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WTF??? ZeroHedge Reporting Dodd-Frank Bill Will Make Otc Gold and Silver Trading Illegal

Why am I not surprised?? Is this for real?? Specifically, I am trying to figure out if this is true or not...noted that big money players are exempt. Imagine that. More here.

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Near Omaha Flooded, Government Mute

My old family farm sits on the Missouri River, 100 miles east of Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana. Some of it is covered with water. I have never seen the water this high and there is not an old timer alive who can remember flood waters this deep. The water is threatening to wash over a nearby highway. The Missouri has flooded a nuclear power plant in Nebraska near Omaha. They say there is nothing to fear which kind of smacks of the way Japanese utilities and the Japanese government treated the greatest nuclear reactor melt down of all time. By minimizing it. I'm not real big on trusting government. Wasn't it the French Prime Minister who recently said, "When things get bad enough- we have to lie." Danger or not, state government should be warning residents of the possibilities. It's that simple. People cannot make informed decisions when government is purposefully ignoring any meaningful informatio

Greece and Why It's A World Wide House of Cards

I have come to believe that the most evil and sinister Too Big To Fail bank of all time is Goldman Sachs. If ever a bank turned fraud into an art form it is Goldman Sachs. That Hank Paulson sanctioned that fraud as CEO of GS and subsequently landed a job stealing a trillion or so from American tax payers- has often been the subject of this blog. If you asked 100 people in America about the problems in Greece- very few would know anything nor would they care. So I snipped this piece because it lays it out quite nicely. Granted it's Greenspan- who apparently learned how to use more precise speech at some point after leaving the FED gig to our new and current resident genius, Bernanke. Like every financial crime scene, Goldman Sachs left it's fingerprints in Greece. Greenspan: The 'almost certain' Greece default could cause US double-dip Story by: by Nyree Stewart Magazine:  InvestmentAdviser Published Friday , June 17, 2011 A default by Greece could drive

Mending Broken Bones With Band Aids

Well the grand illusion that was our stock market has sold off during the last 6 weeks. Commodities have sold off as well- as the curtain is finally going up and exposing this shell economy. The  deflation that Bernanke and the FED were trying to avoid is here. It seems you can't just counterfeit gobs of money, through it at banks, and mend a structurally destroyed economy. No amount of smoke and mirrors is going to save us. Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have destroyed every asset class in this country. Savings accounts, treasuries, muni bonds, and even equities are all dead money. Down is the only way these markets can go. Gold and silver holding their own. Of course. Real money. Can't counterfeit it. Bernanke thought he knew the answer to the great depression. It seems that men, incapable of acceptance, are always trying to change the outcome of things. They always think they are smarter than the men who preceded them. They're not and the outcome will prove that.

What a Moron...Maybe He Thought He Was Living In a Free Country...

I was in awe as I read this story. The problem I  encountered as I read this story was simple. I could not figure out who was more out of line...the passenger who wears his baggy pants below the cheeks of his ass exposing boxer shorts or the airline who had him hauled off and charged. Are boxer shorts really that offensive? Or are we outlawing stupidity now? Because if we are going to make stupidity illegal we are going to need a few million more jail cells. It's not that I agree with the way people wear their clothes (remember come she didn't get locked up or that Jackson chick during the Superbowl?) it's just that I think how you wear your clothes just shouldn't rise to a criminal level. In a free country that is. That's how it is in the new America. Wearing your pants around your ass cheeks is illegal. Stealing millio

President "I Have An Opinion On Everything" Obama Predicts Future for Weiner

A couple of days ago, I watched the President throw Congressman Weiner under the bus. If it were me Obama said, I'd resign. One thing about Obama. Not only does he not want for opinions, he loves to throw any liability under the bus. Be they Jeremiah Wright or fellow democrats.  When the going gets tough, the first desertion is always the Indonesian one. @nytimes The New York Times NYT NEWS ALERT: Representative Anthony D. Weiner Tells Friends He Is Stepping Down 1 hour ago via The New York Times

Secret Money and Rarified Air

I spent this week traveling through Montana to a family funeral. Montana is under water. The Missouri River, near Fort Buford, North Dakota- is lapping the edges of one highway. Another interesting thing about Montana that I noted... I saw two "End the Fed" bumper stickers while traveling. I have never seen bumper stickers like that anywhere else. It just goes to show how very little- most people know about our debt fueled money system and just how little anyone cares. I have never seen "End the Fed" bumper stickers anywhere else. Perhaps similar stickers can be found in Ron Paul's home district in Texas. Anyone that read which banks our Federal Reserve Bank lent money to during the 2008 crisis (and they fought like hell not to disclose that information)...should understand. This video pretty much says it all. They created 9 trillion in loans. Where do they keep this 9 trillion? In a secret place called, "Thin Air." E