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Bring On Revelations, Shifting Poles, Solar Flares, Space Rocks, or the Next Disaster Du Jour

Three weeks and counting. 12/21/2012. Let me ramble just a hair. I will disclose some of the inner workings of my smallish, ape like brain. Let's start here... For a guy who believes in a universal intelligence, a guy who believes Jesus Christ was real, I gotta tell you- I think the Book of Revelations is some of the greatest science fiction ever conceived and written. Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church with held a number of "books" from the Bible yet chose to include Revelations? One man's uncorroborated visions, or prophecy? The Book of Revelations accomplishes exactly what it was designed to do. It was designed to instill fear into folks and scare them into compliance. That's what churches do. If hell didn't exist, they would have to make one up. That's how they get people to comply. Think about the absolute worst thing you can possibly imagine. First we create some horrible place- let's call it hell, and then we tell you that i

Funny How Fallin' Feels Like Flyin'

Gold. I just can't get this tune out of my head today. Odd.

More Thoughts on Gold

With gold trading at nearly 1800 dollars an ounce, (with commission) I had a reader email me the other day and ask me about gold and some other vehicles for getting invested- primarily because he did not have 1800 bucks laying around to buy an ounce of gold every month. I think the time is getting short. Two dollar gas is gone forever. So is 1200 dollar gold. In a hyper inflationary event, cash will be trash. It will not be worth going to work because the gas may cost more than you will earn that day. All that remains to be seen is a gold backed currency that people can trust in and buy again. When that currency arrives, the dollar will be declared officially dead. I am going to make the most definitive and comprehensive case for owning gold via bullet points without a lot of explanation. After that, I am going to list some ways to wade into the gold market. First off, let me say this. Banks are still in charge. *They sold 8000 contracts this a.m. on absolutely no news, with no b

Moron Attempts To Steal, Then Kills Monkey at Boise Zoo

Who among us hasn't gotten drunk and thought, "Hey, I should go down to the local zoo tonght and steal one of those little monkeys. That sounds like a good idea." So I think a little compassion is in order here before we proceed. Now to be fair, I do not know what level of stupidity one must attain in order to hatch the type of fiendish plot you will find at the link. I am not sure that booze alone will explain this away. As you read the news article, a theme begins to emerge. The only thing that behaved like a rational human being in this story- was the monkey. The lawyer in this story is doing what lawyers do. Hinting at another culpable party, trying to draw in a second gunman, hoping to use that undiscovered information to assist his client in receiving a reduced sentence. The lawyer blames drug and alcohol use, the death of an aunt, the illness of a grandmother, the u

The Mystery of Moonbat Valley Revealed

Sometimes, you can't go back. I had a reader ask me in the comment section to explain my references to Moonbat Valley  So I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what Moonbat Valley is and why I use Moonbat Valley as my geographical antagonist. First the term moonbat, a term which describes liberals. Idaho as you know- is the "reddest" of the red states. We are still heavily governed by conservative forces, chiefly agricultural concerns and mormons. Except for one county. The liberal outpost. Blaine County. Blaine County has a river running through it. The Wood River. In Idaho, the cities of Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley are locally referred to as the Wood River Valley. It is the Wood River Valley that I am referring to when I mention Moonbat Valley. When I was a small child we would travel to Sun Valley from Montana. Little did I know that I would spend my entire career there. What makes the Sun Valley/

How Was It That Not One Sailor Witnessed the Burial of OBL at Sea?

I will be forever pissed but not surprised, that the least transparent President ever- with held the pictures of the great satan, Osama Bin Laden. The American people, those who lost lives and those of us who pay for the military, deserve better than that. Think Benghazi and all of the President's lies about that. Then there is this, an interesting piece. Why didn't any of the sailors on the ship carrying OBL witness the alleged "burial at sea?" was a secret. It may or may not be true but it should stop and make you think a little.   

"We Sell Bullshit. Sales Are Booming."

Interesting times. Over the weekend I noted that Black Friday retail sales figures came in poorly. Immediately, the liberal press blamed anonymous sources and stated that sales on Thanksgiving night were to blame. Always there is something to blame. Maybe, sales sucked because people don't have any money and their collective future doesn't look too bright. Ever stop to think about that, Einstein? This all stands to reason of course. The greatest bullshitter of all time, the golfer king, was re-elected despite presiding over the worst economic meltdown since 1929. What did he do with the great recession? Well, he completely ignored the problem, blamed his predecessor, and then passed the greatest single tax increase in the history of our country. That same country we grew up in, the one with only 50 states- while our President was growing up in Indonesia. Wow. And the people of this country- re elected that. That was a watershed moment. For months I have been waiting f

Squish Party Now Backing Tax Hikes

The GOP, the party that stands for nothing, are backing out of spending cuts and backing tax hikes. What libertarian didn't know that? Aren't ya glad you didn't vote for squish Romney?