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The Real Victims of the Trayvon Martin Shooting- The Sunday Collage

Like most of you, if I never hear the name Trayvon Martin again, it may be too soon. So it was this morning, that I found myself reading a story about the former Police Chief in Sanford, Fla., Bill Lee and his Captain, Robert O' Connor. Both men had combined law enforcement experience of 60 years. Good men. That is what pisses me off. Real people with real careers get sacrificed when our President can't keep his mouth shut. Obama had no business interfering, race baiting, or pretending he cares about local issues and injecting himself anywhere he finds a spotlight. These two guys were real men, good men, and they deserve far better than the pile of shit that they were handed as retirement gifts. Sanford is a relatively small community of 55,000 people. Both Lee and O'Connor had spent their lives working through the ranks o

Ten Reasons To Hate Huffington Post (like you needed any)

For several years now, I have tried to limit my daily intake of left and right wing fanaticism to two blogs. Ace of Spades and Huffington Post. They are polar opposites. In terms of sheer writing ability, nobody can match Ace. He is simply the best political writer out there and he has a very insightful way of looking at things. Unfortunately, Ace is mired in the same two party rhetoric that has kept our country hostage for the last 50 years. He hasn't figured out yet that it's all one mongrel dog party. Ace is a true conservative who clings to a party that abandoned him at birth. He just doesn't know it yet. A meandering slice of my Huffpo experience. I began reading Huffington Post in 2010. I did that primarily to see if those people were any better informed than the dog pound over at Ace's. Perhaps I thought, they might generate something of value to read and they did. Once. I found it in the comments and actually had a conversation with somebody who wasn't

We Spend 1.1 Trillion a Year To Get 1.7 GDP Growth???

Wow. 1.7 GDP growth and of course, that will get revised lower. Can you imagine what would happen to our "economy" if the FED wasn't injecting a trillion a year? Unlike Huffpo, readers of the Frankenstein Government blog do not subscribe to hot air and bullshit. It just never seems to quit. Government revised GDP this morning to make all the suckers think the economy is doing better than it is.