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Friday, April 27, 2012

Remaining Secret Service Agents Find Time To Bust Utah Man

Where do they find the time? These guys can multi task.

The Secret Service has to be a busy place nowadays. With President Obama traveling everywhere, arranging strippers and hookers with reduced headcounts has got to be taking a toll on the agents. Somehow agents are able to squeeze in a  bust here and there. It looks like they have deviated from their hectic schedules to nab some idiot in Utah with a note threatening the President.

The best anti assassination insurance any President ever took out- was finding a running mate like Joe Biden. That was a stroke of genius. I'll tell you this. If I ever ran for President, I'd be signing up Nancy Pelosi or perhaps Harry Reid... now that Barney Frank is retired.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hummergate Now Enlarging To Include Brazil, San Salvador

Here it comes. Send help.

File:Bat-signal 1989 film.jpg

"We Deserve It Good and Hard"

When it was still ok to have an opinion. Before the statists took over.

Great piece via ZeroHedge on H.L. Mencken...courtesy of Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform. I swiped the last part of it...

H.L. Mencken understood the false promises of democracy 80 years ago:
“Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses. It is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
We deserve to get it good and hard, and we will.

Downtown Boise YMCA Practices Statism, Censures Free Speech

So yesterday, I took my scooter down to the Y for my daily run.

When I bought that beautiful Roadking, the previous owner threw in 20 or so Harley shirts. Because he is smaller than I am-the shirts didn't fit- so I cut the sleeves off a few of them. I wear them to ride and work out in. Some are pretty torn up so I use them at the car wash.

At any rate, I was wearing one that said, "If you can read this, the bitch fell off."

The moment I walked into the gym- the place was abuzz. Pretty soon, one of the employees came and asked me to wear the shirt inside out or tape off the "bitch" word. I didn't want to create a giant shit storm at the gym, so I let them tape up the shirt.

The north end of Boise is filled with moonbats, statists, and liberals. They are the guardians of politically correct speech. They are not afraid to exercise their opinions about everyone else and unlike conservatives- they actually act on their dumb ass impulses. They have no problem telling you how to live. That's why the tape came out.

I wasn't the least bit surprised. Statists have no problem regulating everyone else's conduct. That's what they do. Abortion and atheism is fine, wearing t shirts with the word "bitch" on them is a capital offense.

Oddly enough, I have seen tattoos on people at the gym that are far more offensive than my shirt- yet tattoos are acceptable in the moonbat community. I don't see any of those folks with taped up arms.

One hundred years from now, when the liberals have reduced the Constitution to ass wipe and some dictator is running this Banana Republic, people will scratch their heads and ask what happened to their freedom. The three conservatives that remain will say,  "The moonbats found freedom too offensive."

Gas Prices Headed Lower, Predicted Here First on March 1

While the entire world was in full panic mode during February and March of this year and believed 5.00 gas was going to be a reality everywhere, I firmly believed that was bullshit and said so here on March 1.

Absolutely nothing I was reading supported that scenario. Now gas prices are ticking down.

Here was my original piece. I am never afraid to take a stand or be a contrarian. That  philosophy however has caused me to eat crow once in awhile. That's ok. I dine alone mostly.

Here at Frankenstein Government (the writers, me) are never afraid to stick our necks out. The absolute worst thing that can happen to me is that I will write something so outlandishly fucking stupid that I will live to regret it.

They give us a delete button for a reason.

I have been pondering the rise in oil prices and my personal opinion is that high oil prices are not the effect of consumption driven demand pricing. The demand for oil in the U.S. has fallen off a cliff. In England- it is even worse.

So why are oil prices so ridiculously high?

Answer- Oil prices are manipulated first and foremost by the oil producers and they are priced in a fiat currency (dollars) that can simply be replicated and counterfeited.

So who is that in the strait of Hormuz? Who is that rattling sabers? Oh yea, that's Iran- a big oil producer. It does not hurt them, OPEC, or the price of their oil to act like they are bent on starting WWIII. The worst thing that can happen is that oil producing governments around the world, the great oil cartel, the great oil producers- all make more money.

This at a time when they ought to be giving the stuff away.

The demand is simply not there. It has been manufactured. There is simply no way that US oil demand can drop 30%, the Bakken pipeline is choked full of oil, and we are exporting the stuff as fast as we can. Therefore demand and tight supplies don't have a damn thing to do with current oil pricing. Greed, bullshit, and saber rattling do.

The other reality is that oil priced in dollars has to go up. Anybody with a calculator can see that America will simply try to print more money to buy oil. The price goes up as the money supply increases. That figures in.

I also believe we are in a worldwide recession. I believe that oil is about to tumble. A bold prediction just ahead of the driving season- I know. I've been looking at bicycles and I bought the Elantra just in case I am wrong.

I wrote a piece two years ago wherein I said that our economy cannot afford any kind of recovery. I still believe that. Inflation will absolutely go through the roof given the excess money printing that has taken place. If you really believe that the world is about to embark on a great economic boom- you should go down to the store and buy all of the precious metals that you can lay your hands on.  And maybe a big storage tank for gasoline.

Oddly enough, economical car sales have taken off. This is not hurting Obama or his re-election chances. You don't need a bona fide recovery to win- just the perception of one. I find the whole oil price out and buy fuel efficient cars...prop up the sagging economy... during an election year...more than just coincidence.

If the big recovery happens, I am going to get rich. I am prepared for the great inflation. I am also going to hit the delete button on this piece and I deny I ever wrote it. Give this latest BS pricing increase a month- we'll see if it sticks and stays. I bet it doesn't.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How To Score Points With Chicks- Expert Advice

Funny Reminders Ecard: The fastest way to a woman's heart is through her ribcage.

The Insanity of Two Party Politics- Hers's How To Opt Out

My friend Jim at Conservatives on Fire put up a great piece yesterday. "Don't Blame Third Party Voters If Obama Is Re-Elected"

Let me make something perfectly clear. I will not vote for Obama. I will not vote for Romney. Once again, I opt out. Once again, I will be proven correct three or four years from now.

As a matter of fact, only about 500,000 of us voted Libertarian in 2008. Judging from what has happened since then- it looks like we were the only ones who made a good decision. Or at the very least, we did not make a bad decision and vote for a Marxist Muslim with two names. Or an elite RINO who married into some dough.

Which leads me to the point of this piece. The vast majority of American voters are stooges. So are the political pundits who make a living off of this insanity.

Let me use a metaphor. In the old days when I was a Police Chief, we would establish hiring pools of potential police officers. We would invest a lot of time in the interviewing process knowing full well that if we hired one bad egg- he or she might not only ruin morale- but it might cost you your job. Hiring decisions are in fact- the most important thing any organization does. 

So if you have invested all of that time and money into establishing a hiring pool and you do not particularly like any of the candidates- what do you do?

Under no circumstances should you hire someone you do not like. Ever. Start over and refuse to compromise. Romney is a compromise.  I compromised my better judgment once. It turned out to be the worst hiring decision I ever made and firing that loser took me through 4 administrative hearings and ultimately a lawsuit that cost the city 50k. This dude lied and refused to come to work. He was probationary. That he ever received a dime is a credit to a system completely broken.

The point is this. We have been conditioned to accept one of two shitty candidates every election cycle. We elect people not because they are exceptionally qualified- we elect people because we think anything has to be better than what we have now. Don't settle for a crappy candidate. Ever.

The "common sense" is wrong. These are the people who will tell you that voting for a third party is a waste and a defacto vote for Obama. These people, and it numbers in the vast millions, perpetuate the myth and thus the stranglehold that these two dysfunctional parties have on America. They convince you that you are wasting your vote by voting third party and because millions believe this- it becomes self fulfilling prophecy. It becomes true. We keep screwing ourselves over as long as we submit to this system.

There is no way that I would vote for either of these two candidates. They both suck.

Here is my suggestion. Vote for somebody that is good. If you can't find a decent guy, like Johnson, write in Ron Paul. Don't vote for another shitty candidate because you think they are going to be less shitty than what we have now. You are screwing the rest of us over with your bad decisions. Vote GOOD or don't vote at all.

North Korea Develops Secret Death Ray

It's so hard to find a good death ray anymore. Unfortunately, it appears that the Norks have found one and they are now threatening to turn us into ashes with it. That's just awful luck. I've been looking for a death ray for quite some time. I need to find one that runs on double AA batteries because I bought one of those giant packages of batteries at Costco and I've got a whole drawer full of them.

I can't remember if Obama stopped in N Korea during his apology tour. Probably not. So maybe he could swing by and drop off some Clearasil and an I-Phone for Kim Jong un. Apologize for the Korean War. Spare us from that death ray.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Like Carlin Said, Now The Government Is After Your Retirement

And they'll get it too.

I'm so glad I pulled my money out. These bastards will not stop until they get every last dime that we have. They're probably hoping Americans cash out so that they can levy the 10% early out penalty on them enmasse. They are thinking of taxing contributions this time around. I still believe they are mulling over some way of forcing us to buy government debt like the Japanese do.

From the NY Post.

Obama, the Secret Genius

Don't you just love how the progressives think Obama is so smart? Here's proof.

I giggled all the way through this article. You just have to read the letter.

Obama, the secret genius. The moonbats will say he writes this poorly on purpose so that the hoi polloi are not intimidated by his genius. Ha!

A Tale of Our Two Tiered Justice System

So a guy in Florida steals a cup of soda pop and goes to jail.

Jon Corzine steals 1.6 billion dollars from CUSTOMER accounts and walks free. I guess it pays to be a campaign bundler for Obama and the Holder regime.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cat and the Crackhead

When I had the appraisal done on my house- the appraiser called it a neighborhood of average homes.

Average is very forgiving.

I have a bunch of lunatics and crackheads living all around me and so it is, I feel right at home. I am not kidding you when I say I had a SWAT team and a sniper in my front yard two months ago. Every cop in Boise was here and used my property to set a perimeter. That's my neighborhood. I knew what I was getting into.

So this morning after writing the Sunday Collage, I had a friend over. He had gone into the kitchen to get some coffee and was looking out the window and started laughing hysterically. He said "Dude, you gotta come see this, hurry!"

I got up and looked out the window. There across the street was one of the neighborhood retards, full grown I might add, with something on a leash. As my eyes focused, I saw that it was a cat. He had decided that this morning might be a good morning to teach his full grown cat how to walk on a leash.

So there he was, dragging the cat across the dirt and gravel, all the way down the block. The cat absolutely refused to walk and at one lunged at him. That was when my friend started laughing hysterically. By the time I got there, I watched as this war of wills unfolded. The brainiac dragged the cat a full 1/2 block before a row of cars blocked my view.

I do not believe that this guy was an M.I.T. grad or anything- just in case you were wondering. You cannot make this stuff up.

Cop Haters, Rapture Proof Liberals, and One Creeper...The Sunday Collage

One of my favorite blogs is Knuckledraggin My Life Away. Kenny will say just about anything- which is one of the reasons he is so funny and he puts up some outrageous stuff. Kenny and his readers are clearly not cop lovers. They are cop haters. Which is mostly ok with me, a retired cop. There are a number of cops I don't like. But I don't "hate" them. Mostly because I don't fear them.

So a cop shot a dog somewhere and this has everyone up in arms. Kenny posted the story and the minions came. I made a half hearted defense. Every day, thousands of dogs are killed. They are killed in shelters and on roads and highways and left for dead. I don't see a lot of outrage about that. But if a cop kills a dog, and some yo yo sticks it on Facebook, look out. You see...

It's ok to kill things as long as you can justify that in your head. You can rationalize that somehow the world is a better place, for example, because you are killing coyotes on behalf of humanity. Saving us from these mouse eating vermin. It's interesting to note that dogs kill a lot more people than coyotes do.

So thousands of dogs die every day. But nobody cares. Until you introduce a cop into the equation. Not an angry lawyer, or an engineer neighbor with a gun, but a cop. So we have someone we hate, killing something we love. If a neighbor would have shot that dog, nobody would have even noted it. That happens every day.

I'd like to tell you a little bit about cop haters in my 25 years worth of observation. With almost 100% precision accuracy, real cop haters have a few things in common. They have all been busted- and they hate authority. That was my experience. There are however, many people who have been busted multiple times that do not hate cops. These people tend to practice rigorous honesty. They can see their part in why they were arrested. They take responsibility for their actions even if the cops treated them poorly. They don't blame others or act like victims. Very often, cop haters continue to engage in conduct which leaves them susceptible to getting busted even some more. Fear and paranoia are key components to hatred. My favorite cop hater is doing an eight year stretch in N. California for getting a couple of people killed in a drug ripoff. He being a total coward, managed not to get himself killed. His father's millions, and undoubtedly a trip to the barber, must have contributed heavily to such a fantastically light sentence.

Fear is the root cause of most hatred. We hate what we fear. The Klan feared blacks, hated them, and strung them up. In America, we fear communists and terrorists, so we kill them. We fear wolves and we kill them. Crimes of passion are nearly always inspired by fear. Fear of rejection and abandonment manifests itself in some sort of rage. Show me someone who fears and I'll show you somebody capable of hatred, maybe murder. My cop hating friend is doing 8 years because the dope dealer he was ripping off feared that he was going to try and rip her off. So she parked a guy with a rifle nearby. She was right. Two people are dead now because of a few kilos of pot. Wow. 

You see, it took me 46 years to figure out that fear is the opposite of love. The greatest lover of all time, Jesus Christ, didn't fear anything and thus didn't hate anyone. He didn't fear the moneychangers, he didn't fear Judas, he didn't fear Pontious Pilate, and he didn't fear death. Since he did not fear any of those things, he did not hate anything. That included the folks who were killing him. For those, he begged forgiveness. Jesus practiced unconditional love- proof positive that he was not of this world.

We all have choices to make. I'm not trying to win the least improved human being award anymore. That's a traveling trophy that will have to go with someone else.

What do I fear? I fear politicians. In fact, I fear politicians so much that it borders on hate. Why? Because they are going to destroy freedom, my way of life, and my country. And I gotta sit idly by and watch it happen. I had this crazy idea when I started this blog that I could help. I must have been insane. Many of the people on my blogroll have the same pure intentions. Some just blame progressives and liberals.

The great thing about all of the progressives in my life are that they are at least agnostic and some are atheist. They struggle with the God concept. Jesus is a problem for them and yet, I see that as a good thing. After I die, I won't have to put up with their shit anymore. And that will include the politicians who only worship power, money, and themselves. I think politicians are largely rapture proof. I don't think God will tolerate progressives trying to tell him how to run heaven either- even though the few who do make it to heaven will surely try to convince God that they know more about heaven than he does and try to pass a bunch of laws to govern the place.

There is one other thing I can't stomach. Creepy guys. So it is, that every day- I am down at the Y running on my favorite treadmill. I run on the second level so that I can observe everything that goes on. A vigilant sort of perch. A couple of days a week, I watch as the creeper enters the gym.

The creeper is a chunky guy in his early 40's. He dresses like some hobo at the Walmart. I don't mind that so much. What bothers me about this guy is that when he walks into the room- he scopes out every female in the place. He doesn't glance at women- he stares at them. He stares at their asses. He stares at their boobs. And the women leave the room en masse because the creeper creeps them out. I don't know why I care. I don't fear the creeper. He doesn't stare at my ass. But for some reason he just pisses me off and now with a flourish, I am going to try and wrap this entire rant up into one tidy package.

I don't hate the cop haters because- who they are- doesn't have a damn thing to do with me and it's certainly none of my business anyway. It does however, speak volumes about who cop haters are.

I do fear politicians. They can't see beyond their own greed and self interest and the next campaign cycle. I think Jesus would have found a way to love those assholes. I am still working on it.

I don't like the creeper. I think it's because he leers at women and the rest of us just sneak glances. He's killing the action and thinning "our herd." This guy couldn't get laid in a whorehouse pushing a wheelbarrow full of cash. Maybe I will see him today. Maybe I will stare at his ass long enough that I will creep him out. See how he likes that shit. I think Jesus would tell him to go find another gym.