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Thursday, December 16, 2021

How and Why I Survived Covid- While Others Died

 This is probably the most important blog post I have ever written. It may save your life.

A couple months ago I published a piece entitled "9 Days On a Vent." I had linked it off my Facebook page. Subsequent to that I got into a couple of running arguments with people who had blindly taken the vaccines and were preaching them. I was unfriended by a couple of those people which is fine by me. 

All in all, 4 people "unfriended me" and an ex-girlfriend even called me cavalier for my approach to covid.

That could not be further from the truth. I was 60 now 61, I was 50 pounds over weight and I am a factor 5 blood clotter- I have had at least 25 blood clots and 3 deep vein clots. I have learned how to treat the superficial (near the skin) clots on my own. (I crank up the heat to the max in a jetted tub and place the superficial clot up against a jet for as long as I can stand it- they tend to dissolve quickly)   

At any rate, I couldn't access the vaccine early on and I soon discovered that the vaccines were causing blood clots. Not good news for a guy who's had 30 blood clots. I had to find something safer.

That's when I stumbled on to a medical journal in South America detailing how effective Ivermectin had been. I corroborated that with information from Utter Pradesh and Japan- those countries crushed covid with early use of Ivermectin. I talked my doctor into Ivermectin. He uses it and so do my wife and I.

I believe that I was as well informed as a lay person could possibly be. I was taking heavy doses of vitamin C and D and zinc every day. I was also taking my temperature every day. As soon as I hit 99.6 one morning in late September- I hit the Ivermectin dosed for my weight. Five doses before I was admitted to the hospital.

I eventually was placed on a vent for 9 days. In Texas, 85% of all patients on a ventilator for covid died after 4 days. I was in the hospital for 20 days, 12 or so in ICU.

People all around me were dying. People from our church, a local cop aged 39, an optometrist 47, a gal next to me in the ICU same age (about 60) according to her obituary. All of them physically- were most likely in better shape than I was.

So why did I survive? 

The only difference between those folks and I was knowledge and preparation. I had scoured the internet. I was dosing vitamins in advance and as soon as I had a fever I began the Ivermectin dosing- 4 doses of horse Iver- then I started in on my prescription.

Ivermectin works wonders if taken in advance. Huge success worldwide. I had taken mine a little too late. I had always suspected that Ivermectin dosing saved me but I couldn't say for sure.

Now I have listened to so many "pretend" experts like Fauci- that quite honestly I think many are full of shit. That the American people listen to that moron and believe him defies belief. The CDC, the NIH, WHO, are all useless. You simply cannot trust institutions that have been captured through millions of dollars of donations with the threat funding will stop if they don't carry big pharma's water.  They sell drugs anyway they can. Profits. Therefore, you must find credible experts that are truthful, unbiased, and not corrupted. 

Which brings me to today's broadcast. You Tube and Twitter took this podcast off their platforms for violating their "Community Standards" whatever in the fuck they are.  

Dr. Peter McCullough treats patients and saves patients. He uses hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, steroids, vaccines. He is honest and uncorrupted. He is the foremost expert in the United States on covid. He has forgotten more than Fauci ever knew.

The podcast is long but well worth the listen if you have the time and since your life or someone else's life may be at stake- it's well worth the listen.

At the 2:20 mark is when I made that "aha" moment. That's when Dr. McCullough details the effects of Hydroxy, Iver, and says that not one person in 800,000 dead had taken any preventative steps due mostly- to lack of information. He thinks we could have saved 85% of those who died. That's a hell of a lot of un necessary grief and sorrow. 

I apologize for my earlier, unedited version of this post. Tried to get it out too quickly.

You really need to hear this guy. The life you save may be your own.