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Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Are The Europe of Tomorrow, Two Wonderful Internet Gems Included

The greatest conspiracy ever thought of, planned, and delivered was the one we just had. The first ten years of the 21st century. We are going to live with the fallout of this event for the rest of our lives.

We all share a common bond here. We know what we can see. We know the government is lying. We know the country is in decline. And we can't do a fucking thing about it. That is powerlessness. Even our own CIA says that our income distribution level is the worst of all developed countries.

In other words, when you strip away ten million manufacturing jobs and send them all over the world, all you are left with is a bunch of cheap service jobs. How are you going to have an economic recovery with a sea of debt and consumers with no money? You can't. It is a fallacy.

All the government can do is lie and cheer lead. That is all they do.

This year my state retirement fund handed out a 1% cost of living increase despite government statistics that say inflation last year ran at 3.6%. For three years in a row now- our retirement fund has handed out a whopping 1%. I figure in that time frame, I have lost a very real 15% in terms of buying power. I can extrapolate that out ten years. I am in big fucking trouble. Why? I am going to lose 5% buying power per year and our retirement fund is not even going to try and match inflation. Our state retirement fund cannot possibly generate returns of 7.5% which ours and just about every other retirement fund in the U.S. is hoping to do. The greed conspiracy has ruined that. Permanently. Here is one of my favorite sites. A real obscure little gem. Here you will find every public retirement fund in the U.S. and their solvency. Bookmark it and watch things get worse.

So Idaho PERSI plans to do the obvious. Cut cost of living increases to the bone, and pray like hell they can generate the returns they've been promising. They can't do it. They'll have to go to the legislature and taxpayers for help. Good luck with that. Idaho PERSI is in deep trouble and we are one of the most solvent funds in the nation. Places like California are in dire straits. In fact, I expect California's retirement system to absolutely collapse within 10 years. Without some form of intervention or a Deus Ex Machina ending-that is a mathematical certainty.

This weekend, I stumbled onto a real gem of a site. Please read what this man has to say and look at his credentials. Absolutely outstanding.

I'd like to say one other thing about retired folks with valuable information- people like Paul Craig Roberts. Or to a far lesser extent- common folks like us.

We are no longer allowed to have opinions in this country- unless of course those opinions are sanctioned by our employers or government masters. Telling the truth is dangerous. The only people who can do that without fear or reprisal- are people who do not cater to employers willing to cut their throats if by extension- their employers are made to look bad.

Educate yourselves and prepare. We are tomorrow's Europe.

Best Comment Thread of the Week, Snipped Fron ZeroHedge

SilverIsKing's picture
Please define "top investment analysts" and provide examples of a few.
Much thanks.
Fri, 01/06/2012 - 15:44 | 2040504 MillionDollarBonus_
MillionDollarBonus_'s picture
These would be analysts at top tier investment banks, hedge funds and a few select prop firms. Examples would be anyone working at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to employees of elite quant funds like DE Shaw and Citadel.
Fri, 01/06/2012 - 15:59 | 2040518 akak
akak's picture
You REALLY mean all the Too Big To Fail, government-connected, corrupt, doomed to collapse, Ponzi schemes/extortion rackets masquerading as investment firms, don't you, MillionDollarAnus?
Fri, 01/06/2012 - 16:03 | 2040564 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture
Vote up!
Shit, I could make money too if I could get zero percent interest rates, but some bonds, sell them back two weeks later for a 3% profit, lend that money out 30-100 times over to consumers, charge them interest, take those profits and load it into stocks where I had inside information, front run everyone else's buy orders, and then suck off the teet of a constant stream of bailouts and the sort.
Acadamia at its best bitchez.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Do We Keep Electing the Wrong People?

Because we are a nation of misguided fools adhering to inaccurate beliefs. Bush Jr. convinced me of that. Obama, international man of mystery and lost documents, has sealed that belief.

The worst part about this? We are going to do it again.

George Carlin was right. We don't elect people in this country that represent us, the majority. We elect people who represent a vast minority. Think about that for a minute.

Do the majority of us go to Yale, Harvard, or Columbia? Are the majority of us born into ultra rich and elite families? Do we have networks of rich families willing to give us cushy jobs with big titles? Are the majority of us such ego driven maniacs that we are willing to say anything to get elected? Do we have the ability to tap banks for hundreds of millions in contributions? No, of course not.

Why then do we keep electing these assholes?

We have a collective, illusory belief in this country. It is a lie. It is a lie passed from generation to generation. It is a layered lie. A lie where wealth and intelligence cannot be separated from truth. It goes something like this.

First you must be born into wealth. If not, you must acquire wealth or be willing to acquire it any way  possible. Wealth is power. Entry into a prestigious school with ridiculous standards and outrageous tuition costs helps a lot. You are paying for an image. That image of success is undeniable. It is an essential part of our U.S. belief system that says graduating from Harvard or similar school is a guarantee of success. In fact, were it deniable, Harvard would not be anything special. Harvard is only special in the minds of people who BELIEVE it is special. Obviously that's a lot of people. Virtually every Supreme Court Justice graduated from Harvard. All nine of them. How is that possible? Is Harvard the only law school in the U.S.? Does every other law school suck? Apparently.

Perception may be reality- but it is often fallible as decades worth of proof mount up.

We have this ridiculous perception in America that money means success. The terms, money and success, are interchangeable we think. In furtherance of the value we place on money we believe wealth equates to intelligence. If you have more money than us- you must be more intelligent than we are. Therefore, we tend to elect successful looking or wealthy people. People that have created an "image" of success. It doesn't matter whether they have truly accomplished anything just so long as they appear to have accomplished something. The right image. If you have that superficial pre-requisite in place, people believe.

Mitt Romney is the perfect example of another ineffective and superficial elitist. He was born into wealth, given the best schooling, had the best connections, and got a little lucky. You want to know the best part? He is a BANKER. (Bain Capital) The same people that have pillaged this country. The left and the right and the banking industry want you to elect him. Of course they do and you will. Mitt Romney just oozes maintenance and safety of the status quo. Business as usual. Read this glowing abstract of the life of Romney. It looks as though Mitt wrote it himself except that he probably paid someone else to do it. Romney even made People's list of the 50 most beautiful people.

Mitt Romney is the perfect package. Wealthy, well educated, beautiful, elite. He is a continuation and perfect example of this country's inability to elect someone of substance. Someone with personal courage who will step up to the plate and do the nasty work that needs doing. Someone who represents the 95% of us who do not make 200k or over and who are struggling to survive. Instead we will march dutifully to the polls and elect this protector of the status quo and elite. I guarantee it. Mitt Romney, barring some unforeseen disaster, is your next President and our next failure.

We just can't seem to get anything right. We elect people that represent the elite minority. The middle class, the 95%. Losing. George Carlin was right.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Darth Vader Gets His Ass Kicked, Tasered, Does Not Go Peacefully Into the Good Night

They always get tough- after they are restrained. That was my experience. The video is about 90 seconds.

Senator Obama

On the national debt. This is what he had to say. Since becoming President-he has added nearly 5 trillion.

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."
-Barack Hussein Obama

Me Too

This Is How The United States Government Steals Our Money- A Fiscal "How To" Guide For Loansharks and Wise Guys

"Hey bud, have I got a deal for you. Just deposit your money tax free into one of these little 401k plans and you can defer taxes until you are fifty nine and half! Your savings will increase because every one knows that the stock market only goes up. You can't miss. It's like buying a house, pal." 

That's what government encouraged us to do. Invest your money and avoid our taxes. What's not to like?

Well, as it turns out- plenty. This is how it panned out for me.

In the summer of 2009 with no jobs in sight, I pulled out a large sum of 401k money. Federal and state taxes cost me 27%. The Feds tacked on a 10% penalty because don't you know- we agreed to keep it in until death do us part or age 59.5 came. The problem with all of that was- nobody anticipated that our government would grease the wheels of the banking elite so that they in turn could bankrupt the world. Thus ruining all of our investments and leaving us with a national debt we will NEVER pay.

It really is criminal negligence. They'll be happy when we are all living in tents. It has been the greatest grand theft of all time. Bankers stealing everything in sight while a President is putting for par on Hawaiian golf courses.

Had I known this, I doubt I would have saved a dime. I remember the narcissist in chief telling us all in  2008 how he was going to let us use our 401k money (Isn't that rich- going to let us use our own money?) penalty free. Yea. I'm still waiting. Here's the recap on that bullshit promise.

Ok now listen up shylocks, loansharks, and wise guys while we recap how our government operates. See if you can pick up some pointers.

1. Tax the shit out of people. (Extortion or protection)
2. Force people into some investment- tax free- they will stampede in. (Don't tell them it isn't risk free)
3. Then change all of the rules for bankers because they finance campaigns and buy politicians.
4. Let the bankers issue credit to everyone with warm blood. (Give the shoeshine boy a mansion.)
5. Have a bank/stock market collapse. (No more shoeshine boys taking out loans)
6. Then have a housing collapse. ( Nobody saw it coming, it's a mystery.)
7. Steal a couple of trillion to give to bankers and business friends.
8. Charge those two trillion to the public debt- that way the people who lost all of their home equity, all of their 401k money, can also have an enormous debt to pay back.
9. If people have any money leftover after all of that, print more money so that savings and buying power can be inflated away.
10. Make sure none of your cronies gets prosecuted and let them keep all of the money they stole.

Three years later, it is still happening. Jon Corzine took good notes. He went shopping for chateaus. Clearly he wasn't worried about his business going bankrupt and his customers getting stiffed.

This is the sickest thing I have read yet on the whole MFS Global grand theft.

Doctors Going Broke? Unfortunately, There Is Always One Common Denominator-

Yesterday I went to see a movie called "In Time." It's kind of hokey but it's about a futuristic people who are given time and if their personal clocks "expire" they die.

I love the concept because the movie is really about money. The parallels are outstanding. The haves survive and the have nots- don't. I see that happening in America. Particularly with health care. People cannot afford it. People will die.

I love doctors. I think most of them are great humanitarians. Unfortunately, many of them are tied to the government. That same voracious government that controls everything and steals everyone's wealth. Now doctors are going broke. I am not surprised.

When doctors start practicing for cash and directly with people- then the system can start operating again. As long as you have greedy administrative costs, big pharma, government, big insurance, and big lawyers pillaging this pool of health care money for every drop they can get- I see it getting far worse. You can get excellent health care almost anywhere in the world for a fraction of what we pay here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanks For Your Service, Suckers!

Years ago, I was playing cards in Pahrump, Nv. Seated to my left was a Vietnam army veteran in a wheelchair. He had lost his legs in the war. We struck up a conversation and eventually he invited me to dinner. At the time I think I had been a cop for about 20 years and I mentioned that to him.

At some point prior to our parting company, he said "Thank you for your service." He caught me completely off guard- this man with no legs. In fact, I don't even think I returned the thank you. Some guy with no legs thanking me. Imagine that. I am humbled now as I recall that moment. I cannot tell you how many times I have thanked vets for their service. Many, many times, because of that lapse.

So a friend of mine sent me an article recently. It's about how the air force is shit canning pilots before they are able to retire. A trick that has been used by corporate America for decades.

To be honest, I understand that the country is angry over government retirement packages. I think what strikes me over and over again about the "New America" is that whether it is private or public, employers simply do what is legal. They are not interested in doing what is right. That is a pathetically low bar to jump over.

It is interesting that 30 years ago, public service paid nothing. Our meager retirement is about all we had going for us. The Feds threw in health care for their employees. Today government jobs are the most attractive. Who knew that our retirement and health care would be so valuable? I couldn't have predicted that in 1982.

So what is minimally legal is often wrong. That's what pisses me off the most. The ethical and moral standards of this country, doing what is right, are no longer important. What can we get away with or what does the law the only standard that remains.

What would be wrong with offering pilots with 15 years service a couple of options? Buy out packages, pro-rated and reduced retirements, or allowing them to opt in for the remainder of time to get fully vested? Becoming instructors. Changing the rules for new recruits. There are all kinds of options.

For pilots, those were the original rules and the pretenses that induced them to sign up and then stay- If you liked the military you could retire in 20 years...well...unless they change the rules sometime in between.

Time and time again, it seems that the people who suffer the most are always the ones who do the work. The upper echelons of the military or politicians always seem to escape similar cuts but are more than willing and happy to apply them to subordinates.

You ever see a politician lose their legs? Nah me neither.

Obama's Arrogance Truly Knows No Limitations

Electing Obama has been such a disaster on so many fronts. Not only was he completely inept and incapable of meaningful "public service" but he is a complete narcissist. That wouldn't be so bad normally except that this asshole is like a narcissist on steroids. 

The dude is incapable of any, I mean any, rigorous self honesty. He does not have any.

He loves to make recess appointments of nefarious characters for reasons unknown except to him. By making recess appointments of dubious people- the American people have no means to question the integrity of these individuals- and thus the whole Senate confirmation process is avoided. This time I think he is doing it out of anger. Like a little boy throwing a tantrum. The intent of recess appointments originally was to make them when absolutely necessary to keep government running while Congress was in recess.

Not to piss off the opposing party. Obama pays little attention to the intent of the law.

Mitch McConnell calls Obama's latest recess appointment "unprecedented." Where the hell has McConnell been? He's been doing this for years.

To be fair, Obama has made far fewer recess appointments than his predecessors. I am going to include this "everything you ever wanted to know about recess appointments" link here:

More significant than recess appointments- has been Obama's appointment of Czars. In three short years, Obama has appointed more Czars than anyone else including two term Presidents. Regular readers will note that Bush (I am no fan) was no stranger to Czar appointments either.

Deep down, Obama is simply a scared little boy. He really doesn't know what the hell he is doing but that doesn't stop him from doing it. I think the only real skill Obama has mastered is the art of deception. He does what he wants to do. That's why many members of his cabinet have departed. The remaining ones couldn't get jobs at car washes.

I would love to see Obama try a desert survival exercise or similar test all by himself. He couldn't survive a day or two. After all, when you are the smartest guy in the room, why do you need another opinion?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Ever Under Estimate the Will of Government

Many years ago, I had a co-worker explain to my why a mutual friend of ours was so intelligent. His explanation was based on the absolute greed and cunning of our mutual friend. Our friend had amassed a small fortune- but had done so at the expense of others. This in America, is called "business." Exploiting people may seem intelligent to some people. And to be fair, it does take some measure of intelligence to find a niche and exploit it. Where conscience is shallow or perhaps completely ignored, there is money to be made.

The willingness to do something does not necessarily have a damn thing to do with what is right or intelligent. 

Don't ever confuse intelligence with greed or self centered-ness. These character traits can easily occupy the same space (or not) at the same time and for some- this may be confusing. I don't consider the exploitation of people particularly intelligent. The other tricky thing about intelligence is that it is highly subjective. To a half wit, everyone else looks intelligent. To Einstein, everyone else looks a little slow. The absence or use of intelligence, in varying degrees, can also be situational.

Let me give you an example. Let's suppose Politician A is a Senator. Politician A really wants a spending bill to pass for personal reasons but his constituents back home will crucify him if he votes for it. So Politician A actually lobbies privately for the bill with other Senators. They are not up for re-election nor do they come from districts that will crucify them for voting for the measure. Politician A knows precisely how many votes are needed for the measure to pass. When the time comes to vote for the measure, he votes "nay" knowing that the measure will pass anyway but making him look like he opposed it. Other Senators know exactly what he is doing. Does this shit go on? All the fucking time.

So let me ask you. Is that intelligent?

Government is very well aware that the vast majority of citizens in this country disapprove of the job they are doing. They read every bit as much as most Americans. Maybe more. They know where they stand. 

Let me tell you something else. They know they've screwed the pooch. Privately, they would tell you this. Publicly, they will never admit to this. It's easy for Americans to observe our debt spiraling out of control. Of politicians we think, "What is wrong with these people? Are they fucking stupid?"

The answer to that question is no. They simply understand and accept something the rest of us have not figured out. They screwed us. No miracle is going to come and pay off that sixteen thousand billion we owe. We also have three times that amount of money coming due and payable in the form of social security, medicare, and prescription drug payments. It is game over. There ain't no money to pay this and there ain't gonna be any miracles. No Deus Ex Machina ending here.

And then we are going to throw some gasoline on that fire in the form of Obamacare. Pure genius.

What politicians are engaged in now is a form of career triage. They are going to put their best face forward and tell constituents what they want to hear. They are going to pray like hell that when elections come- that you will all forget what they have done. They are going to take care of themselves, their little fortunes, health care and retirement packages. They are busy preparing afterlife gigs as lobbyists, consultants, bankers, speakers, and any number of cushy little jobs offered to them as a result of their years of "public service."

They are in the mother of all Catch 22's. They can't raise taxes- because there simply isn't enough money to cure this mess and people are taxed out and will vote them out. They refuse to cut government funding because they are convinced the world will go to hell  in a hand basket without some giant waste of  money like the Department of Education. 

That leaves politicians with one option. Take care of their own personal lives and fortunes and grab as much largesse as they can while they can. Their careers look pretty short. Kick the can until one day- some future President and Congress either kick off WW3 to avoid complete economic death or we declare bankruptcy.

In the meantime, government is preparing. It sees what is coming and that is a big old cloud of civil unrest and potential violence. That's why Obama hired 12,000 additional IRS agents, why FEMA is building camps and that's why Obama signed NDAA- the right to hold American citizens indefinitely. That's why we have radio frequency chips in our passports, GPS in our cellphones, and software in those smart phones that tracks every keystroke. Obama can shut down the internet. Government is beginning to prepare. They are called Emergency Operation Plans or EOPS. They know what they are going to have to do one day.

I must have read a hundred pieces this week- all of them bitching about the NDAA granting our military the right to detain citizens indefinitely, without trial or due process. In no way, shape, or form should that be legal. It is counter to every concept in the Bill of Rights. The ACLU has had an aneurysm.

Don't underestimate the will or intent of this government. They know who the enemy is. The real enemy is not a bunch of foreign terrorists. It is 300 million angry Americans with 2 billion guns. They are just hoping to blow smoke up our collective backside just long enough to get their trenches dug and their bouncing bettys in place. It's pretty clear to me that our government has been preparing.

My only regret is that I am probably too old to see how all of this turns out.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Leavenworth Incident

I grew up in Butte, Montana. For those who don't know, Butte is probably the greatest mining town in America. It was chock full of immigrants from everywhere. Primarily Irish.

Those men and women could swear. And drink. Smoke and chew. And gamble. And fight. And everything bad. They were my heroes. Not the best role models for a ten year old kid. But, they were mine.

So I've spent a lifetime unwinding every bad habit I learned in Butte. I don't drink or gamble much anymore. I don't smoke or chew having quit that a year ago. I think about kicking someone's ass every now and then, especially the Muslim punks at the gym, but for the most part- my fighting days are behind me. I am just a shell of a man. All that is left for me is profanity and I cling to it like a life raft. I can swear with the best of them. Profanity or swearing is the spice rack of speech. Without it, speech is just some bland thing we do to pass time. It dis-interests me.

To be honest I've even cut down on my use of profanity. But not enough that any outsider would notice. I still weave "fuck" through a lot of my speech. Like a pattern on a quilt. That's just me.

When I was a kid, if you didn't swear- I simply didn't trust you. I figured you for some Mormon type. As an adult, I never really improved on that belief much. In fact, to this day, I associate with people who swear. Unfortunately, I attract those people who have decided that the use of profanity is a terrible thing. You know the type. I call them crusaders or controlling types. These are people bent on changing the exterior world to suit them or for short, assholes. They will "out" you virtually anywhere because they have no internal control mechanism for dealing with speech. I never know for certain when a crusader infiltrates my ranks. I try to use advance intelligence and screening techniques but unfortunately once in awhile a crusader sneaks under my perimeter fence and into the compound. 

This year, my entire family descended on Leavenworth, Washington for Christmas. It is a beautiful place. We were staying with my sister's father in law, a man whom we had never met. I will call him Ray because that in fact is his name. Ray is about to meet the family from Butte and one of the most prolific "swearers" there is. I listened to Ray for a few hours, shortly after our arrival on Dec. 23. I heard him utter a standard ration of curse words. I was lulled into thinking he was "normal." So, I liked Ray. However, in hindsight, I never heard him say the word "fuck." That as it turns out, was a mission failure I would pay for on Christmas Eve.

Like swearing, my family drinks. Ray drinks. And on Christmas Eve, everyone was drinking. A lot. Except me. And we were doing what we do best. Laughing and teasing each other. Now my job is not to police the world anymore nor am I a crusader. In fact, back in my drinking days, I drank more than anyone which contributes heavily to my being sober for the last 5 years. So I enjoy my family especially when they have been drinking. They say some funny shit. So there we were, everyone except me- three sheets to the wind. I am telling some story in my usual fashion with the liberal use of the f-bomb when Ray interrupts me. Ray it seems, has chosen this moment to expose his crusader genes. He looks at me and says "why do you have to use that word?" "I think people who use that word are asinine." He was angry and actually quivering a little bit as he spoke. He was not telling me something- he was feeling something. He said some other things which amounted to overkill. I got the point.

So it's a tough situation being in front of your family, getting humiliated and shamed by a crusader who has consumed a gallon of beer. Especially at the ripe young age of 51. You could have heard a pin drop in that room. All conversation ceased while several semi intoxicated minds and one sober one contemplated what would happen next.

In the old days, I would have delivered a brow beating designed to crush crusaders like Ray. However, the old days are gone. It was Christmas Eve. Everyone is looped. My job at that moment, was not to make this scene any worse. I did the only reasonable thing that I could. I apologized. That level of emotional pain is almost unbearable for me. My ego is screaming out, "KILL HIM NOW." But I can't. I have internal controls. I cannot throw everything that has happened in my life out the window because some drunken crusader has decided to launch a public attack on Christmas Eve. Oh and of course, the crusaders always think they are entitled to do that. They will adamantly defend their positions because their mother or their aunt told them swearing is bad. Or any number of other puritanical justifications. I have heard them all. I am a veteran.

To avoid such incidents, all crusaders should hand out a list of things, some rules. Posted in a conspicuous place. Like their forehead. That way we know in advance what is expected of us. Like the terms of service or an agreement you sign on line. If you don't like the terms- you can reject them. 

The "Leavenworth Incident" as we are now referring to it- has been placed on a memory stick somewhere near my "oobla doobla" which is that part of my brain reserved for crusaders.

The one thing I have observed about all crusaders is their inability to tolerate the beliefs of anyone else. They are unconscious. In fact, they are the first people to label and condemn others. They have a singleness of purpose which they march forward as though it was divinely imparted. Like they alone know what is right in the world and God himself has spoken to them. Like Moses. I don't get too upset at those types anymore. All that wasted energy. Accomplishing nothing. I am still clinging.

Fuck 'em.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The TSA Saves the Day! This Time It Was a Sinister Chinese Gal Returning to College

Are we going to have to read about every chickenshit thing TSA does this year? Is there any limit to the lengths that the media and the government will go to to justify the existence of this money wasting bureaucracy?

Apparently not. Please read this. You'll sleep better knowing this arch criminal was stopped.

Frankendamus' Surefire Predictions for 2012

Was 2011 happy for you? Remember people spouting that a year ago today? What exactly is a happy new year?? I'm not sure I've ever had a whole happy year. I had a real shitty year once. 1987. I remember it well.

I left a party early tonight. I just wasn't feeling all that festive. That's how it is for me nowadays. In the old days, I hung out in the casino on New Year's and kissed every drunken woman around me. That was kind of fun, but alas those days are over...

It's time once again for the 2012 Frankendamus predictions. With incredible insight and accuracy, you can be sure of one thing. The country never lets me down. So here we go...


The United States has developed a new war economy. That is what we are good at. The GOP and the right love war. They will tell you it is necessary. We don't care about lost lives or humanity so much any more, we care about money.  So with Iraq winding down, we have to find some place other than the eternal Afghanistan war to waste money and resources on. That somebody will be Iran. They are trying to provoke shit. They have a lot of muscle. China says they will protect them no matter what. Iran might finally be the "flashpoint." I consider Iran to be the absolute biggest concern of the entire new year. They and their friends don't care for us too much. It will be fun to see whether the dunderhead in office can avoid another conflict before elections. We will not get in a war with Iran unless Israel provokes it. Then all bets are off.


Obamacare will not pass the muster of the Supreme Court. It's just too fucked up in it's entirety. At the end of the day, all of those Harvard grads will send it back. Unlike the idiots who passed it, the court may actually read the bill. That should be enough. Even they have a conscience. 


Mitt Romney is the chosen elitist. He was picked by the established status quo. Now that the bankers have all escaped jail, it's time to get back to business as usual. The country will elect Romney. He is seen as the least scary guy by both parties. You can rest assured he will suck and be just as bad as Obama. And I will refuse to read Ace of Spades for the next four years as they defend every stupid fucking thing the GOP does.

In Congress, anybody with an (I) by their name is toast. Unless they are from Mexifornia. There will be a few sporadic exceptions. California has proven that not only have liberals ruined the state finances but that the voters are happy about their impending bankruptcy. They will keep doing what they do best- voting for idiots and seeking largesse.


Completely screwed. Nothing will get better. The FED will buy the 300 billion dollars worth of Italian debt coming due in Februrary. That's why they got involved already. Germany will have to leave the EU and the whole mess will come crashing down. The euro is kaput. I just don't know when.


Completely screwed.


We are completely screwed too- but we have a crooked FED with a printing press in an election year.
The U.S. economy is dead money. Government generated stats from the BLS will be even more fraudulent than usual. The government will continue to lie about inflation and unemployment as Obama does his best to retain his country club membership. Unfortunately, the man with 5 mansions is coming to reel him in.

All of this could be behind us- if we had just let those crooked banks fail. President Hank Paulson failed us. See Iceland for an example of what happens when a country lets insolvent banks fail. Winning.

The stock market will go down. It has to. The only way it can remain high is if the FED starts another round of quantitative easing. If QE3 starts, the market will rise. Watch gold and silver go parabolic.


All three will be vastly higher this year. With QE3, I have gold near 2400, oil at 150, and silver at 75. Ten percent lower than these levels absent QE3. The silver fundamentals are absolutely fantastic. In fact, it might be the greatest trade of my lifetime in terms of surefire bets. The world needs silver, supplies are virtually non existent. Silver at these price levels is a steal. I bought more (physical of course) on Friday.


There might be a polar shift. The Mayans nailed everything else. Why not?


Deus... Ex... Mach ee naw refers to the playwrights in history who lacking an imaginative or well thought out ending for a play they had written...simply invoked some God driven miracle to wrap things up with. So I will too. Happy New Year!