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The Bastards Keep Winning- The Sunday Collage

Oh how I used to love St. Patrick's Day. It's like Fat Tuesday- Butte, Montana style. On March 17 of each year, the town of Butte is transformed into a sea of drunken debauchery. It has been that way my entire life and this weekend will be no different. Butte owes it's St. Patrick's Day revelry and roots to the mining industry and it's copper kings. Most notably Marcus Daly- the copper king who for decades hired the Irish and killed the Irish in some of the most unsafe working conditions ever conceived. Amidst all of that working and dying, the Irish found time to drink. They always found time to drink. In Butte, the bars just like the mines, stayed open every hour of the day and night. History is not always kind to the good men nor do the willfully arrogant always get what they sow. When you are paying people 3 dollars a day and you have an unlimited amount of workers, in some cavalier and sociopathic sort of way, people (particularly immigrants) become dispo

The Escape and Subsequent Round Up Of The Sheep

Of all of the stupid things we do, changing our clocks each spring and fall, has to rank near the top. The anarchists of Arizona don't recognize the spring forward, fall back national stupidity that occurs twice a year at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning. In fact, Arizona seems to do just fine without that bi-annual disruption. Odd. The question I have isn't whether or not the time change is useful- clearly it is not. The real fun occurs when we ask ourselves, "How do we get rid of it?" Society clings to useless ideas- ideas that have lost their utility or didn't really have any utility to begin with. Nobody wants to say, "that whole time change thing was bullshit." Because if we do that, somebody's feelings might get hurt. Or we might have to actually admit we were idiots for trying it in the first place. So instead, 300 million of us- minus those heartless heathens in Arizona- dutifully disrupt our lives because we are sheep. That's what sheep

Golden Blog Report- The Pointman

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then and so I must confess. If I had any writing ability at all, I would want it to look like this. Excellent. Free.

Adam Carolla's Epic Anti- Huffpo Media Rant- Not For Women, Children, Monks, or Mormons

I couldn't have said it better. Grab a beverage, you'll like this.

Judge Tells Bloomberg, Nah... You Don't Get To Run The World

Striking a blow against tyranny while acknowledging  "freedom" , a judge has struck down billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg's edict that people must quit drinking big soda pop. This is the quintessential EGO- the one that tells us how stupid we all are- while he- King Bloomberg, occupies the vaunted and soda free high ground. Gawd I hate tyrants. Now if only the Supreme Court had gotten rid of that POS Obamacare edict- I might actually have believed that we lived in a free country.

Huge POMO Month, Link to Sheep SmartAssery

Somewhere I bookmarked the POMO (permanent open market operations, aka FED counterfeiting) schedule for March. In a nutshell- anyone shorting the market this month is crazy. I remember that Mar. 15 is the juiciest day of the month... With the Fed buying mortgages and treasuries hand over fist- 5 billion on Friday alone- you simply have to stand out of the way. The banks selling the FED these products are going to park that money in the market. The great tulip craze continues. This is a market that you cannot go long on- you cannot short (right now) however, I am convinced the grand experiment is almost over. Bernanke's going to keep the accelerator mashed on the floorboard right up until his term expires Jan 31, 2014. By that time the full scope of Obamacare will be on display and there is not a doubt in my mind that Bernanke will get the fuck out of Dodge. I continue to be in awe, daily, at the greatest zombie stock market ever created. With trillions of debt added, reduced