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The Facebook Society

In like a lion today. Centuries from now, while sifting through the ruins of our society, anthropologists are bound to find Facebook. Facebook is the grade school for adults. Go ahead and read that shit posted on Facebook. Compare it to 4th grade show and tell. Discover what you already know- but haven't stopped to think about. Those anthropologists are going to look at Facebook, cellphones, Ipods, Ipads, laptops, and wonder how it was that a society which clearly had the means to communicate- couldn't communicate. With all of these fantastic communication devices- how was it that our society could not get on the same page? I am going to tie this all up with a nice big ribbon in just a moment. There is a special kind of wisdom that comes from a lifetime of dealing with charlatans and liars. I wish I could tell you that the charlatans and liars are going to lose. But, I can't. Right now the liars and chrlatans are winning and good does not always triumph over evil.