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Saturday, March 19, 2022

It Starts Slowly and Ends Suddenly

I joined Clusterfuck Nation this week, James Kunstler's blog. Every once in a while, you stumble across someone who thinks and writes just like you do. 

This week the NY Times authenticated the Hunter Biden laptop story which had been buried by the liberal press prior to the presidential election and subsequently declared Russian disinformation by friendly liberal stooges desperate to get rid of Trump.

So in addition to smoking crack, screwing your dead brother's wife, having children with strippers, soliciting bribes, receiving over 1 million dollars for sitting on the Burisma board in the Ukraine, getting 3.5 million from a female Russian oligarch, and tax evasion- Hunter Biden abandoned a laptop that corroborates much of this shit.

The FBI has had the fucking thing since 2019 and I suppose we are all left wondering how it takes the FBI three years to investigate a body of crimes that any competent cop could do in a month or two.

The short answer is that they are political hacks and if they sit on this laptop long enough- they will hope it all goes away so this numbskull can remain out of jail. Maybe the statute of limitations will run out. But you know damn well that the "big guy" has sent the message. Corruption rolls down hill and the only way to stop corruption is to engage in career suicide. 

I don't know what level of corruption you must rise to or achieve to eventually get the attention of law enforcement. Apparently if you are one of these Biden crooks, on par with the Clinton crooks, you can get away with anything from pedophilia to million dollar bribes. 

We all know that the cowardly prosecutors in this country will do anything to keep out of harm's way. 

We are a top down executive branch. If the president is corrupt- then everything below him becomes corrupt. Forget ethics and morality, we've lost all that. Forget the rule of law. We don't enforce law anymore unless it's some defenseless guy in a trailer park. The FBI is shit. Now we are finding out that the CIA have sponsored bio-labs all over the world, not just the 30 in the Ukraine.

Our currency is debauched, we owe 31 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Our tax code is such a fucking complex disaster that only the aristocracy (who are quite happy with it) can sort it out with teams of accountants and lawyers. Inflation is close to 15% a year, fuel prices have doubled, and the rest of the world knows we are in trouble. Supply chains are breaking and who knows the collateral damage the drooler in chief can accomplish in the Ukraine. Look what he's done in a year. The leaderless group exercise continues.

Slowly is turning into quickly. It's time to prepare. I will tell you what I have been doing in the coming days.