Monday, November 26, 2012

"We Sell Bullshit. Sales Are Booming."

Interesting times.

Over the weekend I noted that Black Friday retail sales figures came in poorly. Immediately, the liberal press blamed anonymous sources and stated that sales on Thanksgiving night were to blame.

Always there is something to blame. Maybe, sales sucked because people don't have any money and their collective future doesn't look too bright. Ever stop to think about that, Einstein?

This all stands to reason of course. The greatest bullshitter of all time, the golfer king, was re-elected despite presiding over the worst economic meltdown since 1929. What did he do with the great recession? Well, he completely ignored the problem, blamed his predecessor, and then passed the greatest single tax increase in the history of our country. That same country we grew up in, the one with only 50 states- while our President was growing up in Indonesia.

Wow. And the people of this country- re elected that. That was a watershed moment.

For months I have been waiting for December. The politicians kicked everything past this election (including the implementation of the two year old Obamacare) so that they wouldn't be exposed to the ill effects we will suffer and then get booted out of office. Now the cowards will have to deal with all of the problems- that they alone have created.

Under that scenario, it's almost fitting. The same worthless President and the same worthless Congress are now going to have to come up with another line of bullshit as they kick the spending can again and raise personal taxes just as everyone is forced to buy Obamacare. They will raise the debt ceiling another couple trillion. This is going to get ugly- fast.  

Here's the best part. Don't underestimate these idiots. Identify what might take some courage (like spending cuts and layoffs) and know that those will be the things that they will refuse to do. Identify the most likely chicken shit and face saving scenario and this will, quite predictably, be exactly what they will do.

The politicians and the press are selling bullshit. Sales are booming. Wait until the parties agree to some ridiculous budgetary half measure (tax increases) which will have no real effect. The market will soar.

Not to be outdone, Warren Buffet is looking for sainthood via his brand of bullshit.

The elite government lapdog has renewed his call for tax hikes on the wealthy. Now that he has his tax payer fueled largesse, he wants everyone to give up some of theirs.

Geezus I wish Warren would STFU, write his big check, and go away. I actually see people praising him in comment sections like he is some sort of inspirational saint. These must be the same people that are watching Dancing With the Stars while the rest of us- have been watching Buffet blackmail the government into handing out taxpayer loans- so that he could make billions on Goldman Sachs and Bank of America stock. The transfer of wealth from tax payers to Warren. It really is that simple.

I wish there was some sort of fund or ETF for bullshit. I would be long with calls. Very bullish.


Anonymous said...

You have a finely tuned bullshit detector, Brian, no doubt about it, but sometimes it's best if a man steps back from thinking too long or too hard about how screwed up the world is, or he might end up messing with his health, mental and/or physical. I'd hate to see you blow a fuse, good buddy, so don't take all the crap that's going on in the country and the world, to heart.

Brian said...

I understand. I don't take any of it personally- I just don't want them thinking we are all a bunch of idiots. I don't watch dancing with the stars and I sure as hell don't worship the elite like they do in Moonbat Valley.

So when they distort the truth, via bullshit, I want them to know that at least a few of us are watching and not quite as stupid as they think we are.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha. Now, what is this Moonbat Valley you keep referring to? I've seen you mention this term more than once, so now you have me wondering.