Friday, February 18, 2011

More Government Screw Ups, IRS Over Pays Wisconsin's Ambac 700 Million, Now Suing To Get it Back

I know, it's chump change.

In addition to giving millions away to prison inmates, and sending tax refunds to dead people, and suing people over Medicare fraud, now the government is suing for 700 million they over paid Ambac- a BOND INSURER in Wisconsin.

Sue Arizona. Sue Ambac and by default now- Wisconsin bond holders because they can't manage money. We may need a new "sue all the states Czar." Maybe a whole new branch of government to police all of their own screw ups. 

How can any individual, even a hard core nanny leftist, think that this government could manage a national health plan? These bastards can't find their own ass with two hands in a well lit room.


rawmuse said...

But, they mean well. All of these cluster fucks waltz in wearing the chiffon gown of altruism, and if you dare speak up against them, they call you a hard hearted, no good, uneducated, knuckle dragging anarchist. Which is why I have learned to be comfortable with that. I have embraced my inner chimpanzee.

Brian said...

LMAO!! Gawd I miss ya RM.