Cop Haters, Rapture Proof Liberals, and One Creeper...The Sunday Collage

One of my favorite blogs is Knuckledraggin My Life Away. Kenny will say just about anything- which is one of the reasons he is so funny and he puts up some outrageous stuff. Kenny and his readers are clearly not cop lovers. They are cop haters. Which is mostly ok with me, a retired cop. There are a number of cops I don't like. But I don't "hate" them. Mostly because I don't fear them.

So a cop shot a dog somewhere and this has everyone up in arms. Kenny posted the story and the minions came. I made a half hearted defense. Every day, thousands of dogs are killed. They are killed in shelters and on roads and highways and left for dead. I don't see a lot of outrage about that. But if a cop kills a dog, and some yo yo sticks it on Facebook, look out. You see...

It's ok to kill things as long as you can justify that in your head. You can rationalize that somehow the world is a better place, for example, because you are killing coyotes on behalf of humanity. Saving us from these mouse eating vermin. It's interesting to note that dogs kill a lot more people than coyotes do.

So thousands of dogs die every day. But nobody cares. Until you introduce a cop into the equation. Not an angry lawyer, or an engineer neighbor with a gun, but a cop. So we have someone we hate, killing something we love. If a neighbor would have shot that dog, nobody would have even noted it. That happens every day.

I'd like to tell you a little bit about cop haters in my 25 years worth of observation. With almost 100% precision accuracy, real cop haters have a few things in common. They have all been busted- and they hate authority. That was my experience. There are however, many people who have been busted multiple times that do not hate cops. These people tend to practice rigorous honesty. They can see their part in why they were arrested. They take responsibility for their actions even if the cops treated them poorly. They don't blame others or act like victims. Very often, cop haters continue to engage in conduct which leaves them susceptible to getting busted even some more. Fear and paranoia are key components to hatred. My favorite cop hater is doing an eight year stretch in N. California for getting a couple of people killed in a drug ripoff. He being a total coward, managed not to get himself killed. His father's millions, and undoubtedly a trip to the barber, must have contributed heavily to such a fantastically light sentence.

Fear is the root cause of most hatred. We hate what we fear. The Klan feared blacks, hated them, and strung them up. In America, we fear communists and terrorists, so we kill them. We fear wolves and we kill them. Crimes of passion are nearly always inspired by fear. Fear of rejection and abandonment manifests itself in some sort of rage. Show me someone who fears and I'll show you somebody capable of hatred, maybe murder. My cop hating friend is doing 8 years because the dope dealer he was ripping off feared that he was going to try and rip her off. So she parked a guy with a rifle nearby. She was right. Two people are dead now because of a few kilos of pot. Wow. 

You see, it took me 46 years to figure out that fear is the opposite of love. The greatest lover of all time, Jesus Christ, didn't fear anything and thus didn't hate anyone. He didn't fear the moneychangers, he didn't fear Judas, he didn't fear Pontious Pilate, and he didn't fear death. Since he did not fear any of those things, he did not hate anything. That included the folks who were killing him. For those, he begged forgiveness. Jesus practiced unconditional love- proof positive that he was not of this world.

We all have choices to make. I'm not trying to win the least improved human being award anymore. That's a traveling trophy that will have to go with someone else.

What do I fear? I fear politicians. In fact, I fear politicians so much that it borders on hate. Why? Because they are going to destroy freedom, my way of life, and my country. And I gotta sit idly by and watch it happen. I had this crazy idea when I started this blog that I could help. I must have been insane. Many of the people on my blogroll have the same pure intentions. Some just blame progressives and liberals.

The great thing about all of the progressives in my life are that they are at least agnostic and some are atheist. They struggle with the God concept. Jesus is a problem for them and yet, I see that as a good thing. After I die, I won't have to put up with their shit anymore. And that will include the politicians who only worship power, money, and themselves. I think politicians are largely rapture proof. I don't think God will tolerate progressives trying to tell him how to run heaven either- even though the few who do make it to heaven will surely try to convince God that they know more about heaven than he does and try to pass a bunch of laws to govern the place.

There is one other thing I can't stomach. Creepy guys. So it is, that every day- I am down at the Y running on my favorite treadmill. I run on the second level so that I can observe everything that goes on. A vigilant sort of perch. A couple of days a week, I watch as the creeper enters the gym.

The creeper is a chunky guy in his early 40's. He dresses like some hobo at the Walmart. I don't mind that so much. What bothers me about this guy is that when he walks into the room- he scopes out every female in the place. He doesn't glance at women- he stares at them. He stares at their asses. He stares at their boobs. And the women leave the room en masse because the creeper creeps them out. I don't know why I care. I don't fear the creeper. He doesn't stare at my ass. But for some reason he just pisses me off and now with a flourish, I am going to try and wrap this entire rant up into one tidy package.

I don't hate the cop haters because- who they are- doesn't have a damn thing to do with me and it's certainly none of my business anyway. It does however, speak volumes about who cop haters are.

I do fear politicians. They can't see beyond their own greed and self interest and the next campaign cycle. I think Jesus would have found a way to love those assholes. I am still working on it.

I don't like the creeper. I think it's because he leers at women and the rest of us just sneak glances. He's killing the action and thinning "our herd." This guy couldn't get laid in a whorehouse pushing a wheelbarrow full of cash. Maybe I will see him today. Maybe I will stare at his ass long enough that I will creep him out. See how he likes that shit. I think Jesus would tell him to go find another gym.


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