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Saved By Grace- The Sunday Collage

Saved by grace. I took this post down once, I thought it was eligible for a re-do. At the turn of the 20th century, approximately 70% of the United States' citizens claimed some form of Christianity. In 2012, over 80% of Americans claimed to be Christian. Do you believe that?  Granted the poll is old (2012) and forgive me. I just stumbled onto it this week. So if we are this heap big, Christian nation- how come we don't act like it? Where is this Christian super majority? Perhaps I am insulated from all these folks. Maybe it's the company I keep. Often I think, perhaps my 25 years in Moonbat Valley with the liberals took their anti-Christian toll on me. They were my professors. They were the lawyers, the Wall St brokers and bankers, the real estate developers, therapists and doctors. They were the trust funders, the entrepreneurs, the carpenters, the small tow