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A President, Completely Detached From Reality, Sells MyRa

This morning I was looking over financial markets to see just how bad things were eroding. As I was doing that, I stumbled onto an article talking about another Obama proposal. I realized I had skipped Obama's State of the Union speech and therefore I must have missed Obama unveiling a new retirement plan for Americans. The new MyRa plan would allow Americans to buy government debt, bonds, directly from the government to secure some sort of return for "retirement." Buy the debt of a country already 17.5 trillion in the hole with no way of reducing the principal amount. The article I read was actually selling this as a good idea. I am in awe once again. This government just can't keep it's hands off your money. I cannot stop thinking about Japan. With a debt to GDP ratio north of 220%- Japanese citizens own most of the country's debt. This is precisely what President Five Iron wants you to do. Start buying American debt because nobody else in the world wi