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Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Are The Europe of Tomorrow, Two Wonderful Internet Gems Included

The greatest conspiracy ever thought of, planned, and delivered was the one we just had. The first ten years of the 21st century. We are going to live with the fallout of this event for the rest of our lives.

We all share a common bond here. We know what we can see. We know the government is lying. We know the country is in decline. And we can't do a fucking thing about it. That is powerlessness. Even our own CIA says that our income distribution level is the worst of all developed countries.

In other words, when you strip away ten million manufacturing jobs and send them all over the world, all you are left with is a bunch of cheap service jobs. How are you going to have an economic recovery with a sea of debt and consumers with no money? You can't. It is a fallacy.

All the government can do is lie and cheer lead. That is all they do.

This year my state retirement fund handed out a 1% cost of living increase despite government statistics that say inflation last year ran at 3.6%. For three years in a row now- our retirement fund has handed out a whopping 1%. I figure in that time frame, I have lost a very real 15% in terms of buying power. I can extrapolate that out ten years. I am in big fucking trouble. Why? I am going to lose 5% buying power per year and our retirement fund is not even going to try and match inflation. Our state retirement fund cannot possibly generate returns of 7.5% which ours and just about every other retirement fund in the U.S. is hoping to do. The greed conspiracy has ruined that. Permanently. Here is one of my favorite sites. A real obscure little gem. Here you will find every public retirement fund in the U.S. and their solvency. Bookmark it and watch things get worse.

So Idaho PERSI plans to do the obvious. Cut cost of living increases to the bone, and pray like hell they can generate the returns they've been promising. They can't do it. They'll have to go to the legislature and taxpayers for help. Good luck with that. Idaho PERSI is in deep trouble and we are one of the most solvent funds in the nation. Places like California are in dire straits. In fact, I expect California's retirement system to absolutely collapse within 10 years. Without some form of intervention or a Deus Ex Machina ending-that is a mathematical certainty.

This weekend, I stumbled onto a real gem of a site. Please read what this man has to say and look at his credentials. Absolutely outstanding.

I'd like to say one other thing about retired folks with valuable information- people like Paul Craig Roberts. Or to a far lesser extent- common folks like us.

We are no longer allowed to have opinions in this country- unless of course those opinions are sanctioned by our employers or government masters. Telling the truth is dangerous. The only people who can do that without fear or reprisal- are people who do not cater to employers willing to cut their throats if by extension- their employers are made to look bad.

Educate yourselves and prepare. We are tomorrow's Europe.

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