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Welcome to The National Fiction- The Sunday Collage

Like many Americans, I was once consumed by the exertions of daily survival. Everyday, I would get up to go to work at 6 a.m. Often, I would get off at 6 p.m. In my little corner of the world, the only access to news was on the television at night and I didn't spend my time watching that. I was drinking beer and watching whatever sporting event was being broadcast on ESPN. On the weekends, I was in Nevada playing poker, weekend motorcycle trips. What I am trying to convey here- is my utter lack of knowledge as it concerned world events up until late 2007. I just didn't care. I suspect that most Americans are the same way. They are busying living their lives, consumed with improving their lot- focused on work, raising kids, caring for their elders, getting by.  There is this national assumption, this archaic and sometimes false belief, that our government works mostly in our best interests. So we tend to ignore government because we kind of trust it- and rarely does it e

Obama Met Privately With the IRS...157 Times!!

This is a sick, twisted man who used the I.R.S. to attack his "enemies." Meeting privately with the head of the I.R.S. 157 times- goes well beyond that point with which there is some reasonable shadow of a doubt. Of course the man himself never offers an explanation- that would be too easy. He pleads the fifth every time a scandal breaks. "I heard it on the news like everyone else." Remember that grand piece of bullshit? This man who met with the I.R.S. 157 times. Obama was obsessed with punishing his enemies- that is clear. He should be held accountable for this abuse of power... but my expectations are quite low coming from this government that is as morally bankrupt as it's leader is. Remember Gibson Guitar and the chicken shit charges leveled against it by the government? I do.

Where Was Obama While Our Men Fought For Their Lives in Benghazi?

Nobody knows. Obama has never answered the question. Your government is in non compliance with subpoenas regarding Benghazi. Apparently they are above the law- that's the same law you are required to obey. From Hot Air. Here's Charles Krauthammer's take, only one minute. Fascinating.

Muslims Behead Citizen In Public, Suddenly Brits Want Their Guns Back

The original story with video. Sick bastards. Good luck. Once the government seizes your freedoms- you'll play hell getting them back. That's when the law abiding become the law breaking.

Must See! Vid Comparing Nixon's Lies With Obama's

Fascinating. Nixon and Obama both use the same lingo. Hunter Thompson said of Nixon. "He never let me down." Obama has never let me down. He is exactly who I thought he was- way back in 2007.