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"Making the Most Money With the Least Amount of Work"- The Sunday Collage

Are Americans lazy? CNN thinks so.   So does Tyler Cowen, economist. The author of this piece and our economist could not be more wrong. I loved reading this piece yesterday because not only are the contributors well off the mark- but in typical CNN fashion they start in on the Trump bashing which I am so sssiiiccckkk of reading. Fuck. I only click on CNN Money to look at commodity prices. I wasn't planning on reading another inaccurate editorial dressed up like cutting edge news. Years ago my friend Billy quoted the title of this blog today. When he said it- I remember thinking how profoundly simple and undeniable that statement was. He said that every one of us is trying to do precisely that. Make the most money with the least amount of work. What's killing American productivity? I love the Yellowstone Park "Feeding the Bears" analogy. In Yellowstone Park, the rangers don'