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Economic Gibberish, 66 Paragraphs Worth, by Michael Hudson

They call it the dismal science for a reason.  Tonight I tried to wade through an essay entitled: Michael Hudson: The End of Western Civilization – Why It Lacks Resilience, and What Will Take Its Place Getting through the 66 paragraphs consumed about an hour of my time. It is certainly not written for a 9th grade level, so it takes a lot of deciphering, wordsmithing, and a dictionary to get through it.  This is the kind of highbrow nonsense that appeals to a certain segment of the educated elite in this country and when you finish it and read through the comments- you get a feel for them. Somehow, I can see these people holding wineglasses in a study somewhere discussing the 100 IQs of the working class and below, smugly confident that the future of the world will rely on members of their caste. It is essentially a 66 paragraph opinion based on a few different philosophies, schools of thought, history, politics, and some economic theory. But mostly history. Hudson is sort of the Charle