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"Bring Back the Mob"- And Other Fresh Ideas From Las Vegas

I am working out a couple of new blog ideas. Just trying to decide if I want to stay with Blogger or go to Wordpress. I thought I'd fill you in on the big Vegas trip this past week. The trip from Boise to Las Vegas is 610 miles. It can be accomplished in 9 hours thanks to a new 80 MPH Idaho speed limit and a forgiving Nevada Highway Patrol- which will let you do 9 over the speed limit before personally greeting you. I passed 5 or 6 cops while doing 79 in a 70- and I hardly rated a glance. That's pretty decent. I travel to Vegas 3 or 4 times a year. I lived there once for a little over a year. Nothing will get you over your addictions like living in Las Vegas. People are still smoking in casinos, the strip clubs rarely change and are as busy as ever, the hookers still work the bars, and the bell desk at any hotel can tell you where to get your smoke. People were walking around Fremont Street drinking giant drinks out of ridiculously sized glasses, a few of them very drunk. F