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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Obama Is and Has Always Been- the Bankers Lap Dog

I have said it many times. The only way Obama came to be President is (A) He was willing to look the other way on all of the banking fraud that had occurred (B) He put together almost a billion in bank financed campaign contributions, waltzed into office, and promptly stated that we would look forward. His way of saying there would be no investigations, no prosecutions. No justice.

Obama is just as criminal as the criminals that installed him. Here he is trying to pressure the NY Attorney General into a deal that gets all of the banks off the hook for all of the crooked shit that they have pulled with a paltry settlement designed to get states to STFU- once again the lap dog and his administration are doing the bankers' bidding.

The corruption in this country is tangible. It is sickening.

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Anonymous said...

It can be very dangerous for a bought and paid for whore to decide not to go along with the plan.