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Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Unvaccinated Should Be Denied Hospital Care and Left To Die

I thought that headline might grab you. I found it today on a commenter's profile. He was in his 30's, vaccinated, and living in the midwest.

I read most of his vitriolic comments. Many were directed at "anti vaxxers" and a few other comments displayed his hatred for Trump supporters. Often, his comments were personal attacks directed at people who he deemed worthy of shaming. 

It is true that most of the people with covid who are in intensive care units throughout the country and on ventilators- are unvaccinated. Anywhere from 10 to 20% of patients on ventilators are vaccinated. The unvaccinated are far more likely to be on a ventilator and far more likely to die.

So it wasn't like there wasn't some grain of truth in what he had to say. It was just a horrible fucking thing to say. It was completely devoid of empathy, compassion, and was a blue ribbon example of American incivility. So this guy, Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker has decided that the health care system should bounce all those idiot anti vaxxers out on their asses and let them die. After all, it was their choice.  

I had seen this fear driven rhetoric before. I remember hearing the exact same shit when the public in America discovered that AIDS was chiefly in the gay community and killing homosexuals. The heterosexual community breathed a collective sigh of relief while directing all their hatred towards irresponsible AIDS patients draining hospitals of their resources while causing health insurance premiums to rise. Then AIDS began to creep into the heterosexual realm. When that happened and people from all walks of life began to get ill and die, the condom revolution began in earnest.  

Mr. Responsible Vaccine Taker was probably conceived around the mid 80's and doesn't remember all the hysteria that HIV/AIDS wreaked on our society. Instead of vaccines back then, it was condoms. People who didn't use condoms were just like today's anti-vaxxers. Hatred was directed at casual, unprotected sex and those that engaged in it. 

In a bizarre twist of fate, Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker dwells amongst us as the result of unprotected sex. His arrival here and his subsequent observations might have been completely derailed if his parents had followed the strict rules of protected sex back then. Had his parents acquired AIDS during that encounter, perhaps we could have found someone to declare that his parents should be denied hospital care and left to die for their cavalier attitudes and stupid decision making. Hell, they might have even been Reagan supporters.

Here's the deal. People are needlessly suffering and dying. I didn't invent covid and I certainly didn't go looking for a case of it. I didn't want to inject an experimental drug into my body at the behest of a dementia patient. I certainly didn't think I'd wind up on a ventilator fighting for my life. I played a game of percentages and I barely survived. I have seen others, not as lucky as I was, die.

But I never wished anyone into their grave. Our world culture has been dealing with various plagues, flus, smallpox, AIDS, SARS, and other epidemics for centuries. Disease is not new. 

Maybe it's time for a little human decency, a little compassion, and perhaps a self evaluation Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker. One day you will die, perhaps because of a simple decision you will make.

Let's pray the people helping you don't subscribe to your way of thinking.

Mr. Responsible Vaccine Taker was killed today by an armed gunman as he exited his car at Walmart. This occurred after a string of robberies in the area. Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker was denied medical care and left in the parking lot because medical personnel arriving at the scene determined that had he simply stayed home, none of this would have happened. Therefore, it was Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker's own fault and responding personnel decided it was not worth the cost to try and save him.

Thankfully, we don't live in that world. Not yet anyway.