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The Angry Class

Having traveled rare earth for a little beyond 50 years, I have something remarkable to note. The world is pissed off. People are angry for a number of reasons. Often it is the usual suspects. Density, lack of money, government and businesses more than willing to exploit you for every last penny they can get. A medical industry where paying a fair price is incomprehensible. You will pay 10 times greater than fair...if you are lucky. Yet there seems to be something larger at work... I have a hard time understanding the full scope of all of this. You see, I have no perspective. I forget that this is the United States. I become ungrateful- yet I know people are dying in other places. Hunger, lack of medical care and disease, violence. I think we are beginning to realize how lucky we were. How spoiled we had become. We are now trying to adjust. It is difficult for us because once having had all of the luxuries that we have had and now losing them- is far more difficult than never havin

Those "Experts" On Gold Now Eating Crow, It's Every Dog For Himself

Watching gold track up nearly 31,41, now 51 bucks today. Back over 1800. Noting that CNBC does not have any Wall Street lackeys on today proclaiming the end of the gold bubble. Telegraphing margin hikes before they actually occurred is absolutely criminal. The Comex aka the Crimex leaked rumors, then hiked margin rates on speculators who did not have the cash to cover and were forced to sell their positions in gold. The big players were unloading as though it was well published fact. It is truly that simple. No bubbles. Just the same old game. Drive precious metals prices down by raising margin requirements on paper futures prior to the settlement date- today.  I noted that Bernanke essentially said nothing today. I suspected that would happen. Bernanke is screwed and running out of options. The options left to him are going to have significant consequences and his theories on the Great Depression are proving false. QE3 in any way, shape, or form will not do anything except ignite

Cell Phone Economics

For the record, I don't like cell phones. They are distracting, annoying, and intrusive. I am not stretching the truth when I tell you that they have killed people. But the Moonbats seem to like them- they are in vogue like pot, booze, and central planning- so it doesn't appear that cell phones are going to be declared illegal and regulated any time soon.  Having said all of that- I cannot live without a cell phone. So yesterday after my 5k run on the conveyor belt with the other zombies at the Y, I put a bottle of water in my saddlebag along with my cellphone. I forgot about these two enemies. After a few hours and not hearing my phone ring, I went outside to retrieve the phone. There it was soaking in water. Ugh. I removed everything and gave it the blow dryer. I put it in a bowl of rice. Tonite, I will make one last attempt to resuscitate the device. In the meantime, I made the walk of shame to the AT and T store. I told the truth. No insurance. The kid behind the coun

Hey Californians! How's It Like To Be Labeled the Dumbest Voters in The U.S.?

Well, we always have the beach and our medical marijuana cards. From the Left Coast Rebel. Seems even the Garden state has had enough of Obama.

You Cannot Make This Shit Up- Obama Bailing Out Striking Verizon Workers

Once a statist, always a statist. President Obama, not intelligent enough to stay out of labor disputes, is now going to backstop striking workers. This is nothing other than pandering to the electorate. Wow, this guy will try anything. Linkeration:

Common Law Gives You the Right To Resist an Unlawful Arrest

The problem is- it takes a little courage and you had better know the law when it occurs. On a tip from RawMuse, I've embedded the following piece of video. It is one of those things that makes you shake your head. The police officer involved is one of those nasty little insistent bastards that public officials love. They do what they are told irrespective of the law. I wasn't one of these guys. My knowledge of the law was pretty extensive and I didn't let anyone tell me to do something that wasn't lawful. My unwillingness to yield to that, even from my bosses, caused a little animosity. I want to say one last thing about this video. I want to talk about illegal seizures and damages. If you are lawfully where you are at and you are not breaking any laws- then you cannot give up your camera. Because if you do this, your damages are so small that you can't even litigate over the seizure of your camera. If however, you politely refuse and tell the police officer th

Nothing Tickles My Ass More Than the Statists Whining About Their Statist Government

The best thing about the Keynesian experiment is that it is nearly over. In only 20 years time, a relatively small amount of elected people have brought this country to it's economic knees. And it's just going to get worse. From this year forward, the deficits grow, the entitlements grow, inflation, and interest on the sky high debt will grow. We don't just have zombie banks. We have a zombie country. In Moonbat Valley, the statists have been trying to re-locate and build a new airport for over a decade. It has been a war. North Moonbat Valley wanted the airport to remain where it was. South Moonbat Valley wanted the airport out of their back yard. The local elected statists and South Valley Moonbats have managed to move the project forward and identified a couple of potential airport sites about 20 miles away. That was five years ago. Here's the best part. The same nanny government that told Moonbat Valley that the airport would no longer be compliant with larger a

Apple's Jobs Stepping Down; No Shortage of Psychopaths On The Big Mesh

I've known for quite some time that Steve Jobs has been gravely ill. I knew it because we have mutual friends who have mutual friends. Weird how small our world really is. Last night I had the misfortune of reading a couple of online articles about Steve Jobs. There they were in the comments, all those sick, twisted, angry folks saying things like they were happy to see Jobs dying. Reminding me of just how sad humanity really is. I was going to cut and paste a few of those comments but nobody needs to read that shit. I don't want to give it life support. On one site, I got so angry that I let the sociopaths have it. When I was a young teenager, we had this crazy football coach in Butte named Coach Patrick. The man was nuts. You could yell all kinds of things at opposing players and teams but if you ever said something like "kill them" he would literally kick you in the ass and then chew you out. He simply did not allow any homicidal talk- even figuratively. I don&

Nearly Two Years Ago; From the Archives of Frankenstein Government

It's like prophecy. Worthless dollars, monopoly money, and futuristic inflation. It was Oct. 2009. Gold was trading at 1000 and making people nervous at those lofty levels. Read this Bill Fleckenstein piece and tell me he hasn't been dead on.

* Updated Listening to the "Gold" Experts on CNBC

Gold has cratered nearly 200 dollars an oz since it's 1917 high on Monday. Silver is down 5% as well, hovering around 40 and change. So what gives Frankie? This morning I was listening to the geniuses on CNBC's "Fast Money." Let me tell you a little secret. This is almost ALWAYS true. By the time somebody recommends a buy or sell on TV, the news is old. Useless. In fact, if you were to follow TV would almost certainly lose. Why? Because the people running their mouths have front run you. They traded ahead of their TV appearances. Told their buddies. So today I listened to some idiots, particularly Dennis Gartman, talk about outside reversals and gold collapses. This is what really happened. Two days ago, the Shanghai index raised margin requirements for gold traders. This shook out a significant portion of smaller, poorly capitalized speculators who were in just trying to make a quick buck. Then yesterday, there were rumors of additional margin hi

It's Hard- Being An Eternal Optimist

My gawd. Fifteen months worth of political campaigning and ridiculous bullshit is upon us. In the latter category, just the other day I saw that Michelle Bachmann was promising 2 dollar gas. She may have meant per quart. Look, some of you claim to be pragmatic. Most of you don't have a clue what that means. Here, let me save you the trouble. Pragmatic is one of those bullshit terms that people like my ex Moonbat City Clerk always liked to use. It makes them sound well...pragmatic. The problem with using words like that is that nobody really knows what the hell they mean. Including guys like me who just finished reading the definition two minutes ago. Now the other day I am reading my good friend Jim's blog   and they are talking about that statist Mitt Romney and a few folks are claiming that they are pra

Frankenstein Government's Anti-TV Challenge

Well I made it four months. May to August. The satellite guy is here as I write. I gave him a few shots of Jagermeister and I think he just fell off the roof. Some gawd awful noise out back. Maybe the crack addicts next door had to flee for cover. Probably mistook the Direct TV logo on his blue shirt for a sew on cop badge. Last week it dawned on me. Holy shit! Football season is here and all I have is PBS. As that realization hit me- the final nail in my TV coffin came yesterday as I surfed around on the intarwebs. Direct TV is giving away the NFL package. Which means that now, I can watch the best NFL team in the nation- the New Orleans Saints- any Sunday. How sweet is that? And the Boise State Broncos anywhere they go because they switched conferences and TV carriers. Ok, so I am a weak assed loser. I caved in like Kramer on Seinfeld. But at least I am a weak assed loser with gobs of football on TV. And none of that wussy soccer shit. Hits so vicious that mens' heads pop o

Thriving in the Matrix

Today,  the Richmond Fed dropped precipitously and home sales edged lower again. Nobody wants to buy forever declining homes with values that can't find a floor. I tried that earlier this year and I am not sure I timed it properly. Buying a house, lot and all, for 42 bucks a sqf. seemed like a good idea. So with only two tidbits of business news, both of which were pretty terrible, the market is rallying over 200 points. Seems now the given excuse for today's big move is that fewer banks (small ones) are failing. I'm not sure that is true. But at some point you would imagine, 4 years into this mess, the number of bad banks would start to dry up a bit. So fewer banks are cratering- just what will that magical elixir do for a worldwide mess? Nada. Pissing in the ocean. Completely irrelevant. The only way to keep it real, and keep your mind about you at this point- is to

Obama, Accomplished Bully- Now Earning Tyrant Merit Badge

This dude is no boy scout. Obama is a special kind of sick ego maniac. Revenge driven. If you don't agree with him, he takes it personally and launches some hateful crusade. No wonder his cabinet bailed. Think that was coincidence? Rahm playing Mayor in 2nd city. Obama doesn't rule with respect, he rules using fear. Those kind of guys?? Well let's say, they are adept at forming motivated lynch mobs. Now the head of Standard and Poor's is going to resign. Imagine that. On the heels of the USA debt downgrade. Obama's retaliatory practices, are soooo predictable that surely he can't be the smartest guy in the room. The smartest guy couldn't possibly be so fucking predictable. Could he? Obama has canned an Inspector General for doing his job. He managed to can GM CEO Rick Wagoner in some ceremonial "I own your ass" kind of power trip. Now Obama's gonna get another gu

What Gold Is Desperately Trying To Tell You

A little over a week ago, Venezuela's version of Obama- Hugo Chavez...said something that I don't think any bullion bankers expected. He said, "we want all of our gold back." That's about 211 tons. They have more but that's already in the country. I'm not sure who-all-has-what of Venezuela's but that amount of gold has to make some assholes pucker. Here's why.  There are a lot of reputable people that think bullion banks have leveraged gold, the underlying asset, at a ratio of 100-1. If that's true, bullion banks have to unwind 21,000 tons of leverage. To put that in perspective, the United States "reportedly" has about 8500 tons of gold. (No audit has taken place for 30 years) We have more than anybody in the world. Therefore, the bullion banks and I believe there are only 5 of them- have to unwind claims on a chunk of gold 2.5 times greater than all of our reserves. Here is an article, a little over a year ago, that is absolut

The Japanese Comparison

One of the blogs I follow is a very well researched blog called "Dr. Housing Bubble Blog" which is based in California. Very often, I have explained to our readers that we are turning Japanese.... Meaning that we are following- almost precisely- in the footsteps of Japan's 1989 crash followed by two lost decades worth of stagflation. The similarities are remarkable. I have never seen anyone use charts as effectively as Dr. Housing Bubble does in this article which compares the United States melt down to the one that happened in Japan.

Obama Is and Has Always Been- the Bankers Lap Dog

I have said it many times. The only way Obama came to be President is (A) He was willing to look the other way on all of the banking fraud that had occurred (B) He put together almost a billion in bank financed campaign contributions, waltzed into office, and promptly stated that we would look forward. His way of saying there would be no investigations, no prosecutions. No justice. Obama is just as criminal as the criminals that installed him. Here he is trying to pressure the NY Attorney General into a deal that gets all of the banks off the hook for all of the crooked shit that they have pulled with a paltry settlement designed to get states to STFU- once again the lap dog and his administration are doing the bankers' bidding. The corruption in this country is tangible. It is sickening.

The War Planner

I stumbled onto this blog this morning. Some very funny shit about that buffoon we have in the White House. If you enjoy bashing Obama as much as I do....the war planner is your kind of blog.

Naked Capitalism Reporting That BP's Blown Up Oil Well Is Leaking Again, BP Once Again Playing Deceptive Games

This story at "naked capitalism" pretty much captures the whole essence of BP. I could truly learn to hate that outfit. With photos for proof: