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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mass Appeal and the No Bullshit Donald Trump- The Sunday Collage

Been awhile since I've been here.

I cannot tell you how disillusioned I've become watching the eternal campaign season and knowing that we still have 8 months of this. We have a socialist, a criminal, and an ego-maniac running for the Presidency. It appears we are going to get one of these people in the White House. God help us.

I have to take you back here, just a little bit, to explain a couple of truths about politics as explained to me by my college professors. The most relevant lesson here is that politicians try to cast the widest net while appealing to the largest voting block imaginable. Today's politician has that lesson down to a science. They know that opinions and drawn lines will cost them votes and campaign support. So today's career politicians are some of the biggest pussies around. They will drone on for hours- carefully watching every word they utter- telling voters what they think they want to hear. They are professional salesmen and liars. Obama has those nuances down to a science. Obama came off like this moderate, funny guy while gathering votes in both campaign cycles. Once in office we saw who he really is. A lazy, controlling far leftist who supports big money in industries like banking and health care. He's a war monger and a statist. In short, President Obama is the political science 101, cookie cutter politician. Had he not bailed out the banks and caused this inflationary, giant balloon economy- he would be an unmitigated disaster. As it stands, jumping in bed with the bankers has probably helped his image and his "legacy," It didn't help the country- but it helped him. We know where his priorities lie.

I heard another name for Obama just the other day that made me chuckle. King Putt.

So what is it about Donald Trump that has such mass appeal?

Oh sure people are dis-illusioned with our system. The system doesn't care about "we the people." It cares about big money and special interests. Of course it is corrupt. Congressmen all over the United States get elected and walk out as lobbyists (read paid off) or as millionaires. They get nice little loans here and there, their kids get college admissions and nice jobs. (think Chelsea Clinton's first job making 600k a year and doing nothing,)

So the system is corrupt. The political process is corrupt. We desperately need campaign reform and term limits but we can't make it happen and then all of a sudden, Donald Trump arrives.

Trump is already a billionaire. He doesn't need to kiss anybody's ass for money. He doesn't even need to choose his words carefully. He is the political science 101 anti-christ. He just tells it the way it is- no dancing around, no hedging bets, no convenient little lies like Hillary or Cruz might use.

In short, Trump doesn't have to play by established rules. It gives him a huge advantage not just over his opponents but even the Republican Party can't find a way to control or rein him in. He doesn't need their advice or their support.

That's money. And money my friends- buys a lot of freedom and free speech.

For the first time in decades- we have a candidate who tells it like it is. Lost jobs, immigration, the leftist "common core" mediocre teaching methods. Trump doesn't mince words- he just lays it out. And that pisses off the left. The left is so used to controlling the conversation and the dialogue that they don't know how to stop Trump either. All that blunt truth telling about their failed programs and policies just pisses them off.

It should.

Yesterday, Trump told it like it is about the debates. He is sick of them. He is sick of regurgitating the same old information over and over again while the only beneficiaries are the networks and their ratings. Trump also received the endorsement of my favorite guy, Ben Carson. Carson is an all around nice guy, level headed, boring, and un-electable.

The mass appeal of Donald Trump is that he is a "take no prisoners, spew no bullshit" sort of guy. For millions of Americans- this is the first time we've seen someone like this in our lifetimes.

What kind of leader might he be? Well we know Trump doesn't have to feed at the special interest trough, He's not looking for handouts or speaking engagements. He doesn't need the endorsement of any moneyed interests or party support. That's not a bad place to start. Given the alternatives, Trump looks like a no brainer. You actually get the feeling he will get things done. Imagine the entertainment value! This could actually be fun to watch.