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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vote Well or Not At All, Let Me Introduce Gary Johnson

Vote well or not at all. From the Libertarian Patriot.

This is Gary Johnson.

This Is How A Society Self Destructs- The Sunday Collage

Have you ever heard of the "butterfly" effect or chaos theory? I was first introduced to the chaos theory (believe it or not) as a result of mathematical calculations as they related to horse racing. As different types of horses with different running styles were introduced into a race- the race scenario was subject to change. For example, a race with 3 or 4 "need the lead" front running type horses inevitably means that a closer, or a horse with energy in reserve- will come late and run by all four of the tiring and worn out front runners as each expends it's energy trying to get the lead.

I found that it was sometimes quite possible to predict a given outcome. Out of chaos, comes order. However, it was still seemingly impossible with any certainty, to determine each race's winner. That is because of the chaos theory. Hundreds, maybe thousands of things, are at play in any given race scenario. Weather, track variations, jockey and trainer intentions, the fitness or health of any given horse, the break or the pace of the race. In an equally matched race what we can't possibly know is everything that gets tossed into the mix prior to and during the race- that will ultimately determine the winner. Or the correct weighting of each ingredient. It is impossible. Millions of people have gone broke trying to do just that.

Think of the United States as one giant race. The chaos theory on steroids. Equally matched human beings all trying to acquire as much money or success as humanly possible. It is absolutely impossible to determine who will succeed (and even define what that means) who will participate and to what degree, and who will not. It is chaos. Completely unpredictable.

Had Bill Gates not emerged the winner of software language- somebody else would have. The invention or software idea became fertile at some given and pre-determined time and thus needed one person to fertilize it. We could very easily say that chaos randomly selected Bill Gates and not the other way around. Had Bill Gates not been available, perhaps died in a car wreck as a youth- chaos would have simply selected some one else. Steve Jobs arguments aside.

At the time the Declaration of Independence and subsequent to that, the Bill of Rights, were signed- we had a framework or boundaries for channeling human chaos. From the late 1700's forward, any number of events have occurred without which we would not currently stand at this moment in time. All of the events of the past 240 years have landed us here. Had we picked our own cotton, rather than imported slaves to do that, we would not have had a civil war, racial hatred, Affirmative Action, the NAACP, the Black Panthers, or controversy surrounding blacks. A few geniuses and lost progeny were undoubtedly left on those civil war battlefields. That is chaos. Who lives and who dies? You are probably here only because chaos allowed it. Thus, we are the sum total of our gained or lost collective experience. That should give you a humbling pause.

This week I was reading about the vast numbers of permanently unemployed people desperately seeking Social Security Disability and getting it. Nearly 11 million people are receiving free money and medication every month for the rest of their lives. Over a million people have applied or have been selected to receive this benefit in just the first 4 months of this year. This is a chaos theory alarm.

Let me be more precise. These 11 million people are never going to go back to work. They are not going to pay taxes. They will not report income that they make outside of these benefits. After two years, they will all be receiving free medical care. And here's the kicker- you can qualify for disability prior to age 28 with as little as 1.5 years of work! Read more here.

Currently, there are 56 million people receiving some form of social security benefit. (this includes the aforementioned SSDI)

Forty five million people are receiving food stamps.

The debt clock is closing in on 16 trillion.

A few years ago, I had a deadbeat friend named Tom that I no longer communicate with. This guy hates to work. He was one of the most self centered people I have ever met. He has had a number of jobs which he cannot keep, a bachelors degree in accounting that more than one girlfriend helped him to achieve, and he has a son he has never seen or paid a dime of child support for. Ultimately Tom applied for and received SSDI based on some bullshit back ailment that he found a friendly doctor and a shyster lawyer to facilitate. What was Tom's real problem? He's an alcoholic, an addict. Rather than get him well, physically, mentally, or spiritually- we are going to spend a half million dollars supporting his alcohol and pot habit for the rest of his life and Tom is smart enough to know how to game the system. He will make plenty of dough on the side.

Social programs will destroy us. By implementing them and then by trying to take them away. That is inevitable. 

So 240 years worth of decisions made by people well beyond our span of control have landed us here. All you need are simple math skills to see that there will be an age of bitter adjustment. I have begun the arduous process of acceptance. I did not create this mess, I cannot control it, nor can I cure it. It was simply chaos with millions of adjustments. I think it had to end this way. The truth is glaringly obvious to a few of us. There is no solution in blaming the liberals, the politicians, the government, or the elite. We will all go down together. The people with power were all selected via chaos theory and their decisions were implemented. I can't even begin to calculate the trillions of things that had to transpire in order for us to be here at this very moment. Imagine one missed shot in the civil war which might have meant the birth of FDR and the beginning of welfare and socialism. Mind boggling.

Read here, especially the second paragraph, and think about what happened to the Romans as it applies to our present day society.

Every horse race has a winner. Everything has a life cycle. Ultimately, our society will implode. I don't see that as a bad or negative thing so much as a necessary thing. How it looks and when it takes place- is simply a matter for chaos to decide.  

When Words Fail

I had a tough week this week.

All of the usual lying, cheating, and manipulating was going on and I just couldn't bring myself to write about any of it.

I didn't give a shit that JP Morgan, the FED's shill, lost two billion. I don't care if somebody wants to breast feed until they are 30. Gold and silver took a beating- erasing nearly all of my gains since I began buying the stuff. Well silver, anyway. So...

I bought more. Seventy ounces more. One oz. of gold. I had to upgrade my safety deposit box to a larger one. I converted a Ford F-250 to about 4 pounds worth of precious metals.  

Have you ever noticed how Yahoo has attracted some of the dumbest commenters on the planet? Go to a Yahoo message board and read what they write. I am in awe. It's as though the Yahoo homepage is only viewable from within the confines of an aluminum sheathed trailer house. I even picked one comment out for special consideration midweek.

There is nothing more alluring than a Yahoo commenter talking about GDP as though they had ever attended an economics class or better yet, were able to retain any of the material. The coup de gras occurred when this dude declared that the US debt was manageable and nothing to worry about.

After using this guy for a pinata* (needs squiggly thing over the n) I sent the post to where ever those things go when bloggers push delete. The piece I wrote was mean spirited. I think the guy who wrote the comment was just duped like many of us. Hardly earth shattering. 

So I spent all week watching "Deadwood" after buying all three seasons. I absolutely loved that show. If you like profanity, sex, killing, Wild Bill or Calamity Jane amidst mining camps- and some of the best acting you will ever see in a mini series- Deadwood is your ticket. You can rent it at Hastings. Or buy all three seasons for 90 bucks.

Thankfully, I have an idea for the Sunday collage. Maybe I can find my mojo by then.

Obama, Matthews Make Time Magazine Cover

One Picture Capturing the Essence of "Forward"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Is How Obama Greased Bin Laden

Funny stuff at the earish place...

Media Propaganda Now Reporting Monthly Budget Surplus

Wow. Those of us who owe taxes and thus file as late as possible in April of each year- cause a one month budget surplus. The media shouts this from the roof tops.

Why? They leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Feds Find Time To Sue Sheriff, Unable To Find Time To Perform Their Jobs

Wow. Hey, let's sue a guy for doing his job.

In the meantime we will continue to allow illegal aliens to over run our borders, kill citizens including ICE Agent Brian Terry and do nothing about it. And of course- there isn't anything you can do about it sheeple. Try suing us.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old Cops Meet To Talk Shit and Overthrow the Government

Well, mostly to talk shit.

Last month, I got a call inviting me to the retired police officers luncheon in Twin Falls on Thursday. Once in awhile I get some porn from a few of these guys. Occasionally there is talk about women but most of us do not remember why we ever liked them. I am often puzzled at the mention of women.

Mostly there will be talk about motorcycles, fishing and boats, and guns- and what we are doing for money. We will probably talk about people who died and uplifting shit like that. These are the kinds of things I remember discussing with these guys.

I am not particularly thrilled that they have this deal at some retirement home. But since this will be my first trip, I am gonna reserve judgment and pray like hell I don't end up having to resuscitate anybody. If I do, I am opting for chest compressions.

I will give you the 411 update after we have solved all of the world's problems.

Government Can't Even Make a Decision On Reducing Useless Postal Service

I am not sure that anything illustrates the worthlessness of our government more than the United States Postal Service. The agency is bleeding billions a year, yet our government cannot bring itself to make any kind of decision to shutter post offices or layoff staff.

The internet has absolutely killed mail volume. Imagine a business that not only has lost all of it's core business- but has absolutely no prospects moving forward. Closing post offices and laying off staff is an absolute no brainer- yet our Congress cannot bring itself to make a decision.

This is our government and if you can't find a reason to hate this leviathan yet- this is a very good place to start.

Government Manufactures More Security BS

So this morning, after watching falling oil and gold prices, I was reading various pieces of mainstream media half truths. The media is the conduit the government uses to convey how wisely they are using our money.

If you want to read an absolutely worthless article about a "threat" of some sort- please see this attached link. It is chock full of details. Ha!

I always wondered what would happen with TSA once Bin Laden was killed. What excuse would they use to keep funding that 50,000 person TSA army? There you have it. Our government. Never missing an opportunity to provide an all you can eat- bullshit buffet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Is Harvard

This does not bode well for the rest of us. I snipped this from Ace of Spades HQ.

From the New York Times:
When the biologist Daniel Lieberman suggested in a public lecture at Harvard this past February that exercise for everyone should be mandated by law, the audience applauded, the Harvard Gazette reported.
Not even a more-in-sadness-than-anger resignation to the idea that freedom must be abolished -- no, they're positively giddy about it!
They would strip the freedoms away from Americans to vindicate a busybody impulse to slim people down?
If they're willing to jettison freedom over so trivial a reason -- what reason wouldn't justify ending the American birthright of freedom?

Very often, I have talked at great length about liberals and moonbats- that would be those who attend Harvard- and how they are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

This is our best and our brightest?

This is how they think. They would have exercise mandated by law. But here's the best part, the part I dealt with for 25 years.

Just how are you going to enforce that? Once a liberal gets entrenched into an untenable position- rather than just say, "ya know what, I was talking out of my ass without thinking it through" they pass shitty laws anyway. And then ultimately spend far more money policing and enforcing their stupid ideas- than they were hoping to save originally.

That's how we get saddled with pieces of shit like the Department of Energy, Education, Fannie and Freddie. Forever.

The moonbats always think they are smarter than you. That's why they are doing so well financially in those outposts of theirs in Massachusetts, Illinois, and California.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Grand Deception

Eighty eight million people have dropped out of the labor force.

That is a full quarter of our entire population. So with eighty eight million people out of work, who is buying all of those vacant homes, consumer durables, cars, and gasoline?

Answer- nobody. All of those people out of work and all of the "new" crappy service jobs that pay less with no benefits- are now showing up in tax collections. The IRS and the GAO have been receiving far less in taxes than originally projected. About 1.3 trillion. They call that the deficit.

So today I read this mainstream media piece of garbage which is so emblematic of our times. It is propaganda. Lies. At the very best, I will call it an opinion which is not based in fact.

So here is how the grand deception works.

The media, particularly in an election year, is going to spin every single economic news item in the best possible light- so that they can keep their liberal leader in power.

The FED is going to lie and state that there will be no QE3 once Operation Twist is wrapped up. They are going to lie publicly while planning and then implementing QE3. This will keep equity markets up and commodity prices down. Since there is absolutely no safe place to put money- people will still be funneled into the stock market as the grand deception continues and our national debt cracks 16 trillion. One more term of Obama should be enough to completely ruin any chance we have of extracting ourselves from this debt tsunami. Obama is not an idiot. He is destroying our old way of life on purpose- his ultimate goal I believe is to turn us into a socialist state where the government steals our money and makes us beg for it back in the form of tax breaks, health care, welfare.

Here's two charts that speak the truth.

Get your passports now. If you owe this government more than 50k- they are going to seize your right to travel. That threshold figure will certainly ratchet down. They own you- you just don't know it yet-

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Sunday Collage- The Big Picture

It's been a busy week and I haven't posted much. I apologize.

I noticed something very odd earlier this week and I've been thinking about it for several days. It is the inability of people, often, to make decisions or choices while considering the larger picture. Understanding the consequences.

Seeing the big picture and adjusting your decisions accordingly- is important. Sadly, our society, permanently fixated on immediate gratification, no longer sees the big picture. All that matters is some superficial fix that will work immediately. If there is a larger picture solution that is better, it is often discarded in favor of a solution that offers immediate relief. That is the world we live in. Long term, this propensity that we have for immediate gratification, often offers us long term negative consequences.

So what I would like to do here is to frame my subject. The subject is abortion. What I am not interested in writing about is fear based religious bullshit, political rhetoric of the left or the right, what is right or wrong as defined by some group of Supreme Court monkeys who settled the issue in their minds long before the arguments were submitted. Instead I am focused on the larger picture. What happens to those involved and what could be. The consequences or the bigger picture.

I have seen estimates that say 60 million abortions have been carried out since the landmark decision of Roe v Wade in 1973. I only state that number to give you a sense of the scope of this issue. Here is a link that offers some corroboration but it is only current through '06. The link has Christian affiliations but for my purposes- I am only interested in the numbers. Not dogma.

I know a young gal who is pregnant. She wants to get an abortion. She has no education, no real means of support, there are issues related to who the father is, she has a drug problem that is currently in remission. At the ripe old age of 21, society has already placed her on the discard pile. Her peers and advisers have chimed in. They want her to get an abortion. The issue has already been decided. You have no business trying to raise a child.

What they are really conveying to her is that she is a loser incapable of raising a child. That she will go back out into the drug world and neglect her children (she has one other) and they will become society's ward and headache. Society thinks they have the right to intervene in her decision making process now that government takes our tax money and gives it to her. That we think, gives us the right to tell her what to do. I call that the Octomom conundrum. That is the same argument, incidentally, that people use when telling us how to live our lives. And of course, that is the micro view. The view offering immediate gratification. The abortion will satisfy everyone. Our pregnant gal can be relieved of her child rearing responsibilities and society can breath a sigh of relief that they will not be caring for another ward of the state. Her peers and advisers will think they have offered the right advice given the current situation. Surely this is what common sense would have us do. Of course they will all agree. Unfortunately, the big picture screams mission failure. You've simply dealt with the symptoms of a young woman spiritually broken on the inside. You haven't done a damn thing to help her. She will be free to have as many babies, and as many drugs as she wants- once this situation is dealt with. She will live with some amount of shame, guilt, and remorse for her lifetime.  Because truly helping her, taking that risk of failure, is an arduous process. It takes time, education, and a lot of work. An abortion, or the immediate sense of gratification that the problem is dealt with, will only take an hour. Immediate solutions. Then everything can be back to normal. Our society wants the micro view and the quick fix. That's easier.

Really. Just ask the drug companies. A pill to save us from everything.

Instead, we have lost 60 million lives. I don't know how many additional artists, engineers, doctors, or criminals that would have meant. I do know that it has left a scarred female segment of society behind. Rarely do I hear men shouldering any emotional burden here. Oddly enough, the Supreme Court was all male in 1973.

You see those 60 million abortions were carried out on 60 million women. I have yet to hear one of those women (and I have heard a number of them) talk about having an abortion in proud or glowing terms. Instead I hear hushed tones, feelings of guilt and remorse, a deep sense of sadness. How can that be? Wasn't the problem dealt with? Didn't the Supreme Court say it was ok? So why the hushed tones?

Because intuitively and spiritually, abortion just doesn't feel right to us. I don't think that has a damn thing to do with religion or the Supreme Court. I believe that.

The other problem is that our society is so busy punishing everyone- that we have lost credibility with that segment of people that need our support the most. You can't help people by calling them stupid while claiming intellectual superiority over them. "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
Why would a young lady, subjected to scorn and ridicule her whole life, respond well to someone implying that she is a loser and a lost cause? Why indeed? In all likelihood, asking her to seek an abortion is akin to putting an exclamation point behind your opinion of her. She is likely to fulfill the prophecy.

The statement, "mind your own business" often facilitates our decisions. Particularly when we don't like what our perceived antagonist has to say.

I am still mulling all of this over. Just because you get a glimpse of the big picture doesn't mean you have found a solution or better yet, a way to deliver it. I hope that one day we come up with something better than we have now. Something spiritually correct. Something that embraces a larger, more long term view of the society we wish to become.