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"Deal With It" and Other Liberal Euphemisms

As the United States devolves into our new brand of mob rule democracy which ignores liberty and the rule of law, I have never seen our country more divided. Commenters everywhere seem to  practice contempt prior to investigation. Facts are ignored because the statists  won or because they are inconvenient.  We have four more years to serve on this sentence and as we do, I have noticed that the liberal hordes all seem to speak the same language. The language of smart assery littered with euphemisms. Of course, that type of speech is never meant to be constructive. It's just the vitriol of a classless group of people who cannot have an intelligent discussion about any thing that disagrees with their atheistic view of the world. They are completely disrespectful of anybody's view of the world unless they hold the identical view. I have given up any hope of trying to spark some rational thought or an intelligent discussion with these people. Don't get me wrong. I don'

Save the SS United States!

I couldn't help noticing these two stories today about an old ship called the "SS United States." One here: And then one from the liberals with a new photo here: We have this once great ship, rusting away in an eastern harbor. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between that ship and our country. What should we do? When automakers and banks are going belly up- we bail them out. Why would we stop there? In keeping with established themes- here is what I think we should do. First we need a government takeover. Then we should drag this heap over to the Pacific Rim where we can refurbish it with taxpayer subsidized workers earning a dollar an hour. After we burn through a billion or two- we can then return the ship to America. We will sell g

The Monday Morning Re Cap

I had a couple of ideas this week for the Sunday Collage. "Ubi libertas habitat ibi nostra patria est" [Where liberty dwells, there is my country] I have been glued to this Cyprus bankruptcy deal. Stealing peoples' money always fascinates me. Late last night, the bankers decided to steal 40% of all deposits in excess of 100,000 euros. The banking troika then extended Cyprus another 10 billion. Germany's leader hailed the bailout as a great thing. Stealing money from the rich is all the rage right now.  And so... the grand banking fraud continues. I watched the market go up and metals sell off this morning. That activity has since reversed. The dutch prime minister is now calling Cyprus the blueprint for how the rest of the eurozone should conduct  business. So let this be a warning rich bastards. Don't make money. It's evil and they'll just take it from you anyway. A great analogy was drawn this morning about Cyprus and the United States. A flo

True Irony