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Target Joseph

Years ago when I was but a lad, we used to travel to Idaho to fish for steelhead. Big fish. That's when I first heard about the Nez Perce, Chief Joseph, and the Wallowa Valley. Then several years ago,  I had a friend who had lived in Joseph. He said the place was just gorgeous. He loved it. Since he has traveled everywhere and was not prone to exaggeration- his evaluation carried great weight with me. Then there was the book, The Shack. It too was set in the Wallowa Valley. That cinched it for me. Joseph, Oregon is one of those places that you have to want to visit specifically- because it is not on the road to anywhere. Joseph here I come. So the backrest is coming off the Road King and the touring kit is getting snapped on. I have filled the tires with nitrogen- which I highly recommend. Nitrogen does not escape the rubber membrane of your tires. It is pretty cheap. Your gas mileage savings will pay for it in a week or two. I can't wait. Here's a big ass picture

Jamie Dimon's Presidential Cuff Links- Only The In Crowd Gets Those

So while blowing smoke up everyone's ass at the big dog and pony show that Congress puts on a couple of times a year...Mr Dimon was spotting wearing his Presidential cuff links. Hey President Forward, how much I gotta give you to get a set of those? Does Corzine have some?

Libtards Rejoice, Ecstasy Safe, Should be Available Soon

Finally, Huey Lewis' dreams have come true. Who else but Huffpo and the statists!

Government Now Providing Free Phones To Shameless Americans

You cannot make this shit up. A few days ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about the Food Stamp President. He said they should call him the "Cell Phone President." I didn't know this. He did.

Rick Leavitt Hears the Executioner's Song

Among the many odd, retarded, and bizarre parts that comprise who I am, one of those parts does not include a longing for the death penalty. I like Helen Prejean. (Dead Man Walking) She changed my mind about the death penalty. If you want to keep getting re-incarnated and coming back to this rock over and over, that is up to you. I am trying to get just a wee bit better and graduate from this place. So after mulling over all the anger, hatred, and longing that one must have in order to kill people- I opted out. I want to make my life as spiritually correct as possible. Killing people is not spiritually correct. That's it. That's my opinion and I won't stand in the way of a contrary one because I once agreed with the contrary ones. But don't think for a second if you come bursting through my door at 2 a.m. that I won't bust a cap in your ass. Every man has his limitations. When I was a kid, Rick Leavitt was a year or

Obama To Defend Economic Record In Ohio? You Cannot Make This Shit Up

Seriously. Is Obama completely nuts? Ok. Let me try and recap some of Obama's "economic" record from memory. 1. He gave every crooked banker in America a get out of jail free card. 2. To this day, Obama and Holder haven't done jack shit with that mess. They have installed an absolute horde of flaming liberals in the US attorneys office. The CEO of GE is the head of his economic development team. GE has not paid a dime in taxes for seven years while farming every available job to overseas workers. You cannot make that shit up either. 3. Obama took over GM and saved the union members- while screwing bondholders and saddling taxpayers with that crappy automaker which can do nothing but lose money. 4. Obama stole 1 trillion dollars (stimulus) from taxpayers and dumped it into the lap of his cronies at places like Solyndra. Solyndra's backers/CEO were well ac

Cowards Hate Free Speech

Have you ever noticed how cowards, universally, seem to hate free speech? They find everything offensive. I don't care whether you are using some piece of colloquial speech like the word "tranny" or you are saying "fuck" in some goofy little town in Massachusetts. The cowards just can't find a way to cope. So why is that? Cowards ALWAYS think they are the only rational people in the room. Show me someone who thinks they are rational and chances are- you are looking at a sheep. Cowards tend to take everything personally. You cannot have a rational discussion with them because they are so thin skinned. Words really can't hurt you unless you give them some power. Non cowards know this.  Cowards try to control their exterior world. They see the world as this unruly frontier and if the world would only submit to their values- everything would be ok. The problem with that of course- is that it is false. And even though the non cowards are vastly outnumbe

Finally A Chain Letter That Works. Promise.


The National Pussification Continues in Middleborough Massachusetts

In a perfect statist world, there would be a law against everything. The statists would post their rules. No idling cars. Recycling. Green laws. Helmet laws. No rodeos. Dog poop laws. And now...profanity laws. Readers who follow this blog know that I hate ridiculous laws. I attribute most of them to libtards, moonbats, and statists. These are the people who are offended by virtually everything. Not too long ago I read a big Huffpo article by the mother of a transgender child. She was pissed because people used the term "tranny." She thought that was callous and insensitive so I endured a 500 word piece outlining that OPINION. Here's the harsh truth. Her son's transgender issues have far more to do with the quality of parenting that boy received from his mother and father- far more so than anything else on the planet. The author doesn't want to talk about that because taking responsibility for parenting failures just involves a little too much self honesty for

Please Keep Fucking Off at Work

My page views go up during the week. More precisely, people are on this site during working hours. On the weekends, my page views go way down. This can mean a couple of things. It might mean that I write shitty and worthless things during the weekend and people don't bother stopping by. Or it might mean that what is written here is only marginally more entertaining than the bullshit that is going on in your office right now. During the work day. That is probably spot on. I can compete with your boring ass- hum drum job. Be thankful that your employer has not figured out a way to get rid of you and hire a Chinee for a buck an hour. Yet. Mostly, I think people get drunk and screw have things to do on the weekend. Sitting around and reading FG ain't one of those things. I'm ok with that. For those of you at work, doing absolutely nothing, and reading this- keep up the good work. In America, we pride ourselves on our high levels of productivity and we even publish n

Life On the Bell Curve

Are you smart?  Most people, even the dumb ones, think they are smart. That's been my observation. The demands of an active ego require that most people think of themselves as smart. But we know this isn't true. At the very least, we know that we can't all score at the top of the bell curve. Right? What would happen if we all decided that we were stupid? Imagine the possibilities. It might even set the stage for a great learning renaissance. So clearly, thinking that you already know everything- like so many people that I know now- does not exactly set the table for a great learning experience. More on that later. What exactly do we mean when we use the word "smart" to describe someone? When we describe someone as smart is that situationally specific or are we saying that these people are smart all of the time? Is Obama smart?  If there was ever a word open to interpretation it is the descriptive word, "smart." What precisely is a smart person? I

The Sunday Collage- Hope's Graveyard

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Heh. On Friday, "I'll Have Another" was scratched from the Belmont Stakes. That ruined my weekend. I'll Have Another would have easily won horse racing's triple crown. When Union Rags (a horse I'll Have Another easily disposed of) won the Belmont- I was really sick about it. The Belmont is the graveyard where hope gets buried each year. Year after year this proves true for horses that have won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Something always seems to happen by the time they get to New York. Some very weird things happened last week including Ben Bernanke's casual spin on our manipulated Frankenstein economy. I want to put Bernanke's demeanor in a "never let them see you sweat" or "who me?" type of context. He acted like QE3 was the furthest thing from his mind. I am here to tell you- Bernanke is full of shit. I have known for years that our government, the FED, and the bankers have b