. That's a problem. You've been making a bet that your ass can't cash. The fundamentals for silver are very strong. In fact, silver is the most efficient conduit for energy. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications but most notably, solar panels. That and inflation is literally eating peoples' lunch. The Chinese and India are getting their asse

How To Intrepret Bureau of Labor Stats For Dummies Like Me

The producer price index for goods rose 0.8 and is on track to go up 5% annually. This number is a little harder to manipulate than tomorrows "Consumer Price Index." So, today I clicked on the Bureau's website. I read this government legalese and I clipped it. Rather than you getting an aneurysm trying to read it, allow me to interpret it for you. We are from the government. We are going to try to rig a new method of calculating CPI so that we can manipulate the numbers because we all know that telling the unvarnished truth pisses you little saps off- and that in turn angers our political bosses and the FED. We should all just try to get along. For the stubborn. Announcement New BLS Report series: Focus on Prices and Spending PPI Introduces Experimental Aggregation System On February 14, 2011, the Producer Price Index (PPI) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is introducing an Experimental Aggregation system. This Experimental Aggregation system takes adv

Issa Hints at Justice, Expect All Hell to Break Loose, Run on Whitewash Coming

For three or four years, I have been screaming about that crooked bastard Angelo Mozilo- and his private slush fund at Countrywide. That Mozilo used that slush fund, "The Friends of Angelo" to grease the mortgage desires of Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad (N.D.) is well known. The details of how many loans to crooked politicians nor the terms have ever been disclosed. Check this out: Expect every crooked and co-opted politician to go ape shit. Call lawyers, counter allegations. Mark your calendars Mar. 7. We'll see what happens between now and then. If you stand up, and turn your head toward Bank of America, you can almost hear those shredders howling.

History Will Condemn Us! No Shit, Sherlock

Kent Conrad says history will condemn us if we don't deal with the debt. When I see Conrad, I think of that sweet little mortgage he got from Countrywide crook, Angelo Mozilo. I suppose even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

Fun Filled Fact Finding- Obama's Dysfunctional Childhood Raises More Questions Than Answers

Last night while researching Obama yet again, I snipped a photo of Obama allegedly taken in 1971 shortly after his arrival back in the United States. I kept staring at that photo thinking this is the biggest freshly minted 10 year old I have ever seen. I mean the dude is one month older than 9! Maybe it's the camera angle, or maybe his mom was a shrimp, I just couldn't stop staring at it. I am taller than Obama, but I wasn't that tall at 9 or 10. Then I read under Indonesian law, you can attend school only as a citizen and you could only become an adopted citizen if you were under the age of 5. I guess that includes 5. I am not sure the math pencils out. Obama would have been 5 up until Aug of 67.  I think the whole Lolo Soetoro adoption to get Obama into school in Indonesia is fascinating. Because I don't think Obama was 5 or under when that happened. More on that in a bit. Here's where it gets interesting. I input his mother's birthday, 11/29/42. I subtr

Barry Soetoro, This Is How It Was For Us

President Obama, you missed everything but this song and the end of the war. This was the fabric that defined our culture. We had a war going on but you missed most of that in Indonesia. This was how it was for us, we were insiders, and our fear and loss bound us together. Some of our friends and family died but that probably didn't effect you. Our country was a little fucked up, but we still believed in it. Natural born or not, on the ground from Jakarta (prob 1972, see photo) just in time to hear this tune but not really feel this tune, I'll always just see you as an outsider. Sorry. Obama in Hawaii with Maya and Ann and maternal grand-father, shortly after leaving Indonesia. In this photo- purportedly shot in Sept. 1971, Obama had just turned 10. Half sister Maya was born in Aug. of 1970. She would be 13 months old in this photo. Are you buying that shit? Nada. This photo is at least circa '72 if not early '73. Obama looks at least 11 here. (Please see Obama Fun

FBI Say Chances of WMD Attack 100%

Wow. How thought provoking. Is this supposed to scare us into sparing the 4% budget hike- and subsequent cut- that the FBI had asked for? Frankenstein Government issues the following opinion. The chances of your death are 100%. All we are really talking about here is method of delivery and timing. Semantics.

Take the Frankenstein Government Gold Challenge!

I enjoy putting my money where my mouth is. I will wager one "large" with anyone on the following proposition. Here's your side. I will give you a fantasy 30,000 dollars to invest in any available savings account in the U.S. today. You provide the name of the banking institution and I verify the savings account A.P.R. I will buy one ounce of gold today at the closing price PLUS the 50 dollar price over spot for a total of 1424.00 invested.  Four months from today, Jun 15, we will see who makes the most money. My 1400 dollar investment or your mythical 30k. I will even do this. I will not sell the oz. of gold on any date prior to Jun 15 even if the price reaches a level where you cannot possibly catch up. Any takers?

Stop, Thief!

I swiped this job from ZeroHedge. Artwork by William Banzai7. Pretty much sums up political and economic thinking. Excellent.

Obama Asks, "Is That Who We Are?"

Each and every time I hear Obama talk about budget cuts- he talks about "tough choices." He loves to use the rhetorical phrase, "Is that who we are?" when he talks about these things. He said that again in today's speech. Let me explain "Who we are." We are debt slaves at this point. It doesn't matter anymore- this question of, "Who we are or what we believe in." It is irrelevant. You see, we can believe passionately in any number of things, health care for the elderly and poor, social programs, wars, left or right belief systems. All of that shit gets tossed out when you can't pay for it. It's that simple and anything else is wishful thinking. That is the harsh reality. Obama still hasn't figured out that the rats left the ship before he climbed aboard. Just once, I'd like to respond to Obama's rhetorical question, "It doesn't fucking matter who we are." Capiche?

The American Dream-You Have To Be Asleep To Believe It

A few years ago, I embarked on a discussion with a guy who denied the existence of class warfare. There is no such thing, he said. He said that was just some make believe excuse for losers like me who couldn't penetrate the glass ceiling. I am not sure what's worse. Being called a racist or a loser- but I lean heavily toward the latter. We've all seen the charts and tables. The top 10% pay 90% of the taxes or some shit like that. Big deal. You see the reality of that is simple. The rest of us don't have any fucking money to pay anything. Of all the reasons I hate the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama era is that all of these pricks were elite. And they made damn sure they took care of their elite friends. You think that immigration thing was a fluke, don't you? Ignoring immigration was just importing cheap labor. That was done on purpose. Immigration budgets were slashed, long before we had a budget crisis. Ya' can't enforce immigration laws without personnel. S

Unstoppable, Economic Train Wreck Headed for the Station

The budget cuts are laughable. In fact, we are in seriously deep shit. I have been writing on here for three years. THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM, AS IT EXISTS, IS AN EPIC FAILURE. What will it take? My guess is complete and utter economic destruction. And you know what? There will be the idiots on the left, and the idiots on the right, still arguing over who's fault it is or was. I saw all three of the events last week that are described in the following AT article. I was in absolute awe that the MSM did not even take notice or in effect, performed surgery- only removing the good parts for human consumption. Only ZeroHedge reported it accurately. Please read this piece at American Thinker. If you have time, please click on the link in the previous blog. The western rifle shooter featured the same article with like minded commentary.

Columbia Economist Recognizes Frankenstein Government

Sachs tells the truth. States both parties are enriching the elite, hosing the poor. No kidding. About 8 mins. at the link. Embedding disabled.

Obama "Furious" at Hillary?

Seems the only time I see real passion from Obama is when somebody is pissing him off. Linkeration.

More Pissing in the Ocean Part IV

I am getting a fucking headache looking at all of these ridiculous budget cuts. Here is Obama's big "plan." You'd think he was hacking off a leg or something to read the CNN spin. A trillion in 10 years? Big whoop. That covers about 1/2 of the interest on our existing debt now if we didn't add to it and interest rates remain where they are. If you think that is gonna happen, I got some ocean front property in North Dakota to sell ya. In local government, I used to see these stupid cost reductions projected out 10 years. Let me tell you how that works. Subsequent administrations and governing bodies do not have to adhere to them nor are they bound by them. Politicians just bloat the budget somewhere else.

Arrgghh...More Vitriol From the Left, Right, and Nationalistas

Do you remember how many times Reagan ran for President and lost? I do. What that means is that a majority of Americans were wrong about the guy up until that point when they finally elected him. He was a decent man and far from perfect. Finally, we saw fit to elect him in his 70's. I think most people would agree that he was a pretty good man and a decent leader. I have a friend who was detailed to Reagan's personal security in California. He maintained that Reagan might have even been a better guy... than most people give him credit for. Shit, I am going to have to stand my ground against the anti-Paul herd. Not that I am looking for a fight, some vitriolic comments, or a little isolation...but because I think he is a good guy, a straight shooter, and worthy of a little decency. I wonder... had the internet been around in Reagan's time, what kind of garbage I would have read about him. Ponderous.  I've made my Paul case many times. I don't apologize nor do

In Defense of Ron Paul

It is no mystery that I am an avid Ron Paul supporter. So as I read the latest "rush to judgment" complete with all of the labeling and derogatory talk- rather than argue along skirmish lines in various comment boxes- I thought I'd make my presence felt here. So what happened? Let's start with the "Young Americans for Freedom" and their site. The YAF has decided to "purge" Ron Paul from their advisory board. Some more vitriol here: At issue here, is that apparently Ron Paul does not see a need to bomb everyone back to the stone age. This is a complex issue that involves more than nationalistic philosophy. It involves life, death, gobs of money, and interestingly enough, core values and party tenets. There are a whole host of mitigating circumstances that are involved in anyone


That's what happens when you mix one of the greatest bands of all time with bagpipes.

Don't Forget Valentine's Day and Ladies...Don't Forget Steak and BJ Day

Many years ago, Hallmark managed to turn a simple day into another guilt ridden holiday for men. This is the day where we are supposed to pay double for chocolate, triple for roses, pay 400% markup for jewelry, or suffer the consequences. In fact, it is so serious, that forgetting or blowing this holiday off often results in verbal abuse, emotional carnage, and celibacy. It is our duty as men to go buy some worthless shit. That's how we demonstrate our love for the women in our lives. Interestingly enough, Steak and BJ day is right around the corner. Unlike VD, Steak and BJ Day has not gotten much traction. The last two years, March 14, have come and gone and I have yet to receive a Steak and a BJ. I have not complained about it. But this year, it's gonna be different. If March 14 goes by again this year, sans a ribeye or a hummer...there is going to be hell to pay. I shit you not. It's about time you butchers grab the bull by the horns and exploit this. You are pathe

Any Idiot Can Screw Things Up, It Takes Real Genius to Wreak Complete Destruction

I am preparing for an interesting week. Economic reports for the week are pretty thin on Monday and Friday. It is the Tues.-Thurs. time frame where things might get interesting. Silver is trading at 30 and a real storm is brewing there. The government manipulated PPI and CPI inflation figs get released mid week. As I live in this alternate universe, I would not be surprised to see some ghastly number and subsequently see CNBC's Steve Liesman wax poetic on how inflation means our economy is healthy. Of course the markets will go straight up no matter what happens because the FED has effectively disabled it to the extent that any short sellers are now at home knitting, drinking Key Light, and waiting for June to arrive and the end of QE2. At that point we will see the next unveiling of Bernanke's grand experiment. I have the utmost confidence in Bernank. Once in awhile, even the idiots figure out they are screwing up and they switch gears. But not this guy. I'd like to

My Laughter Has Turned to Tears

Hard to pass this up. Michelle Obama says that laughter has been good for their relationship. One wonders what they find so funny. Interesting note. Michelle Obama says Barack never forgets anything. Really. That way, we can rest assured that he deliberately gave the criminal bankers in this country a pass rather than simply forgetting about them as he strolls the beach on any one of his numerous vacations.;_ylt=AnorCkDPHZ5XTuKz56PeyKdH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTNuMzJuOWpuBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMjEzL3VzX21pY2hlbGxlX29iYW1hX2xvdmVfYW5kX21hcnJpYWdlBGNjb2RlA21wX2VjXzhfMTAEY3BvcwM2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDbWljaGVsbGVvYmFt

Even The Swiss Like Guns

Well the big city statists in Geneva wanted gun control but didn't get it. Big government loves disarmed citizens. Seems even the docile swiss know where to draw the line. Wouldn't be surprised to see our big city left leaners cry out for knife control next. The bad guys get planes with box cutters or perhaps a Lexus with a cutlery set.

Think You Are Having a Bad Day?

Wow. I guess she should have just let him have the Lexus.