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The Same Government That Brought You the Department of Education Brings You Raining Space Junk

Well if you are reading this today, chances are you didn't get hit in the head with a molten piece of space junk last night. Killed in front of your screaming and horrified family. No holes in your roof. So we got that going for us. What exactly is the common theme between the Department of Education and space junk, Frankie? Luck is with you today. You are about to read one of the most intelligent and insightful pieces ever written about government. You are going to be light years ahead of your neighbors and peers with regard to why government is such a disaster. All of this because of all of that- education and space junk. First I will give you my version (read opinion) about how people and government work. In the beginning, someone gets an idea based on some sort of need. They voice the idea publicly. At first blush, the idea sounds great. Before anybody has thought it through, people start nodding their heads, liking the idea, and expressing their satisfaction and approval.

Pension Money! Get Yours *Frist!

I spelled first wrong on purpose. Sometimes I do these things to amuse myself. Idiots on heavily trafficked blogs taught me this. One of the really laughable and delusional things (something I predicted over 20 years ago) that is starting to get a lot of coverage lately- is this idea that U.S. pension funds would be able to fund themselves through the boomer demographic. The same philosophy applies to the housing supply. I used to wonder who was gonna buy my shit when I was ready to retire along with gobs of other boomers. I based my predictions back then not on a sick economy- but simple supply and demand features. Plenty of supply, dwindling demand. Each one of us should have had 6 kids. Shitty planning on our parts. You see, in order to make a profit on your house or your stocks, you have to be able to sell it for more than you paid for it. This is a feature of demand. No demand, no sale. Today, we have the double whammy. No demand and a sick economy that can't s

ZeroHedge Reporting Precious Metals Mystery Solved, CME Hiked Margins Today

Wow. The manipulation just never ends. How many people knew this ahead of schedule? Apparently a hell of a lot of insiders. Gold down over 100 bucks, silver losing 15%. Fucking banker crooks.

Silver and Gold, More Blood in the Streets

I was a little surprised to see silver and gold getting slaughtered again today. Technically speaking, precious metals in the short term are fundamentally broken. I've been reading various things all morning trying to find an explanation that makes sense. Here's the best summary I could find. As I am writing this, gold is absolutely getting destroyed- down over 105. Silver is down over 15% in one day... very close to erasing all of the gains it has made for the entire year! Some are claiming that other countries' currencies are getting marked down and this is having an adverse effect. Others think the chief cause may be forced liquidation and general selling simply because gold has been the best performing asset this year. Perhaps. Personally, I think the big banks are stoking the fire and exaggerating losses. It's in their interests to do this. They are simply using non existent and

Just When You Are Ready To Give Up on the Human Race*, Some Kid Like This Shows Up

A cross country runner stops in the middle of a race, helps an injured competitor by carrying him back 1/2 mile towards help and the starting point and then goes back and finishes the race. Dead last. No. This kid gets the Frankenstein Government first place trophy. Good feelings at the link.

Buy When There Is Blood in the Streets*Updated

Silver and gold are getting their collective asses kicked today. Particularly silver. Nearly 10% off. Gold is in the low 1700's. A few months ago, I told readers that I was waiting for the stock market collapse. Sometime around June when QE2 hadn't happened. Last week the market ramped up thinking that the banking genius was going to unveil a little something extra instead of Operation Twist. Of course I expected to see commodities and all asset classes drop which always occurs in big stock market swoons and why is not the point of this piece. It happens every time. If you have a little cash earning absolutely nothing thanks to the great stagflation- now might be the time to start dipping your toe in the physical metals pool. Average in. If Mr. Market keeps dropping you don't want to over pay. Keep your purchase sizes small. Ounces, maybe ten ounces max. That way you can sell a little without filling out one of those Obamacare forms at the end of the year.

Like It Or Not, It's Us Against Them

Almost 100 years ago, one of the greatest frauds ever conceived and then made into law, was the Federal Reserve Bank. It was not Federal. It had no reserves. It was not even a bank. It's entire name, like it's mission, was a complete and utter fraud. If the creature's mission was to stabilize the U.S. economy, indeed it only took 16 years to prove that it was an utter failure. From inception in December, 1913- to Great Depression in October, 1929. That's a hell of a job. It should have been shit canned then. I have studied enough to know that the statement I am about to make is true. Fiat currency can work- as long as the quantity of currency is carefully controlled. It is the quantity of currency and the men who enlarge that supply that kill economies. Greed, in some never ending cycle, always fucks things up. Because man is finite. Man knows that he only has (x) amount of years to plunder rare earth. So new generations set about that task. Alan Greenspan, Hank P

Middle Class Gets Hammered, Bank of America and Wells Fargo Downgraded

No shit. Welcome to 1996. From CNN Money. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, both downgraded by Moody's. Now Citi. Poor Warren Buffett. This is what happens when you hop in bed with politicians. Like Napolean, Warren Buffett might have discovered his own virtual Waterloo.

Operation Crazy Horse, Gold Price Suppession Conspiracy, Nash Equilibrium, and Other Fascinating Shit

Sometime later today, the FED is going to announce their latest trick. Quantitative Easing 3.0. This time around the Fed is going to announce a program to buy mid to long term treasuries. They call this "Operation Twist" because the FED has now begun to use code names. Have you ever noticed how the government loves code names? I laughed my ass off when the government announced it's code name for Bin Laden. Geronimo. Allegedly, they use code names because somebody might intercept our cryptic messages and become confused about who Geronimo is. Well, except that the entire universe knew that we were hunting Bin Laden. I doubt those Islamic savages could have put all of that together. So I think these code names are kind of useful. I don't like  the name Operation Twist. So I am going to dub QE3- Operation Crazy Horse. I think this is a far more descriptive and accurate code name. Since the FED has no assets yet they loan trillions, anyone that believes this bullshit

This Is Going To Hurt A Little Bit

A message from Thomas Jefferson. Two of them. Bear in mind that Jefferson was a stone cold genius, a polymath. "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."   Recently, I was doing a piece on the new NFL pat downs of patrons attending  football games. I began to think about the scope of that and just how to fight it. I realized that there was no win. People will not fight something that they think was designed to help them. Even if they lose a little freedom in the process. This erosion of your freedom takes time. It starts small and gets bigger and bigger. Never forget that for every action- there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is the yin and yang- the relativity of life. Anytime somebody proposes or takes an action, think about the opposit

I Think Mike Royko Would Have Liked Blogging

the jig is up ( simple past the jig was up ) ( US , idiomatic , dated ) An expression used to mean "We have been caught out and have no defense", or if spoken to a person who's just been found out as the perpetrator of an offense, it means "You've been discovered." I bought my first computer in the mid 90's. I had no idea at that time of the tremendous scope of computing or what that future would look like. Accessing the internet became a perfect conduit for transmitting information to large audiences. Uncut, uncensored, and unedited. The web leveled the playing field. The unwashed and huddled masses had a means to communicate to each other and to large audiences. The bad guys might have figured that out- but the reality was- there wasn't a fucking thing they could do about it. Well, not yet anyway. Anyone could communicate. You didn't need to own a printing press or a radio or television station to utter an opinion. The informatio

Hate Can Be a Useful Tool *Updated* Ron Paul Can Win

Wow. My hero. The original anti statist, anti-moonbat. “Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons.” – Ron Paul Zero Hedge ran a really good piece today contrasting Ron Paul with the main character in Hemingway's, " The Old Man and the Sea." That book incidentally, is my mom's favorite read. She loved Hemingway and in some odd way, I find it weird that I spent 25 years in the valley he called home. I know precisely where his headstone is.

How Barack Obama Missed The Opportunity Of A Lifetime and Why You Can Now Safely Stick A Fork In Him

Over the weekend, I listened to Obama's big "jobs speech" again. I did this because I noticed something odd while listening to the two minute version. It was the tone and the inflection of how Obama delivered that speech. This is new. I follow this guy like a virtual stalker. And as much as I hate to listen to him, I do. Obama is desperate and he is scared. He knows his place in the polls and Obama is incapable of doing anything to rescue himself. That's the problem when you are a spineless- ego maniac. You cannot remake yourself into the kind of man you need to be now. You have exposed who you are. You have no credibility. To make matters worse, the bankers don't need you anymore. They got away with their crimes. Corporate America doesn't have much use for Obama either- with guys like Steve Wynn saying he is bad for business. Business can't move forward until Obama is moved out of the way. Obama's regulations, taxes, and health care extortions have

Boise Makes Top Ten Places to Retire

Hell, they didn't even mention our football team. Boise, Idaho Photo: David R. Frazier Population: 205,600 % over 50: 30% Median home price: $120,000 Top state income tax: 7.8% (*Social Security exempt) Cost of living (as % of national median): 97% If you're the type who can't survive without your symphony, art, and theater fix, you may have resigned yourself to staying in some pricey coastal burg during retirement. Take a look at Idaho's capital city instead. Granted, Boise is no Manhattan. But its thriving cultural scene includes an opera company, a philharmonic orchestra, and a ballet. At Boise Art Museum, which focuses on contemporary American art, you'll see works by Ansel Adams and Chuck Close. Catch shows at Boise State University's Morrison Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts not only classical events but also touring Broadway shows and such boomer draws as Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson. Or hit the annual Sh

Where Are Ye Now... George Kaiser?

Amidst the flaming wreckage and criminal fraud that is Solyndra, I have googled the name George Kaiser several times. The latest and most comprehensive Solyndra expose' has been furnished by the National Review via Doug Ross here: Call me an odd duck, but I am one of those guys that gets a little pissed off when people are publicly dragging my good name through the mud. Apparently the billionaire, George Kaiser, has found an emotional solution for all of that internet slander and contempt that is being shoveled his way. In fact, I cannot find one "no comment" from him anywhere. Not one statement telling us how Solyndra was actually a very viable company and placing the blame on some scientific process that they simply could not solve. Actually, I haven't heard much about Solyndra from President Jabberjaw either.  Maybe President Obama is busy with all of that co