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Remaining Secret Service Agents Find Time To Bust Utah Man

Where do they find the time? These guys can multi task. The Secret Service has to be a busy place nowadays. With President Obama traveling everywhere, arranging strippers and hookers with reduced headcounts has got to be taking a toll on the agents. Somehow agents are able to squeeze in a  bust here and there. It looks like they have deviated from their hectic schedules to nab some idiot in Utah with a note threatening the President. The best anti assassination insurance any President ever took out- was finding a running mate like Joe Biden. That was a stroke of genius. I'll tell you this. If I ever ran for President, I'd be signing up Nancy Pelosi or perhaps Harry Reid... now that Barney Frank is retired.

Hummergate Now Enlarging To Include Brazil, San Salvador

Here it comes. Send help.

"We Deserve It Good and Hard"

When it was still ok to have an opinion. Before the statists took over. Great piece via ZeroHedge on H.L. Mencken...courtesy of Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform. I swiped the last part of it... H.L. Mencken understood the false promises of democracy 80 years ago: “Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses. It is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” We deserve to get it good and hard, and we will.  

Downtown Boise YMCA Practices Statism, Censures Free Speech

So yesterday, I took my scooter down to the Y for my daily run. When I bought that beautiful Roadking, the previous owner threw in 20 or so Harley shirts. Because he is smaller than I am-the shirts didn't fit- so I cut the sleeves off a few of them. I wear them to ride and work out in. Some are pretty torn up so I use them at the car wash. At any rate, I was wearing one that said, "If you can read this, the bitch fell off." The moment I walked into the gym- the place was abuzz. Pretty soon, one of the employees came and asked me to wear the shirt inside out or tape off the "bitch" word. I didn't want to create a giant shit storm at the gym, so I let them tape up the shirt. The north end of Boise is filled with moonbats, statists, and liberals. They are the guardians of politically correct speech. They are not afraid to exercise their opinions about everyone else and unlike conservatives- they actually act on their dumb ass impulses. They have no prob

Gas Prices Headed Lower, Predicted Here First on March 1

While the entire world was in full panic mode during February and March of this year and believed 5.00 gas was going to be a reality everywhere, I firmly believed that was bullshit and said so here on March 1. Absolutely nothing I was reading supported that scenario. Now gas prices are ticking down. Here was my original piece. I am never afraid to take a stand or be a contrarian. That  philosophy however has caused me to eat crow once in awhile. That's ok. I dine alone mostly. Mar 1 Why I Believe Oil Prices Are About To Tumble Here at Frankenstein Government (the writers, me) are never afraid to stick our necks out. The absolute worst thing that can happen to me is that I will write something so outlandishly fucking stupid that I will live to regret it. They give us a delete button for a reason. I have been pondering the rise in oil prices and my pe

How To Score Points With Chicks- Expert Advice


The Insanity of Two Party Politics- Hers's How To Opt Out

My friend Jim at Conservatives on Fire put up a great piece yesterday. "Don't Blame Third Party Voters If Obama Is Re-Elected" Let me make something perfectly clear. I will not vote for Obama. I will not vote for Romney. Once again, I opt out. Once again, I will be proven correct three or four years from now. As a matter of fact, only about 500,000 of us voted Libertarian in 2008. Judging from what has happened since then- it looks like we were the only ones who made a good decision. Or at the very least, we did not make a bad decision and vote for a Marxist Muslim with two names. Or an elite RINO who married into some dough. Which leads me to the point of this piece. The vast majority of American voters are stooges. So are the political pundits who make a living off of this insanity. Let me use a metaphor. In the old days when I was a Police Chief, we would es

North Korea Develops Secret Death Ray

It's so hard to find a good death ray anymore. Unfortunately, it appears that the Norks have found one and they are now threatening to turn us into ashes with it. That's just awful luck. I've been looking for a death ray for quite some time. I need to find one that runs on double AA batteries because I bought one of those giant packages of batteries at Costco and I've got a whole drawer full of them. I can't remember if Obama stopped in N Korea during his apology tour. Probably not. So maybe he could swing by and drop off some Clearasil and an I-Phone for Kim Jong un. Apologize for the Korean War. Spare us from that death ray.

Just Like Carlin Said, Now The Government Is After Your Retirement

And they'll get it too. I'm so glad I pulled my money out. These bastards will not stop until they get every last dime that we have. They're probably hoping Americans cash out so that they can levy the 10% early out penalty on them enmasse. They are thinking of taxing contributions this time around. I still believe they are mulling over some way of forcing us to buy government debt like the Japanese do. From the NY Post.

Obama, the Secret Genius

Don't you just love how the progressives think Obama is so smart? Here's proof. I giggled all the way through this article. You just have to read the letter. Obama, the secret genius. The moonbats will say he writes this poorly on purpose so that the hoi polloi are not intimidated by his genius. Ha!

A Tale of Our Two Tiered Justice System

So a guy in Florida steals a cup of soda pop and goes to jail. Jon Corzine steals 1.6 billion dollars from CUSTOMER accounts and walks free. I guess it pays to be a campaign bundler for Obama and the Holder regime.

We Only Kill You Because We Love You

Obama. We only kill you because we love you. We cannot sow the seeds of hate...well...unless we have to. Then of course, it's ok. The great war machine speaks.

Dorothy Sums Up the Political Class


Finally Some Photos Of A Columbian Hooker That Charges 750 Bucks

Linked without comment.

The Cat and the Crackhead

When I had the appraisal done on my house- the appraiser called it a neighborhood of average homes. Average is very forgiving. I have a bunch of lunatics and crackheads living all around me and so it is, I feel right at home. I am not kidding you when I say I had a SWAT team and a sniper in my front yard two months ago. Every cop in Boise was here and used my property to set a perimeter. That's my neighborhood. I knew what I was getting into. So this morning after writing the Sunday Collage, I had a friend over. He had gone into the kitchen to get some coffee and was looking out the window and started laughing hysterically. He said "Dude, you gotta come see this, hurry!" I got up and looked out the window. There across the street was one of the neighborhood retards, full grown I might add, with something on a leash. As my eyes focused, I saw that it was a cat. He had decided that this morning might be a good morning to teach his full grown cat how to walk on a lea

Cop Haters, Rapture Proof Liberals, and One Creeper...The Sunday Collage

One of my favorite blogs is Knuckledraggin My Life Away. Kenny will say just about anything- which is one of the reasons he is so funny and he puts up some outrageous stuff. Kenny and his readers are clearly not cop lovers. They are cop haters. Which is mostly ok with me, a retired cop. There are a number of cops I don't like. But I don't "hate" them. Mostly because I don't fear them. So a cop shot a dog somewhere and this has everyone up in arms. Kenny posted the story and the minions came. I made a half hearted defense. Every day, thousands of dogs are killed. They are killed in shelters and on roads and highways and left for dead. I don't see a lot of outrage about that. But if a cop kills a dog, and some yo yo sticks it on Facebook, look out. You see... It's ok to kill things as long as you can justify that in your head. You can rationalize that somehow the world is a better place, for example, because you are killing coyotes on behalf of humanity.