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Friday, October 14, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Winning President Now Fighting Wars in 4 Countries, Not Including Arizona

Who will issue apologies on behalf of us when Barack is gone?

The Crackheads

A few months ago I moved into my new house. I have crackheads for neighbors. I call them crackheads in kind of a loving way. I have no idea whether they are crackheads or not. They do make a lot of noise. Late.

Now one of the things you learn as you get older is not to screw with unstable people. Unstable people have a tendency to do the one thing that you would least expect. Like set your garage on fire. Therefore, a man must understand ones limitations before speaking with people who are as high as a kite. Trying to reason with or intimidate unstable people has about the same chance of success as catching the Loch Ness monster on 6 lb. test.

I did not arrive at the ripe old age of 50, somewhat intact, by being a dumb shit. Having turned in my badge a few years ago leaves me feeling somewhat naked although I must admit I have compensated for that by adding some additional firearms to my existing arsenal- and growing a brain. Growing a brain usually means that my very first thought- anytime I am agitated by someone- is the very same thought that an absolute idiot would have. I now recognize this handicap of mine. Idiot here, please ignore.

For the last couple months, the crackheads next door go out on Friday and Saturday night. They come home when the bars close at about 0230 hrs. They then engage in a big ass fight at the end of which, they crank on some music. The disturbance lasts only about one hour and I am thankful for that. Since it occurs each weekend, it does not take CSI Miami or an FBI crime analyst to determine that the chances of it happening again this weekend- are better than average.

Now when the big brouhaha happens tonight, I cannot call the cops. The neighbors would immediately know it is that new guy next door. Talking to people while they are loaded is not very effective either. I learned this over the course of a few dozen police dog piles. So not wanting to start a neighborhood fuck you contest, I have put together a strategy that I think might be effective. I have been extremely nice to the crackheads. I have complimented them on their house, their yard and even their ugly dog that barks all night while they are out getting loaded. I may even volunteer to help them with some chores. Maybe shovel their sidewalk. In a month or so, when I cannot take one more Ozzy Osbourne wake up call, I am going to pay them a visit a day or two after they sober up and beg them. Hopefully, my strategy will pay off.

I hope so. I've got about one month's worth of patience left before I spring my big plan. We'll see how smart I am then. Which reminds me, I gotta stop by State Farm today and increase the policy limits on my garage.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doctor Visits Down BigTime

Yesterday, my doctor called and wanted me to come in for a check up. I told her that I couldn't afford a 150 dollar office visit just to shoot the shit. I don't mind paying 40 or 50 bucks for ten minutes worth of chit chat but 150 bucks or 900 dollars per hour just doesn't interest me.

I stumbled onto this chart and swiped it from

Trust me on this. If people are blowing off doctor visits, people are broke. Wow. It begs the question...just who is picking up the slack?

The Bullshit Plot To Kill the Saudi Ambassador

I gotta tell ya. The other day when our government started falling all over themselves, telling us how they foiled this big terrible plot- I was thinking it was BS. Just a giant distraction in the midst of a crooked government falling apart at the seams. Interesting, that Eric Holder, still has a job.

At any rate, this guy's take on the big assassination plot. Food for thought.


Think Solyndra Was Bad? Administration Gives Away 1.2 Billion for 15 Permanent Jobs

That's 80 million a piece. And it doesn't appear that the 15 jobs that money created are all that permanent either. I am getting sick to my stomach just reading this shit. Your turn.

Sorting Out The Republican Nominee Disaster

This is Michelle Malkin's take on last night's debate. I will tell you that I was a passive Cain supporter until he said he supported Alan Greenspan. I don't know about you but every time Greenspan ever spoke that incessant gibberish of his...I wanted to punch him in the head.

Greenspan's FED was responsible for the manufacturing of excessive credit, now debt, that is currently drowning the world. Greenspan, perhaps more than any other man, is responsible for this eternal mess we are in. That Cain supports that idiot tells me that he too- is either loyal, stupid, or just as morally corrupt as every other candidate. I underestimate the Republicans. They truly have the innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time. Sans Ron Paul, it is business as usual.

Precious Metals Update

There is truly nothing left for governments and banks to do but loan and print worthless money. We are getting very close to the end game.

The precious metals markets have been under seige by big banks. I am not sure the average Joe understands just how bad governments and banks hate precious metals. Precious metals cannot be counterfeited. Buying precious metals is just like "putting or shorting" currency. It is one of the very few ways you as a citizen can fight inflation, a bankrupt government, and the central bank.

One of the sites I read daily is Harvey Organ. I read his blogroll and the TF Metals report.

Predicting when the currency will collapse under this smoldering pile of debt we have is tricky business. The government, the FED, and it's member banks are truly in charge. If I have learned one thing over the past year- it is that these corrupt entities will do anything they can to survive. They are worthy adversaries.

The CFTC (the U.S. commodities futures trading commission) recently announced that they have the votes to impose position limits on futures on big banks. Big banks have been shorting and issuing unlimited puts for decades on precious metals- metals that they don't own or possess. It is without question, the most manipulated and crooked practice I have ever seen. The CFTC meets on Oct. 14. Up until now, they have been lapdogs for the banks. Forgive my lack of enthusiasm for anything uttered by that worthless group of government employees.

The world continues to buy up every available ounce of physical metal that they can get their hands on. It is the last safe haven.

I have contingency plans in the event that governments and banks try to make metals illegal or tax them out of existence. You must plan for these things. These crooks are in control, they are desperate, and they don't like the sheep fighting back or getting wise. That is the world we are in now. It is a real live war zone. Bankers and governments, lapdog news agencies like CNBC, will do anything they can to mis inform and put a negative spin on precious metals. CNBC aired a 60 Minutes program last night about all of the warring and killing over Congo gold.

Our greatest ally might be China. They know what is going on. They are working very diligently to put a stake through the heart of the U.S. dollar. And they buy precious metals like crazy. So does India. Physical supplies are stretched so tight that dealers are running out.

The big and corrupt controlling players are doing everything they can to stop the upward momentum of precious metals but ultimately I think they will fail. They simply don't control the whole world like they used to. Absent a new cartel they will need the usual government intervention to make precious metals illegal. I am keeping a close eye on that.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why the Moonbats Will Support Mitt Romney and Why You Shouldn't

I've been watching the Republican candidates closely this year.

The mainstream media knows their candidate is cooked. It would take a miracle of enormous proportions for Obama to have any kind of realistic chance of re-election. As the central planners, moonbats, and other statists look to swallow their bitter medicine- they without a doubt- will land on Romney.

Romney comes from a state known for central planning. His health care law is central planning 101. In fact, the moonbats might giggle over Romney. He reminds me of any other RINO (Republican In Name Only) like McCain or Scott Brown. In fact, I think that nominating Romney will be exactly what the powers to be want and I think that is why anyone with half a brain should flee from this guy. Romney is the elite choice, all the money is sailing in on him, and for that reason alone he should be scuttled. I'm not kidding. He is a democrat in republican clothing. I'm not sure Perry is any better- if he even manages to stick around.

The Democratic Party has never been more vulnerable than they are now. We could actually nominate a guy that is not mainstream and still win this thing. I believe that. I believe by election time, Obama will be completely broken. This is what self serving narcissists do to themselves. Thinking they and they alone are special, they isolate themselves from anyone that shows any differing opinion. They will lash out and retaliate. They always take things personally and that is a lonely place. Obama will surely find it.

Look, I am going to "waste my vote" on the libertarian nominee like I do each election. I am party loyal. As Herman Cain gains strength and I listen to him more and more, I like him. I am beginning to wonder if he in fact might be the grass roots, anti-elite, pro business and thus pro jobs guy that we need. Could he be a patriot even?

I am going to end this rant with Robert Kennedy's advice. It is the same advice I tried to give those idiot moonbats who elected Obama. Pay attention to what a man has accomplished or done with his life. His history. That matters. Disregard anything that comes out of his mouth. You can then rest assured about what kind of man you will be electing. Career politicians, businessmen, or community organizers. It works virtually all of the time and had that advice been followed, we would not of had to suffer through four years of Obama.

Woman Clearly Insane, Finds Lawyer As Equally Insane To File Lawsuit Because She Was Forced To Listen To Limbaugh on Police Car Radio

Ya know, I might just stick with the false arrest charges if I were this gal. However, if she wins, think of the precedent! All of the money we can make suing networks for making us watch and listen to Obama. This could be a real goldmine. We have a veritable bonanza of Goldman Sachs paid for campaign advertising coming our way.

Where Criminals Roam Free

Thousands upon thousands of worthless scum, criminals, wearing suits. Privatizing profits and socializing losses with the help of government cronies. We need help now. Light the signal! 

Gotham City (Batman)
The Batman comics call it Gotham City but there is no denying that it really is New York. A filthy city with violence and organized crime syndicates like Goldman Sachs. The worst bit is that even with all the efforts of the superhero, there is no end in sight to the number of criminals walking the streets. They just keep churning those greedy pricks out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Hartebeest Takes Out Mountain Biker...Can We Get Some Hartebeests in Woodside, California Please?

This is what I am going to do if I get re-incarnated as a hartebeest. You will hear some weird ass moaning after the collision. Nobody checked on the poor hartebeest. Love the helmet commercial at the end. Moonbats. Some of us actually see shit coming at us. Like a bus or a charging hartebeest. Moron.

Lying and Kicking the Can Down the Road...The Choice of Politicians Everywhere

Ya wanna read something funny? Market up 300 as European leaders "SOLVE" the debt crisis. They haven't solved shit. You solve debt by paying it off. It is that simple.

This is why you cannot predict the timing of the economic apocalypse. The willingness of governments to stay in power, the willingness of banks to lie about their solvency. They will do this for as long as they can. But it will end. Badly.

Remember this simple axiom. You cannot spend your way out of debt. Ever. Under any circumstances. But I'll be damned if they don't keep trying, blowing ever increasing amounts of smoke up our collective asses.

How Do You Build a Small Business in California? Start With a Big One...

This article is just too good to pass up. Throughout my life, I have always found it amazing that what happens in California first- tends to sweep the nation. From gadgets to politics. Schwarzenegger was every bit as bad as Bush was. Note the similarities here:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Very Funny Photos, Courtesy of Moonbattery

Just as appropriate today, maybe more so, than when this blog was first published. Very funny. Worth the click. I guarantee it or your money back.

Divide and Conquer, How the Government and Banks Almost Won

They almost had us. We are not out of the woods yet.

From the crooked politics that created the FED in 1913 until now, government and banking interests have been winning the war. The tide is beginning to change.

Here's an odd little fact that I did not know or missed. Not only was the Federal Reserve hatched in private on Jekyll Island but the vote to pass it was almost strictly done- down party lines. And guess who voted for it? Democrats.  

Do you know the single biggest reason we have a "Federal Reserve Bank?" So that politicians can spend without oversight. It's truly that simple. Can you imagine how long politicians would last, if year after year, they were forced to tell the American people what they were planning on spending and had to ask our permission before passing a budget? We wouldn't need term limits.

What's in it for the FED? They profit.

The FED exists as a giant hub. It's spokes are member banks. They sell debt. According to a website for the Federal Reserve of Richmond- more than 1/3 of all commercial banks are members of the Federal Reserve System. In 2010, the Federal Reserve made 82 billion dollars. It returned 79 billion to the treasury. They steal the wealth of this country through interest, through the boom and bust cycle, and through inflation.

So what happened to that extra 3 billion? That paltry 3000 million. Where did that go? Nobody knows. Year after year, the FED seizes a few billion and it just evaporates. Or lines the pockets of international bankers. No real audit has ever taken place...because we don't control the Fed. That is a convenient illusion.

You want to see some funny shit? Take a look at this Federal Reserve balance sheet on this Wikipedia entry which does not balance. Go to the bottom of the link and check out the bottom lines.

Do you see anything there to suggest that the Federal Reserve System has 16 trillion jut laying around waiting to be loaned? Here's a Hot Air article that cites the government's General Accounting Office report stating that the Fed loaned over 16 trillion to national and international banks in a three year window.

The Federal Reserve Bank is the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on U.S. citizens. They have 16 trillion like I am God Almighty. And you know what? They might have gotten away with this giant fraud if it weren't for the internet. When people are divided, they cannot communicate or collaborate. They have no conduit to voice their opinions. Prior to the internet, we were screwed. What the hell were we going to do? Write letters to the editor? Complain to Mr. Obama? Shit. Pulleeasse.

Were we going to hope that big media outlets, financed by banks, were going to tell us the truth?

The best thing that ever happened to this country was the bank collapse in 2007-2008. That was when crooked bankers and politicians woke the sleeping giant. The American public. And for the first time ever, we have a means to communicate with each other. Free, efficient, and without media or government censorship. We can read and write and communicate freely along vast distances. Pass information along. Sign giant virtual petitions although I'm not sure government gives a shit about those things. I think they just ignore us.

The enemy and it's mission are well defined. Government, the FED, and it's member banks exist to steal the wealth of this country by loaning money that doesn't exist. At interest. That is the truth. Don't get hung up on the details. Don't worry whether or not your friend is a Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent, or gawd help us... a Democrat. We have a common enemy. It is the alleged "leadership" of this leaderless country. Our country is slowing becoming unified. Individually we are pretty weak. Together we are incredibly strong. The crooks almost had us. We screwed up. We trusted them. Now let's kick their ass and take our country back.