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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Doctors Going Broke? Unfortunately, There Is Always One Common Denominator-

Yesterday I went to see a movie called "In Time." It's kind of hokey but it's about a futuristic people who are given time and if their personal clocks "expire" they die.

I love the concept because the movie is really about money. The parallels are outstanding. The haves survive and the have nots- don't. I see that happening in America. Particularly with health care. People cannot afford it. People will die.

I love doctors. I think most of them are great humanitarians. Unfortunately, many of them are tied to the government. That same voracious government that controls everything and steals everyone's wealth. Now doctors are going broke. I am not surprised.

When doctors start practicing for cash and directly with people- then the system can start operating again. As long as you have greedy administrative costs, big pharma, government, big insurance, and big lawyers pillaging this pool of health care money for every drop they can get- I see it getting far worse. You can get excellent health care almost anywhere in the world for a fraction of what we pay here.


Fredd said...

Hey, Brian:

If excellent health care is available for a fraction of the cost everywhere else except here, how is it that lots of folks from everywhere else seem to come to the U.S. to get treatment for serious illnesses?

Brian said...

Well, Fredd...I'm not sure that is true anymore. In fact, I think that is old news.

If it something very specialized, perhaps. In general health care terms, no the World Health Org has us way down the list...

I have had this argument before and won it. Ultimately, those folks that still maintain we are shit hot are proven incorrect by the W.H.O. They then attempt to discredit the W.H.O.

Check it and see.

Fredd said...

Anectdotal evidence is what it is, but the Shah of Iran had more money than God, and when he fell ill, where did he go to get treatment? Cornell, I think, as the Shah insisted, even though he was offered treatment in Switzerland.

Other filthy rich kings and various potentates end up in US medical facilities more often than not. Which anectdotally suggests that when the best medical treatment in the world is sought, these wealthy people all end up in the U.S.

Logical conclusion: we are the best, not the worst.

Brian said...

Fredd>> that shit happened like 20 years ago. That info so outdated that it is valueless.

The last clown, Hugo Chavez, went to Cuba. Cuba ranks higher than us.

Steve Wynn has been all over the world seeking a cure for his vision issues.

For general health issues, we are getting our asses kicked by any standard measure- including our ridiculous costs which are the highest BY FAR in the world. Switzerland, in second place, charges 1/2 of what we do.

Specialists are where you find them. We don't have a monopoly on those.

Brian said...

Oh and one other thing. That is not anecdotal evidence.

That would be like saying, "geez all these dinosaur bones can't possibly mean we had dinosaurs." We never saw one, therefore their bones are simply anecdotal evidence. Somebody may have just buried them here.

It is the best evidence. It is compiled by the W.H.O. Like I said, I have had this argument before. Please go to the W.H.O's website and challenge their data. I don't.