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The Age of Apathy- The Sunday Collage

It's no secret that I put a little extra effort into my Sunday blogs. As my life unfolds and I rewind my historical observations and compare them to my current observations... some things come into sharp focus. I love to study all things human. They fascinate me. So today I shall ramble with a purpose. As we approach the finish, it will all make sense. I think. Frustrated by the lack of quality leaders or politicians back in 2006, I asked a friend of mine who was also a police chief, why we had such crappy political leadership and why quality people- of which there were hundreds- never seemed to run for office in Moonbat Valley. Indeed, many positions go uncontested, to this very day. My friend responded with this. People come to Moonbat Valley to escape the rat race, the pressure of the city and to have a good time. They are rich liberals who really don't care about government. They may have at one time- but they have now secured their own little fortunes and gover

The GOP Has Nobody To Blame Except the GOP

For two weeks now, I've listened to the whine. I've seen it at Ace of Spades, at righty sites like American Thinker, Real Clear Politics, and even the smaller places like Conservatives on Fire hosted by my friend Jim. Nasty chicago style politics or voter fraud. The Libertarians. The GOP voter base stayed home in protest. I have a news flash for the GOP faithful. Nobody lost this election but you. There is a lesson to be learned here but sadly many of the GOP faithful will miss it. Years ago as a very young cop, I lost a case in criminal court. The defendant had lied his ass off and his defense attorney spent an hour or two attacking me personally. Eventually the judge ruled in the defendant's favor. In the hallway, after the court room had cleared- my ass was on fire- I was pissed. I spotted the defense attorney and I called him a coward and a liar. Straight out. You know what that bastard said to me? "Quit your whining. Get better or get used to losing."

Let Me Know When The Weird Shit Happens

I couldn't help myself. I've been following the whole General Petraeus episode. This is the kind of stuff you can't make up. When the initial scandal broke, I immediately started digging into the background of Petraeus' biographer, Paula Broadwell. Broadwell is from North Dakota, not far from the area I am from. Her schooling and credentials are outstanding. Clearly she had no aspirations on sticking around Bismarck. Ms. Broadwell is married and as a bonus- she is very attractive. So the next thing I did, that secret little thing that many of us do and don't tell anybody about is- I googled a pic of Petraeus' and his wife. Then I did the same thing with Broadwell and her husband. I scored the whole thing like a diving judge at the Olympics. Petraeus got the best of this deal- by far. I gave him an 8.5. I deducted 1.5 points for losing his job. The problem with being a very powerful person like Petraeus' is that there is a certain segment of women lur


From a reader tip. An Argentinian blog. Worth a glance.

"This Is No Longer A Theoretical Exercise"

Holy shit! A mainstream media outlet reporting some truthfulness? Has a giant space rock hurtling towards the earth been spotted at Palomar? About two or three weeks ago, I made a point of telling readers that I believed we had just entered a bear market. Bear markets don't just happen. Sure, there are warning signs like everybody's favorite Apple getting 20% shaved off, earnings in decline, and all of the usual stuff. But then there are the corroborating facts. Why not sell and take profits in 2012 when you will be subjected to tax rates far superior to those in 2013? The increasing tax liabilities plus Obamacare plus a FED completely lacking credibility or effectiveness means....bear market. It's just that simple. I see absolutely nothing on the horizon to suggest anything different. If you are in this market, I think put options better be part of your strategy. I also think this Christmas retailing season is going to suck. People are wary and nervous. WalMart mis

The Leaderless Group Exercise Begins

The rich tax. Everyone wants to tax the rich. I have to tell you this. After seeing Romney's 13% tax rate, I got a little angry. I pay more than that on a fixed income that isn't enough to pay the homeowners insurance on 2 or 3 of his 5 mansions. So Obama has opened with 1.6 trillion in new taxes spread over a decade. An absolute waste of time. Kabuki theater. Let me break this down. That's 160 billion a year in new taxes per year. Whoopee. You are going to scratch your head when I tell you this....but get ready.... That entire amount, 1.6 trillion, will only pay 1.5 years worth of deficit spending in Obama's decade. So how are you going to fund the budget shortfall (or deficit) of 1.2 trillion per year if you only collect 160 billion extra per year? Where are you going to get the additional 1,040 billion a year you need to break even? Or worse yet, how are you going t

Funniest Headline and Photo Of The Day

You cannot make this shit up. First there is this headline from Huffington Post. "Obama Urged Not To Panic Over Fiscal Cliff" Like any politician anywhere in Washington has a sense of urgency regarding our 16.3 trillion dollar debt, least of all Obama.   Then there is this photo. They actually showed this today- by mistake on ABC News. Petraeus' biographer and newly discovered lover, Paula Broadwell, and her book, "All In."

If Obama Ever Shut His Yap...

...long enough to listen to anyone else, maybe he would actually learn something. But then again, when you already know everything, what's the point? Muhammad Ali, about the time Barack was leaving Indonesia.

In 59 Philly Divisions- Not One Vote Was Cast for Romney

Let me try and hide my shock. Rigging elections. First, Philadelphia. Then Ohio. Obama received 99% of the vote in 100 precincts? This author believes the election was stolen. From Big Hairy News. This was the Obama vote and where it came from. Here's the deal. I don't care. The reason I am an unflinching cynic, is that this is the only way I can deal with the mind numbing reality that I may have to spend eternity with some of these dipshits. “Show me somebody who is always smiling, always cheerful, always optimistic, and I will show you somebody who hasn't the faintest idea what the heck is

Quelle Surprise! SEC Decides Not To Charge JP Morgan Bankers

The crony capitalists are out in full force today. The SEC, the most spineless agency on the planet, ends another banking probe by not charging bankers. Instead, JP Morgan is going to pay another fine. A fine in all likelihood, comprised of the proceeds of taxpayers who bailed them out and continue to bail them out, courtesy of gawd knows how much in loans and currency debasement.

East Coast Now Feeling the Pain of Crony Capitalism

Right on cue, the crony capitalists are flexing their muscle in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Home owners are finding that insurance companies are weaseling out of paying claims. They do this via the small print. They enlist their front line troops, adjustors, who deliver the judgment- always on behalf of their company. This happens even when the homeowners think they were covered. This is exactly what happened in New Orleans in 2005. Here is a great link. I especially loved the very last line. No kidding. Forcing people to buy insurance and then not paying claims is a grand scheme concocted by insurers, banks, and executed by lobbied lawmakers. Insurance companies, some owned by banks, reap the benefits via the policy's small print. That's the stuff nobody reads and your agent never discloses. It's a beautiful piece of crony capitalism. It's really just thievery  err.. busine

It's Been That Way Forever- The Sunday Collage

What will the world look like when people suddenly realize that we are completely bankrupt, with no capacity to get out of debt, and that our dollar is completely worthless? What will happen and how will we conduct business? What currency will we use once the current one implodes?  The problem has always been- controlling the quantity of your currency. Invent a way to control the quantity of a currency and you will win a Nobel Prize. For the past 5000 years or so, nobody has been able to do that because bankers always find a way to weasel around those rules. Thus the defacto currency quantity minimizer has always been gold. The banker's enemy. Tie the quantity of currency to a rare and finite substance, like gold, and VOILA!... a stable, un-inflating, method of payment is produced.  I love history and not just the history that the winners write. I have been very excited during the last week or so. The election of the socialist, Barack Obama, has cemented the path of our