Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Deal With It" and Other Liberal Euphemisms

As the United States devolves into our new brand of mob rule democracy which ignores liberty and the rule of law, I have never seen our country more divided. Commenters everywhere seem to  practice contempt prior to investigation. Facts are ignored because the statists won or because they are inconvenient. We have four more years to serve on this sentence and as we do, I have noticed that the liberal hordes all seem to speak the same language. The language of smart assery littered with euphemisms.

Of course, that type of speech is never meant to be constructive. It's just the vitriol of a classless group of people who cannot have an intelligent discussion about any thing that disagrees with their atheistic view of the world. They are completely disrespectful of anybody's view of the world unless they hold the identical view.

I have given up any hope of trying to spark some rational thought or an intelligent discussion with these people.

Don't get me wrong. I don't care for the elite right- or the conservative oligarch either. But conservatives at least have some respect and decency. They don't run around spewing vitriol every time you point out some inconvenient truth like perhaps killing the unborn- should take a higher priority than recycling grocery bags.

For those of you who need a refresher, I nabbed this definition of "euphemism." euphemism is a generally innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may be found offensive or suggest something unpleasant.[1] Some euphemisms are intended to amuse, while others use bland, inoffensive, and often misleading terms for things the user wishes to dissimulate or downplay. Euphemisms are used for dissimulation, to refer to taboo topics (such as disability, sex, excretion, and death) in a polite way, and to mask profanity. The opposite of euphemism roughly equates to dysphemism.

Euphemisms are part of the passive aggressive speech pattern that liberals employ. At first it comes off like high brow snobbery and indeed, it has some of that flavor. It is steeped in ego. Liberals employ euphemisms mainly because they are cowardly and they enjoy ridiculing their "perceived" enemies. I think maybe it gives them some feeling of superiority.

Thus the grand "human evolution" continues.

I used to try and reason with these assholes. But like rabid dogs, you can't talk sense with liberals. You have to beat them with clubs. They don't understand that mob rule democracy will destroy our nation. They actually think they are "winning" and that they have the answer. That level of unconsciousness is fascinating. By the time these sleepwalkers wake- we will have lost every liberty that we have ever gained. Our laws will have laws and Obamcare will look like Cliff's Notes. We might as well apologize to King George, pay our back taxes, and go home. What the hell were we thinking?

And there they'll be...the great progressives...saying cagey things like "we won" and "deal with it."

You are entitled to your beliefs and your opinions. You should be able to express them without ridicule.     This used to be a free country well....until the collectivists got hold of it.

In the end of course, the liberals will reap what they sow. And being the cowards that they are- they will blame anyone other than themselves when harvest time arrives. Soon we shall all be slaves of the state.

I can hardly wait. "Deal with it" I will tell them.


Wraith said...

"Oh, I'll deal with it, all right." (Enigmatic smile)

For some reason, Proglodytes seem to get really nervous when I say that.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on MSM including fox years ago. I could not stomach the lopsided views. To obtain news breaking and otherwise I use the blog's of likeminded and polar opposite opinions. I tend to agree with you the liberal left is worse but depending how fringe the blog or site is the comments are amped up by how far left or right of center. my comments are civil and try to point out the error in the reporting and as you stated I will get comments like "conservative" "Libtard" "racist" etc, etc, To wrap up I think most people in America are too stupid to vote and should not procreate,,,

Anonymous said...

They still won't get it, Brian.

Anonymous said...

I divorced my first wife because of religious differences: she thought she was God, I disagreed. So it is that I divorce myself from liberals.

On another note, perhaps the only way to deal with liberals is to "out-liberal" them. Whatever insane piece of crap they come up with (and they come up with a lot), propose an even more insane piece of crap. If they demand gay marriage, demand that only gays be allowed to marry. If they demand gun control, demand that every gun be confiscated, including those of the police and military. If they demand that super-sized soft drinks be outlawed, demand that everything containing salt, sugar or fat be outlawed (and so on and so forth). In short, the only way to deal with a retard is to sometimes be an even bigger retard. Who knows, it just might work.

Now pardon me while I rinse my mouth out with bleach. I feel unclean having used the "l" word.

Happy Easter. May the rabbit emerge from his burrow, see his shadow and dispense chocolates for six more weeks.

Brian said...

You made my day! LMAO!