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Friday, June 15, 2012

Target Joseph

Years ago when I was but a lad, we used to travel to Idaho to fish for steelhead. Big fish.

That's when I first heard about the Nez Perce, Chief Joseph, and the Wallowa Valley. Then several years ago,  I had a friend who had lived in Joseph. He said the place was just gorgeous. He loved it. Since he has traveled everywhere and was not prone to exaggeration- his evaluation carried great weight with me.

Then there was the book, The Shack. It too was set in the Wallowa Valley. That cinched it for me.

Joseph, Oregon is one of those places that you have to want to visit specifically- because it is not on the road to anywhere. Joseph here I come.

So the backrest is coming off the Road King and the touring kit is getting snapped on. I have filled the tires with nitrogen- which I highly recommend. Nitrogen does not escape the rubber membrane of your tires. It is pretty cheap. Your gas mileage savings will pay for it in a week or two.

I can't wait. Here's a big ass picture. I hope it fits.

Joseph, OR : Beautiful Joseph, Oregon

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jamie Dimon's Presidential Cuff Links- Only The In Crowd Gets Those

So while blowing smoke up everyone's ass at the big dog and pony show that Congress puts on a couple of times a year...Mr Dimon was spotting wearing his Presidential cuff links.

Hey President Forward, how much I gotta give you to get a set of those? Does Corzine have some?

Libtards Rejoice, Ecstasy Safe, Should be Available Soon

Finally, Huey Lewis' dreams have come true. Who else but Huffpo and the statists!

Government Now Providing Free Phones To Shameless Americans

You cannot make this shit up.

A few days ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about the Food Stamp President. He said they should call him the "Cell Phone President." I didn't know this. He did.

Rick Leavitt Hears the Executioner's Song

Among the many odd, retarded, and bizarre parts that comprise who I am, one of those parts does not include a longing for the death penalty. I like Helen Prejean. (Dead Man Walking) She changed my mind about the death penalty.
If you want to keep getting re-incarnated and coming back to this rock over and over, that is up to you. I am trying to get just a wee bit better and graduate from this place. So after mulling over all the anger, hatred, and longing that one must have in order to kill people- I opted out.

I want to make my life as spiritually correct as possible. Killing people is not spiritually correct. That's it. That's my opinion and I won't stand in the way of a contrary one because I once agreed with the contrary ones.

But don't think for a second if you come bursting through my door at 2 a.m. that I won't bust a cap in your ass. Every man has his limitations.

When I was a kid, Rick Leavitt was a year or two older than I was. I think he dropped out of high school. I would see him blasting around town in Blackfoot, Id. in his jacked up 4 wheel drive with headers. Rick was a little slow aka "not very bright." The truth is, I would have called him mildly retarded. I spoke with him a few times. Rick was always an outcast. Smoking weed and drinking beer alone. I am not sure he had many friends. To be honest, I didn't like Rick either.

In 1984, Rick killed a gal and mutilated her body just a couple blocks away from us on Schilling Street. The victim lived with her parents who were out of town that week. It was actually Rick who phoned the cops because the body had not been discovered and it had been four days. Rick gutted his victim on a water bed. It wasn't pretty. I knew the lead cop on this case. This case changed his life and not for the better. I'm not going to mention him here.

Rick, like most of the people on this rock, avoids punishment at all costs. He has always maintained his innocence. But he was not innocent. On June 12, some 28 years later, Idaho finally removed Rick from death row. Just days before his execution, Rick called the local media. He was scared. He was hoping for some miracle type of reprieve. To call that cowardly is inaccurate and simplistic. The whole thing from murder to execution makes me sick. I embedded a recording of Leavitt calling the local media days before his execution- if you care to listen. Wait until you hear the part about the nosebleed. Very sad. He hasn't changed much over the years.

A really screwed up kid did a very horrible thing. It's hard to sort something like that out and make any sense of it. I haven't been able to for 28 years.

Obama To Defend Economic Record In Ohio? You Cannot Make This Shit Up

Seriously. Is Obama completely nuts?

Ok. Let me try and recap some of Obama's "economic" record from memory.

1. He gave every crooked banker in America a get out of jail free card.

2. To this day, Obama and Holder haven't done jack shit with that mess. They have installed an absolute horde of flaming liberals in the US attorneys office. The CEO of GE is the head of his economic development team. GE has not paid a dime in taxes for seven years while farming every available job to overseas workers. You cannot make that shit up either.

3. Obama took over GM and saved the union members- while screwing bondholders and saddling taxpayers with that crappy automaker which can do nothing but lose money.

4. Obama stole 1 trillion dollars (stimulus) from taxpayers and dumped it into the lap of his cronies at places like Solyndra. Solyndra's backers/CEO were well acquainted with Obama and managed to get away with our dough while taxpayers got stiffed with the bankruptcy. This happened time and time again with other businesses. Cronies and pals receiving government loans.

5. Taxpayers are now stuck with Fannie and Freddie. Two more money sucking black holes that should have been dismantled and charged off long ago. They have cost us nearly 1/2 a trillion so far and they just keep chugging right along- asking for billions more every year or so.

6. Obama has become the Food Stamp President. Currently 46 million people use food stamps.

7. Unemployment is really near 20%. That has not changed. Only the government's stats and how they are massaged and manipulated has changed. See birth/death model. Millions no longer counted as unemployed because they have been out of work for so long. Unemployment checks extended beyond three years..

8. This guy can't even put out a budget. When he put out some piece of utter ridiculousness, not one person in the House voted for it. What about that crook Jon Corzine? Obama's campaign bundler who stole 1.6 billion from customer accounts at MF Global and walked away.

9. Obamacare? Only a fiscal moron could pass the biggest money sucking venture of all time- while the country is broke and in the midst of a depression. Obama violated every moral code imaginable to ram it through, delayed the implementation for 4 years- essentially freezing employers hiring decisions- and prolonging the worst hiring freeze since the great depression.

10. Most importantly...Obama has never had any kind of fucking plan. He is an idiot who simply uses taxpayer money to pay off his campaign supporters. It has always been that simple. It should be illegal but it's not. That's the sign of a man with no morals and no personal courage. In an effort to buy more votes, Obama is now hinting at a 3000 dollar check for voters.

At any other time in the history of this country, taking taxpayer money by threat of force and then bribing taxpayers with their very own money for votes would be unheard of and unimaginable. Today, it's normal. That is how low we have sunk as a nation.

Obama is going to defend his economic policies? Really. Daniel Webster couldn't defend this maniac. Smile for the camera Daniel...attaboy.

14th and 19th United States Secretary of State
In office

Back in Daniel's day, they'd have just locked Obama up by now. Or worse.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cowards Hate Free Speech

Have you ever noticed how cowards, universally, seem to hate free speech? They find everything offensive. I don't care whether you are using some piece of colloquial speech like the word "tranny" or you are saying "fuck" in some goofy little town in Massachusetts. The cowards just can't find a way to cope. So why is that?

Cowards ALWAYS think they are the only rational people in the room. Show me someone who thinks they are rational and chances are- you are looking at a sheep. Cowards tend to take everything personally. You cannot have a rational discussion with them because they are so thin skinned.

Words really can't hurt you unless you give them some power. Non cowards know this. 

Cowards try to control their exterior world. They see the world as this unruly frontier and if the world would only submit to their values- everything would be ok. The problem with that of course- is that it is false. And even though the non cowards are vastly outnumbered- they still launch truthful, gut wrenching attacks at the cowards. Cowards, who are largely passive aggressive, hate nothing more than getting called out and spanked publicly. So courtesy of ZeroHedge, here then is Nigel Farage, telling the cowards (banker lackeys) the truth. The euro is toast.

Gawd I wish Nigel were on the floor of the Senate or House. Talk about a target rich environment. It's like a coward convention. This is why the cowards hate free speech. Scroll past Sauk Leader's summary which is dead on.

new Sauk Leader
Sauk Leader's picture
Vote up!
I like how he starts every speech by insulting everyone in the room. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finally A Chain Letter That Works. Promise.

The National Pussification Continues in Middleborough Massachusetts

In a perfect statist world, there would be a law against everything. The statists would post their rules. No idling cars. Recycling. Green laws. Helmet laws. No rodeos. Dog poop laws. And now...profanity laws.

Readers who follow this blog know that I hate ridiculous laws. I attribute most of them to libtards, moonbats, and statists. These are the people who are offended by virtually everything. Not too long ago I read a big Huffpo article by the mother of a transgender child. She was pissed because people used the term "tranny." She thought that was callous and insensitive so I endured a 500 word piece outlining that OPINION.

Here's the harsh truth. Her son's transgender issues have far more to do with the quality of parenting that boy received from his mother and father- far more so than anything else on the planet. The author doesn't want to talk about that because taking responsibility for parenting failures just involves a little too much self honesty for the fragile egos that comprise the left. Instead she unleashes her anger on an unknown audience imploring people not to be insensitive by using the word, "tranny." Of course all of the sappy Huffpo commenters agreed. Can you believe it?

I let the author have it. Whiny ass- responsibility avoiding victim. Huffpo didn't publish my comment. Imagine that. So the next thing that will happen is this...

Grandmothers everywhere will be up in arms. Demanding that insensitive people quit calling them "grannys." I really want to write a piece on Huffpo under a pen name- imploring people to quit using that type of insensitive and callous speech. Make up some bullshit PC moniker like libtards do when they find something offensive.

The pussification of our country continues. Middleborough Mass. now ignoring free speech guarantees to impose their very own profanity law. The profanity is reaching epidemic proportions in Middleborough, Mass. People are afraid to leave their homes. One statist called the law "necessary." How do the rest of you live without one? Odd, indeed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Please Keep Fucking Off at Work

My page views go up during the week. More precisely, people are on this site during working hours.

On the weekends, my page views go way down. This can mean a couple of things.

It might mean that I write shitty and worthless things during the weekend and people don't bother stopping by. Or it might mean that what is written here is only marginally more entertaining than the bullshit that is going on in your office right now. During the work day.

That is probably spot on. I can compete with your boring ass- hum drum job. Be thankful that your employer has not figured out a way to get rid of you and hire a Chinee for a buck an hour. Yet.

Mostly, I think people get drunk and screw have things to do on the weekend. Sitting around and reading FG ain't one of those things. I'm ok with that.

For those of you at work, doing absolutely nothing, and reading this- keep up the good work. In America, we pride ourselves on our high levels of productivity and we even publish numbers to that effect. Bullshit is the fuel that powers this nation.

Check this out. The Mexicans have caught on!

It's not important that we are actually productive- what matters is that we all bullshit every one into thinking that we are. I knew a cop named Ron T. who had that story telling stuff down to a science. He was the most worthless sumbitch to ever draw a breath but if you asked him if he was busy- he'd tell you that the Germans had asked him to move China to South America and that he was half way through the project. Ron was the jedi master of fucking off. I hear he is in Utah, retired. They will probably call him if they need China moved again.

At any rate, please keep up the good work. Keep fucking off. Our country is counting on you.

Life On the Bell Curve

Are you smart?  Most people, even the dumb ones, think they are smart. That's been my observation. The demands of an active ego require that most people think of themselves as smart. But we know this isn't true. At the very least, we know that we can't all score at the top of the bell curve. Right?

What would happen if we all decided that we were stupid? Imagine the possibilities. It might even set the stage for a great learning renaissance. So clearly, thinking that you already know everything- like so many people that I know now- does not exactly set the table for a great learning experience. More on that later.

What exactly do we mean when we use the word "smart" to describe someone? When we describe someone as smart is that situationally specific or are we saying that these people are smart all of the time?

Is Obama smart? 

If there was ever a word open to interpretation it is the descriptive word, "smart." What precisely is a smart person? Is it a person who is well schooled? Is it a person with a high IQ? Is it a person who makes tons of money? Is it a self centered person who craves success and gets it? Is it a person that is well spoken perhaps even reared with social graces? Or is it someone with street smarts or common sense?

Are the terms "smart" and "intelligent" interchangeable?

What I have discovered over the years is that the word "smart" can mean almost anything- but here is the really interesting part.

I have never specifically learned anything about a person labeled as "smart" so much as the insight I gain from the person doing the labeling. In other words- if you tell me someone is smart- what you are really telling me is what you consider to be smart. That tells me something about you and what you think smart is. You have just given me a piece of your value system.

When somebody is labeled as smart, we instantly scroll through our memory banks where we have stored data on all of the people throughout our lives which we have been told are "smart." At that very moment we conjure up some picture of what smart is and we attach it to that person  or we do not. We generally do that based on our opinion of the credibility of the person handing out the smart label.

Unfortunately, the process is horribly flawed. We assume that all people hold the same general idea, opinion, or belief of what smart is. I am not one of those people.

So let's say some liberal media type labels Obama brilliant because he can tell a few jokes and comes off like some caring, sincere guy with a Harvard degree. So the lefty attaches the term "smart" to Obama and everyone generally agrees because of a few things like a college degree or maybe because Obama has a vocabulary slightly larger or more expansive than that of a 9th grader.

Now let's say I have a different idea of what smart is. Let's suppose I believe that the math and English taught in a state university is every bit the same as the math and English taught at Harvard.

But more importantly, what if I think that someone who is "smart" possesses the ability to state goals and achieve them? What if I told you that by my standards, Obama is an idiot. Who is right? The liberal media type or some nutter in Idaho? Who has credibility? Could we both be right? Of course. We both have belief systems derived from our experiences and thus we hold opinions about what smart is.

I get nervous when people start running around labeling people as either smart or stupid because both labels are wildly simplistic and inaccurate. In America, we measure everything from penis size to  IQ. We have to measure everything in this country so that we can say that we are better than others. This is how we feel good about ourselves. If our breasts are smaller than the majority of other women- we go out and get bigger ones. We go to school for long periods of time to distance ourselves and qualify for jobs that smarter but less educated people might get. We measure intelligence and vertical jumping ability.  Everything in our world is a competition. A competition for the most money with the least amount of work. For money. For trophy wives. For fame. For power. For ego.

Or who can run the fastest 40 yard dash. We make all of this foolishness matter somehow although it really doesn't. Maybe and most likely, we all just want to win. To be the best at something. To be remembered. Like war heroes or rock stars. We have a hall of fame for everything it seems.

Or maybe we do all of this measuring and comparing so that we can make more money. Whatever the reason- I am convinced we do all of this measuring to feel good about ourselves- which is actually pretty stupid. 

Life in a way, is a sorting out process that begins with birth, ends with death and in between those two events- there is a giant competition where everything gets measured and graded. Life is nothing if not one giant bell curve where everyone cuts out some idea of who they are based on their relationship with everything else.

The smart people I know are the people who realize they don't know much. Humility is a prerequisite to learning. If you have some measure of humility, and a thirst for knowledge, you can become and remain teachable. That's been my observation. If you already think you know everything- quite honestly I view you as a dumb ass. That's just how I roll.

Think Thomas Alva Edison or Steve Jobs. See how that definition works for you.

The smartest people on my bell curve are the ones who remain willing and teachable all of their lives. The people who get shit done, not the people who talk about it ad nauseum. That's the standard I apply. So if you have some hideous track record of no accomplishment or accomplishments that were really failures- I am probably not gonna fall for your line of bullshit when you try to convince me about how smart you are. Because it doesn't really matter how smart you are if you haven't ever done anything with that vast intelligence that you allegedly possess.

That's how my bell curve works.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sunday Collage- Hope's Graveyard

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Heh.

On Friday, "I'll Have Another" was scratched from the Belmont Stakes. That ruined my weekend. I'll Have Another would have easily won horse racing's triple crown. When Union Rags (a horse I'll Have Another easily disposed of) won the Belmont- I was really sick about it. The Belmont is the graveyard where hope gets buried each year. Year after year this proves true for horses that have won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Something always seems to happen by the time they get to New York.

Some very weird things happened last week including Ben Bernanke's casual spin on our manipulated Frankenstein economy. I want to put Bernanke's demeanor in a "never let them see you sweat" or "who me?" type of context. He acted like QE3 was the furthest thing from his mind.

I am here to tell you- Bernanke is full of shit.

I have known for years that our government, the FED, and the bankers have become our enemies. Like some passive aggressive acquaintance they don't really like you- but unfortunately they still need you. They certainly can't risk alienating the tax base any further so they are forced to play this game where they pretend to be in your corner but they really aren't. They are across the ring from you- trying to figure out new ways of stealing your money to pay their debts. It is really that simple.

They'll even tell you that they are OUR debts. We accumulated them together. We're all in this together. That sort of thing.

When I hear that type of inclusive talk surrounding some hideous liability, it reminds me of a childhood incident. When Mike, slow ass high school freshman, was run down and busted stealing beer from that beer truck- he mentioned by name- his friends that got away.

Mike was always slow. We should have known better.

To this day, I don't understand what use it was outrunning everyone only to get busted later when Mike "dimed" us out.  I know that re-arranging and cleaning that beer warehouse was a pain in the ass albeit light punishment for beer thieves. Fortunately, Mike reminded Mark and I that we were all in this together.

Be very careful with the company you keep. Pick your accomplices well. Be wary anytime you hear that inclusive speech about being "in this together." Losers and misery love company. Teamwork is just another way to scatter blame. Somehow the pain becomes a little more bearable when it is spread around.

So in the coming weeks and months please understand a simple concept. The government has screwed the pooch. You cannot unscrew this pooch. You are going to see and hear a lot of weird things like Bernanke acting nonchalant about the global banking and economic meltdown. Like somehow the U.S. is in much better shape than our euro counterparts. That is complete bullshit. Bernanke wants to keep his job and Obama wants to keep his. It's all about tactics at this point. So this is where hope dies and sound judgment takes over.

Here's Bernanke, "Who Us?" We had nothing to do with this mess! Like Mike looking for favors and good will near the beer truck.

If the government wants you to do something involving money- do the exact opposite. If Bernanke is acting cool about QE3 and not mentioning it- you can damn sure bet that he will do some form of QE3. If Bernanke acts like he hates gold- you can bet your ass he is stockpiling his own. These bastards are sneaky and they are liars. But we have the upper hand. We know that there is no cure for what they have done and no matter what they do- sooner or later and it's looking like later- we will all have to suffer the consequences. Because...they tell us...

We are all in this together.